Yahya Ibrahim – Salaam Britain – Journey with the Quran 2-11-2022

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the historical and meaning of the Quran in light of the "overview and guidance of the Prophet Muhammad," as well as issues with the spiritual teachings of Islam, including false accusations and not wanting to give up on promises. The importance of learning from the Bible and avoiding small details is emphasized, along with avoiding Yo'll be seen as glib and not playing games with others' emotions. The importance of avoiding Yo'll be seen as glib and not playing games with others' emotions is also emphasized.
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walk me I said went out to us

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for those who are listening online and chat Lowe will be beginning shortly our live session with salon Britain

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with the wonderful vehicle of Islam channel does that Hola Hola nephila.

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Wherever you're watching from do let us know Masha Allah love to hear where you're viewing this from Inshallah, whether on my channels or on Islam channel

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and welcome back. And of course, this is a very important segment right now because we have our very own Sheikh Ibrahim here. And we are continuing with the series journey with the corral, living say, Well Alikum Salam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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How are you today? And hamdulillah very well, I'm happy to be back. I know I wasn't with you last week. But I'm coming to lots of pleasure to resume our journey with the Quran.

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Good to have you here. And continuing with sort of background I guess in sha Allah is that right? It is in sha Allah.

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So in light of so which is the source of this story, is it Surah 67. And continuing with the journey with Quran tell us a little bit about the overview and then just continue because we can't wait to hear what you have to say to us today. And hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Salam Allahu Allahu Allah Addy was slightly was sending women were that always we begin with a preservative law we greet our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with our prayers for his peace and security. And we hope and pray that the Quran is a lifelong companion for us in this journey of life, that we journey with the Quran to find its light, its guidance, that it helps us to

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remove ourselves and others from the darkness that surrounded us into the light that is bestowed upon us by Allah Subhana Allah with Adam, we've been speaking about solar tillbaka and also on the Islam channel blog. I've been writing about the journey of the Quran in particular sort of Al Baqarah. There's some new installments coming out in the coming week and Chuck Bach, today we're focusing our attention on the second chapter of the Quran verse 67. And this is where the surah gets its name, this is where as Bacara, the cow is mentioned. Loss of Hanuman to Allah says, with Allah Musa,

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Moses said unto his people in the La Jolla, Morocco and battle Buckler that your Lord commands that you sacrifice a cow, ha do at a toughie, Dona who's well, they said, Are you mocking us? Oh, Moses by asking what to them seemed like a strange request. Allah Oh, there will be an akuna manager. He said I seek all protection and refuge with Allah the Almighty from acting or saying anything that would be foolish. This point in the Quran is a really decisive point. It's in this place where Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to show us a foreign example, from what we as the owner of Mohamed sai Salam should be distinct from protected from which is to quarrel with Allah to reject an instruction

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that is given to seek to qualify it by our limited understanding when his wisdom has sought for us to follow with his instruction wholeheartedly. In this area, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gives this very poignant example to our Nabil Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, there are going to be from your own map from your own people, even from your Sahaba those who are going to ask you questions that are unnecessary. In the fifth chapter of the Quran in surah tilma either Allah cautioned, you 100 ADINA, Emmylou lettuce, Edwin, Usha intubate de la quinta Sopko are believers don't question and quarrel with your LORD with the messenger Muhammad sigh send them in debating with Allah

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And within, about issues that are not pertaining to that which is important for you to know. Don't get into the nitty gritty in things that were never meant to be uncovered revealed. Don't ask about the inner dimensions of the soul. Don't ask about when is the Day of Judgment Don't be specific in the things that are unseen and only known to Allah subhana wa Tada. In this occasion, this chapter is referencing a very momentous moment in the life of any Asahi, there was a young man who wanted to inherit from his uncle, his uncle had no sons, no children, he worried that his uncle would give birth, or that his wife would soon carry a child. So in hope that his uncle would pass away, and the

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rest of his fortune would go to him as his only heir. He hurried up fate by murdering his uncle, taking his body and placing it in front of the home of another person, as if to implicate the people from a different tribe. When the people woke up, this young man, this nephew, this murderer, began to make a scene and a show when he said, I'm going to punish these people, they must have murdered my uncle. They wanted his wealth, which was massive in a mountain. The people they said, Moses lives amongst us, let's go and ask him to ask Allah subhanho wa taala, how we can find the solution to this problem. And as they asked the question, Allah reveals to Moses, Say to your people, to offer a

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cow in sacrifice, that's a simple instruction, you know, give an offering to Allah subhana wa taala, feed poor people from its meat and take a section of its meat that I'm going to tell you what to do to bring about a solution.

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As they're asking the question, Moses response is Salam. And they say, Are you mocking us? Are you making us or seeing us as being fools? Now, this is a really important test of one's faith. There are certain things within our hearts that at times we can't reconcile, what is the necessity of them? For some people, for example, if they try to just simply logically find their way through life, without the science in the light of revelation, you can find that some of them will be at odds with what seems to be strange rulings that we have as Muslims. Why should I give up water during the hot summer? Too fast for 30 days, whenever the sun is rising, doesn't make sense. For some people.

