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Why do we begin our recitation of the Quran with these words

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Abu Bakr Zoud

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Before you read the Quran, you say over we lay him in a shape on the regime. And when you say that you're asking a lot to protect you from a shape on the regime. Be conscious when you say how do we lay him in a shape or regime, be conscious of the fact that it is a shape on the machine that is standing between you and the relationship with the Quran. It's a Sherpa washim that stands between your opening this Orion and starting to read and continue to read. It's a show upon that stands between you and that's when you say I will be like even a shop owner for him, feel it in your heart. And take a time Take some time to read over the leg, even a shop owner for him. Because if allows

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origin was to accept this draft from you. Yeah.

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You're asking him not to protect you from a Shiva. If Allah was to accept this draft from you, you'll find yourself on a highway with the plan. You'll find yourself going forward with the Quran. And then before you begin to read, you say Bismillah R. Rahman r Rahim In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the most, the Most Merciful, the old merciful when you read this name, manual him when you read this name of Allah, realize and understand. This is where you're going to find the law of Allah. This is where you're going to find the mercy of Allah. And this is the garden of His mercy and the garden of his blessing. This is where the kindness and the compassion and the gentleness and

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the mercy is found within this book, and then you begin to read