Names of Allah #64 Al Qadir, Al Qadeer, Al Muqtadir

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AI: Summary © The importance of having a clear path to success is emphasized, especially in difficult circumstances. Examples include women named Kadiya and Jose who are also in Arabic. The transcript describes a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, including a woman named Leia who claims to have been born in Arabic and a mention of a time when she was born in Arabic. The video also describes a group of people gathering their power and trying to attack the deen, and mentions a war against Islam.
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And Allah He it will make our life very simple especially when we are going through hardships and problems and issues. When you have going through any kind of difficulties, remember this hadith, okay Todra Salah Salem

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know that if the whole community were to gather together to benefit you with something they would not benefit you with, they will not benefit you with anything except that which Allah has already recorded for you. And if they gathered together to harm you with something, they would not be able to harm you with anything except which Allah has recorded against you.

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This is that whatever it happens,

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this is written in my Kadar al Qadir decree that this is going to happen to me, I did not do anything to cause that. This is what they plotted against me. This is what

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I always take this as a test from Allah as long as I'm on the straight path, I take it from the test from Allah and begged him and begged him to make me from the people who will pass the test. Only al Qadir is able and fully capable to give us a way out of any difficulty. Now imagine that you have a major problem in your life it says it's a really a disaster a calamity. Subhanallah and you remembered that Allah Allah Cooley che and Kadir Remember, I mentioned this before, and I remind you and remind myself in sha Allah, that anytime we are going through so much difficulties, we asked ourselves two questions.

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Two questions, number one, does Allah know about it?

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And the answer is, and number two, can he solve it?

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Finish just keep asking.

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Right, any problem, any problem? I say, You know what? I'm going through divorce. I'm going through a problem with my child. I'm going through sickness, I'm going through financial problems. I'm going through my marital problems, whatever I'm going through, does Allah know about it? Yes. Can he solve it? Yes. Yeah, Allah, then I do.

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Just take it as a land method and take it as a human being. They tell you this and you have this problem that you have. See that guy over there you go visit him, you will never leave his office, or his residence without solution. I did this happen to me, my cousin, my friend, my neighbor, they all went to him and it's done. So you go there with what? With confidence, with confidence that your problem is going to be sold. When Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah belongs the best example when I asked, like I mentioned before, yeah, what the problem is when I'm making the DUA, the Akina inside this week, I have already doubt in my heart that is going to be it's going to take place and I give

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the example before the example of cancer right when somebody tells us oh they have cancer stage four. What happens the job becomes weak. Yeah, Allah give her a good and no more cured no matter how she felt.

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Right? No matter if she said you don't make the if she stays for your Habibi and actually shame Cardiel

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See, this is why order Allah want to move in on each other make dua with Yaqeen it will be answered. Now we forget sometimes that no, no is an answer

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is no one answer no. You tell me Give me this I have no set answer. So Allah has answered you know now it's not good for you know

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live with more. Two more weeks this no gun finished. Yes, Allah Allah. But I have to make the dot with with the again this is the problem. If we can fix this Subhanallah the dot would be completely different. Like this strip. One brother SubhanAllah. He said, My shift every time when I make that, raise my hand and say yeah

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the rub comes out from every part of my body. And will Allah He with that kind of screaming and you know, sincerity and eagerness and and confidence. You see that RB Mr. Jab, you're up. You're up at a condition. You are capable of doing anything. What is this counsel for you? What is this debt of million dollars for you? What is this guidance of my son for you?

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All right, so the problem is our dog

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died my son, Salah, Nabina, Muhammad,

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confidence, you know, ask with certainty, the one you're asking, like, you know, you have a multi billionaire. And he is very well known to be extremely Kareem extremely generous. You go there and you ask with certainty that he is going to give you that $500 100%. He is billionaire, and he's very generous.