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They don't understand that the Command of Allah is really more about our fulfillment of his order than really about the nitty gritty and the purpose and that's why as Muslims, you don't really have one singular answer where Allah says fast for this particular reason, it simply Lai la quinta food, perhaps as you endure, as you remain resilient and patient, you may gain a greater consciousness and awareness of your dealings with me. It's a very generic response, Musa says, slaughter a cow. Now there's a number of important issues that relate to this verse. First, the people have been in Surah ene have always made Moses the person that they turned to and limited their own interaction with

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Allah. They always said to the Atlanta rabac, ask your Lord not robbing our Lord. Now that's a really powerful thing that we've inherited from our prophets I send them when we make do we never say you know, the Lord of Mohammed alone, we say your banner, our Lord our God, we see Allah very possessively and that's a virtue that you and I should see and maintain. He is Allah Who knows what he loves? Our Lord, your Lord, the Lord of all of humanity. Subhanallah went to honor second is that they asked Musa exceed exceedingly

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more detailed questions after they asked him you know, what, what should we do and he commands that they are to slaughter a cow Pilu the ruler narrow back in the next is 68 Ask your Lord you by the Atlanta Mahi to expose and make plain to us what it is Allah in Abuja studio in the heart dakara to left with the big kahuna. Lika fibroma to Maroon. He said, Your Lord is saying it's not too old or too young. It's in between. It's not, you know, one that is old in its age or too young that it's, you know, still cycling, do what you are commanded. Now notice if they had simply offered a sacrifice, if they

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had simply follow the instructions, everything would have been revealed to them, there would have been no hindrances, but instead of following the command instead of now finding any middle aged cow, they continue to ask more detailed stubborn questions called Do they come back and they say order or learn Arabic ask your Lord.

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You bet your learner man No, no ha What color is it for Allah in Abuja? Kulu in Dakar on Sephora, feta unload no ha de su novoline. He says, your Lord said it's a yellow cow which is a straightens now more difficult to find it's not a dark or light now it's a particular color, bright in its color, and it's pleasing to behold. Either Alana Rebecca up Atlanta here in Dakota Shabba, Elena, Elena, just tell us which one it is. And we're in that in sha Allah Who lemon and we if God wills will be guided. Now this is the power of the word in sha Allah had Benny Esra Eve our own Matt tell us not said in sha Allah. In this instance, they would have continued asking questions and further

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and further away into misguidance, they would have found themselves that word in child law should be part and parcel of your life, even at times when it's something that isn't necessarily a good deed. Here they use this word in sha Allah for the one to exit a sin into righteousness. And in sha Allah, that should be a mandate for you and I in sha Allah, my brother, you will quit smoking in sha Allah, my sister, you will maintain your hijab in an even better way. In sha Allah in sha Allah in sha Allah is a system of life that is taught to us as an exit from harm and difficulty. Finally Musa says to them, that your Lord Allah in Abuja to look into her Baqarah lab and Lulu, to the roll out,

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went to school Hello Musa limited last year that he had, he says it's a cow that hasn't been trained. It's not domesticated to till the soil, nor water, a field with a water wheel. It has no other color, except that bright yellow, there's no patches on it. On energy tab in half, they said now you have brought the truth. Now you have made it very precise for them. But who will have wema can't do yet. Raghu they slaughtered it, even though they nearly did not. Now there's a really interesting story why even after all this, they were reluctant, the person who owned this one cow, and there's no other cow that was specific like and he demanded a lot of its wealth as is narrated

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by the mammoth big a deal from the statement of Andy Hardy it may be hard to

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he said I wanted to weight in gold. And they were like, well, this is the gold we took from Pharaoh, we're gonna give it to you. And they were reluctant. And it's at this point, Allah says that even after so many questions they didn't want to follow through. Now this is a really powerful lesson. To you, my dear brother and my dear sister, the more questions you ask does not necessarily mean the more truth that you are seeking. And sadly, there are many who asked questions not to discover and unravel the truth but they asked questions just to be tiresome, bothersome and quarrelsome. The prophets lie Selim says, in the authentic hadith, that there is a home that is built in Jana

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Lehmann, Tara kalamera, what you can and will have, for the one who leaves off debate and argumentation with others, even when they are correct in their assessment and judgment. Sometimes, my dear brother might your sister, the argument is not meant to be argued, sometimes you just it's better for you to remain quiet or silent, or to ignore something that is being said, sometimes it's just better to focus on the practice, more so than on the debate and the argumentation. There are so many lessons that can be taken from this moment. But as we conclude this section, that I want you to kind of think about why these questions are included. You know, some of the questions we ask is when

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you know, when is the Day of Judgment, when is the JAG coming you know, sometimes as an Imam, you get these kind of strange, silly questions, you know, is your GMAT, George RR, you know, what are they? How do they look? What are the gene? What's their nature, all of these unhidden on unseen matters of the hype should never be delved into them. Number two, you know, people will ask about the faults of other people, things that don't necessarily belong to them. Don't get involved in other people's business. Stick your nose in your own business, keep your eyes focused on yourself. Keep your eyes on the mirror that reflects your own image. Also, questions that don't make a

