What is Sajdat Ash-Shukr (prostration of gratitude) and when is it done?

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says that to sugar.

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The Suzhou would have gratitude, the sujood of gratitude such that to sugar when the rissalah Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to make such that the sugar whenever he was given good news of a blessing or a favor, and such that the sugar is supposed to be done in two cases. Number one, if Allah azza wa jal gave you a blessing gave you a fever. did you a favor, like

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let's say for example, Allah azza wa jal gave victory to the believers. In that case, we make such data sugar

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gave you victory in court against someone who was oppressing you, you make such that a sugar, Allah azza wa jal blessed you with a child, after many years of trying not just to give your child make such that the sugar, Allah azza wa jal gave you success to make doba and turn back to him make such that the sugar. You memorize the Quran, you memorize a page of the Quran of why you could have never memorized but today you memorize mixes that the sugar such that the sugar is legislated when Allah azza wa jal gives you a fever. And the second time it's legislated, is if Allah azza wa jal removes harm from you. So you are sick. Then Allah azza wa jal granted you complete recovery maker such the

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or you got involved in an accident, and Allah azza wa jal saved you and you came out unharmed. Do a search the sugar, you understand, that's the instances in when such that the sugar is supposed to be made. However Subhanallah today, we see that says that the sugar has been misused. You have a lot of sportsman, athletes, sport professionals all over the place, and making such that the sugar on the field on the spot field. This is wrong. This is a misuse of such that the sugar such that the sugar you don't make such that the sugar if you score a goal, you don't make decision that the sugar if you defeat an opponent, well as a biller, you don't make such data sugar in these cases. This is a

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Such data sugar is when Allah azza wa jal gives you a blessing. And if you if you score a goal in the post is the blessing of Mars oil has given you for you to fall into such that

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this is incorrect, misusing such that the sugar we said such that the sugar should be when Allah subhanho wa Taala gives you a favor, like nobody sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when they conquered Mecca and they finally reestablish the heat in in Mecca in the kava, he made such that the sugar that's when you make such that the sugar

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and if Allah azza wa jal was to remove harm from you, that's another instance in where you make such that to sugar Lahori and why was such that the sugar legislated for because you know when a person receives a blessing,

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when you receive a blade, let's say someone gifted you money, or Allah azza wa jal granted your child or you memorize the Quran, or you memorized a out of the Quran. When a person receives a blessing, that blessing might make him arrogant, if he's not careful, if you're not careful, these very blessings that Allah gives you could lead you to arrogance. So such that the sugar was legislated because it calms you down and it brings you straight down to earth. Go and put your head down into the dirt into this dirt into the earth. And thank Allah azza wa jal for that which he gave you.

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And had it not been for a long version, he would have never received any blessing or fever in your life. So now, when you do such due to sugar, and you're aware that the blessing is from Allah azza wa jal, you are less likely to develop arrogance as a result of this blessing that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave you so you understand how it works. Laqad