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Similarly, when I'm asking Allah, he isn't going and he is honey, and he is a cliche in Kadir that has that name. When it's established in our heart, Allah, it will change everything, in our exams at school in looking your Allah, finding a righteous spouse, for my son, for my daughter for yourself, you know, always when you have those certainty that Doha will completely will completely change And subhanAllah

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let me ask you a question which which is story of the Quran? There are many of them of course, but what what comes to your mind to show the Kandra of Allah, the greatest of Allah and the ability of Allah in which prophets story? Not one of the big big profits is a

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As a career, one of them is a career SubhanAllah

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100 years old and his wife has 9598 had a baby. That is major,

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major proof of Allah's Qudra who knows we just spoke last last time I know that Allah subhanaw taala from his ACHEMA he made the woman stop at 45 or something like that in the forest to stop having children otherwise would be a big problem. But there's another story in sort of baccarat give another hand.

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Mashallah, Jose, and now he left.

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How can eloping this village back to life after it's completely dead?

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For America, Allah, Allah made him sleep for 100 years, and he woke up and so

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everything is, you know, trees and houses and people and everything's bad Subhanallah so this is he said at the end of the year,

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now I know and Allah Allah Cooley che in Kadir.

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Rasulullah Salallahu Salam is another example. He you know, if you ask anybody in Maccha

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if you ask anybody in Mecca in the first years of Dawa

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that this Deen that this man that you are attacking and you're fighting will be spread all over the world.

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And he will have billions of followers they will say

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you are crazy it's impossible.

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In Allah Allah Khalifa in Korea this is our deen our presence right here in Plano Texas is biggest proof that Allah Allah coalition in Kadir so when we hear yeah when I want to have a lot of stuff but because of the time I don't want to keep you late when we hear

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that Allah Allah coalition career and we hear

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the enemies of Islam they are all gathering gathering their powers and their wealth and everything their brains and the technology to attack this Deen

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Allah He when you know this name, it will only increase you in love to this day. And this is something out of the topic. Leia when we are in a time I'm thinking of making my photos this Friday and Sharla I'm thinking of I did not decide on the topic usually because of the travel usually by now the code was finished because I was traveling

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this is the time that we are in in Arabic it's called the time of Tom Hayes.

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So Tom he says will Bill English

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the time when Allah subhanaw taala is you know remember what Yeah.

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Surfing was

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sifting? Yeah, this is a time of sifting you know when you put rice in the past race used to come very dirty. And our mother or our grandma used to put it into this thing here like it has hold and you sifted until all the only the pure stuff stays and the dirty stuff goes away. This is the time we are in right now. Sifting Liam is a strainer. Li me is Al Hadith and Hinata Yep. Allah subhanaw taala to differentiate or to separate, the Hadith, the evil, the filthy from the tube, man

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I'll make us all from the TV. We are in that stage right now. Many people are leaving the dean, taking off the hijab, you know, start having doubt about Islam. You know, should you move these the same Mufti that was saying music is haram now is dancing. You know, when we say Mufti that we are seeing it happening in front of our own eyes, say Mufti that said, this is haram. Now he's Swifty of the Sultan. He is Sultan of the he is the Mufti of the of the king or of the of the President, whatever they say they do. They will they will, they will shoot that we listened to and we learned from Subhan Allah. So yeah, when the issue of Tibet the issue of being steadfast on this deen is

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something that Allah He I'm the most person who should make that dua that Allah keep us steadfast in these times where everybody's leaving and everybody's, you know, doubting and shaking and thinking, this is the time so be very careful. There's a big major war against our D

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major war. And if you're not very strong, it's very easy, very easy to fall in the trap. And that's why one of the one of the greatest thing that will strengthen our iman is attending these classes. Yeah, one ally that you do not know, even though the things we say are very simple, nothing, you know, but you know, just keep reminding ourselves all the time. We strengthen our Eman and keep us strong in sha Allah to Allah. Allah said,

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Allah said to the Mufti of Maltese to the shape of the shoe to the seydel, mousseline Walla Walla, back NACA, if we did not make you steadfast, yeah, Muhammad, you would have went to them a little bit.

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This is Muhammad salallahu Salam Surah Surah. Who is this Muhammad for you?

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We need the Aquarian, the dua to Allah to keep us steadfast on this Deen.

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Please, constantly for you, for your children, for your wife, for everybody. Constantly make the DUA that Allah subhanaw taala will keep us steadfast in his Deen, maybe I'll take a little bit from next week to continue the naval career in sha Allah, Allah. And then if I have time we'll take another Nabis let Allah is Aquila here back Luffy come Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and Mr. Fuuka Otto Vedic