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difference. Whether we know the answer or not, you know,

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Will you know will

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this person enter gender or not? Is that person you know going to go to jahannam? Or not? What does that have to do to your salvation? What is the benefit for you, yourself, your family? Why are you concerned about the other and not as concerned about yourself? And I end with, you know, the Hadith where a man came and asked the prophets I send Metacell when is the day of judgment? The Prophet answers sometime later and says to him, you know, mad that AG that that the question really is, what have you prepared for it? Not when will it arrive? May Allah subhana, Allah allow us to take this lesson, the central lesson of salt and Batala is to learn the truth that has been revealed to us by

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a lot, and not to open debate and argue and seek the nitty gritty in that which there is no benefit. Rather, Allah gives the broad general instructions of chemo solder, were add to circa, you know, fulfill the obligation, necessity of commanding your prayer, and give your due earnings, part of it in charity towards those who are needing of it as an ALMS that you pay to rent them yourself and your home and protect your own bottlecap. You know, Allah gives those general precepts so that we don't get buckled down in those questions. In the questions that are asked by Benissa Ian, which car was it? What color that? Which cow? Was it? Once again, they ask a second time? And are you mocking

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us? All those four questions are sometimes questions that are within ourselves, you know, you know, the Imam, he said this, or the chef said this, or I heard this in the football, you know, how am I supposed to practice this? You know, aren't you can't be serious. You know, when somebody says to you that to Raka. I had, you know, a young student, he said, you know, Chef, you said that to rock has the value as the prophesy Salim said, of whatever is in this world and what's in it? How can Is that really true? You know, that the concept that you know, how can that be true? And really, if you kind of think of it, the moment you crossover, the moment you and I are born into the next world, if

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we can come back and just offer to Raka, asking Allah for repentance, asking Allah to forgive us our sins, we would sacrifice all of the life that we have lived the world in its entirety, to be given that fortune and Subhanallah you and I have it. As long as there is life within us today. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes us from those who take the words of the Quran at their value, and find the insight through them from the learning amongst us. May Allah make us of those who seek the knowledge of the Quran, not for its information, but for its practice and benefit in our homes in our lives and communities along that.

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I mean, fascinating, absolutely fascinating. It does teach us that. We're not saying don't seek knowledge, that's different. But do we need to sort of just be so picky in everything that can take us away from just following Islam. And what's really shaken me what's really fascinating is Islam itself means peace. And you're saying, you know, don't create discord by sort of, you know, picking up these very, very small details that we we don't need to know, the essence.

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The intention? Yes. Behind the question. Absolutely. I had a really interesting occasion, there was a young Muslim, who, you know, I had mentored who accepted Islam. And this young Muslim young man, he used to have dreadlocks, you know, his hair was planted with dreadlocks, and mashallah he accepted Islam and we were in the masjid and, you know, after accepting Islam, this gentleman at the back, which is NWO shirt check, I have a question are dreadlocks Hello?

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And, you know, the person who's asking the question, you know, he was bald, he has no hope of dreadlocks. But the question was not not of any benefit to himself. And I said to my dear, my dear brother, when you grow some come and ask Insha Allah, you know, there's no need really, you know, sometimes we try to be glib and you know, ask a question, oh, I you know, I'm gonna benefit somebody else or I'm going to let them know when we try to be more slide than necessary. And that's really what you know, the essence of this section of the Quran is about Don't play games with faith, don't play games with other people's emotions don't play and that's why you know, the buffer or it's about

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you know, something is as as significant as somebody's death. Here, you know, there was a murder and you're talking about you know, which one is it? What color is it? Your focus is is beyond

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And what it should be upon, which is solving the crime and bringing justice, you lost sight of all of that just because you felt somehow you know which color we can't even, we can't believe you know, Allah would even ask something like that, that kind of dismissiveness sometimes enters the hearts, and we need to be more careful and vigilant against it. Absolutely. It's looking at the bigger picture, and avoiding discord as well, disharmony, you know, you have to always think, what is the purpose if it's a good lesson, but whenever we speak, what is the purpose of what I'm about to say? Is it going to be useful to anyone? Yeah.

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Yeah, because the voice I've been I've always used it as a tool for good to be inquisitive, or we could just use it for useless thing just distracts people from what the focus was in the first place. You know?

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It was Selim said, if you have nothing good to say remain silent.

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Yes, I agree. You know, that is very wise words, or today. And beautifully in the story, that story from our backer, indeed. It's always good to hear it's a very good reminder, it's a check on ourselves, you know, and this is what's so beautiful about the crown, isn't it when we follow it, many of those stories will benefit us it benefited the people there. And we're taking benefit from it now.

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Jeff, thank you so much.

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I love that we love each other background. It's brilliant.

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You had a good day, you had a lovely

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fabulous travels over to Nigeria. So you've been all over the place.

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And we can't wait to have you back again soon. Are you here for Islamic or as well? I will be for Islamic q&a at the top of the hour in sha Allah.

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Allah so if anyone has got any questions, they can ask our Sheikh there as well. Thank you so much.

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We're like Muslimah

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it was

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