Allahs message to the believer going through difficulty

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Look at the case of Musa Ali who said he ran away from Egypt after accidentally killing someone. He has no home, no shelter, no food, no family, no support. He's on a mountain. It's cold, it's dark. There's no bed, there's no rest. And from there, Allah azza wa jal systeem what well pay to play get my hub button Mini, and I have spread my love upon you

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a lot

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better mini I have spread my love upon you when it was not an irony. And I plan that you should be raised under my I can be under my supervision and under my care, Allahu Akbar. The hardship the hardship that you go through is not a sign that Allah He or is angry with you. If you are with Allah, if you are with law,

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and you're performing your obligations, and you're keeping away from the prohibitions, and you're worshiping Allah and you love Allah azza vision, then the hardship you're going through the message from Allah to you at that time is what LK to Alaikum hubitat Mini Allah has spread his love upon you look at Musala he said in such a difficult case he's in I just told you about it. A fugitive of the law no home no shelter no food, no family no support no no food no no money no a cold that any no rest no but nothing. That's when Allah said theme I've spread my love upon you Allah like