When Bob Signed The Contract To Be A Slave To The Real Master!

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Brother Bob came to me this week, we had a long chat and he has a long journey looking for the truth. And he decided today after this long journey looking for the truth, to accept Islam

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you can hold this

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so it was a long chat Mashallah, you know, he has been looking for the truth A long time ago and he travels almost the whole world, you know, talking to people and asking people, he went to Morocco, he went to Egypt, he went to so many places, and he felt in heart that he's a Muslim. I said, all you need to do just inshallah join, you know, the big Muslim family and just say it in sha Allah. So we're gonna have him to say the Shahada inshallah, so, get them across inshallah, I'm gonna say it's an Arabic and we're going to translate the international Okay, so tracks your 101, Arabic and shabwa

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and La Ilaha

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Illa, Allah, Allah, wa, eyeshadow,

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and more Mohammedan Rasool Allah and I bear witness

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that there is no god

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worthy of worship

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except Allah.

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And I bear witness that Muhammad is the last

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and seal of profits

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are witnessed that Jesus, Jesus is the Servant

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and Messenger of Allah

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beer, so I'll give him a big hug on behalf of you and then you can come and shall listen to this to him inshallah.

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No, see see Listen, not lucky.

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and welcome to lesson

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alikum Southern