The virtues of the word of Tawheed

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of Laila's head and the reward of freeing multiple slave slave workers, including 10 earners. They stress the need for rushing and emphasize the importance of learning to interpret words and protecting one's freedom. The segment also touches on the benefits of freeing slave members, including rewarding them for their actions and maintaining a positive attitude towards their fellow believers.
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Hola Musa alumnae and as guru quadro cabbie, Musa is saying to Allah, Allah teach me something.

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As Goroka I can remember you if we're at the Rokeby and I make a DUA to you through this liqueur.

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Allah we are Musa La Ilaha illa Allah. Allah said to Musa It's Leila Hailong. So Musa alayhis salam. He said the Quran luery bedika Buddha. All the servants say Leila Hey Lama, and he gave me something new.

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called Allah azza wa jal he responds to Musa. Listen to this. He said to me, Musa lo Anessa Marotti Saba, why me? ruhuna hurry, while Albina sever fee defatted wala la la marfy fertin La Raja hot oh la nella to be hidden the La ilaha illAllah. He said to him if the entire seven heavens

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and the seven Earths all of them were in one side of the scale at Laila head lower. There's another side of the scale, Leila hit Lola would outweigh everything Allah created. But and I want to say to you this, you see this hadith for those teachers.

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It teaches us that even sometimes prophets need to be reminded of how huge later Hey, Lama is. This is Musa alayhis salam, being reminded of the virtue of Laila head Lama said here's why we're supposed to remind ourselves from time to time of how grim this word is, and it's affecting a person's life and what it does, and its especially its effect in cleaning a person from his sins. Wouldn't it be some Allahu Allahu wa salam says, and I conclude with this because this is it's time, and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, Anyone who says La la la la Hola, hola, Cherie color lol koala will hum the Hawala, goodly shame Cody 100 times in the morning. Hello mo, mo. Hola. They

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see this could be divided over the morning in the afternoon. 50 in the morning, 15 afternoon doesn't matter what it is. But at least you say it 100 times in the day. Why am I sharing this hadith with you? Because now now, know that before you go, you say it 100 times. If you say it 100 times, properly, slowly, trying to understand and live its meanings. It'll take you 16 minutes, and I timed it. 16 minutes, it'll take 50 No, you don't want to rush. You don't want to rush. Remember, without this word, nothing would have existed. So there's no point in rushing there. What's the reward for seeing it 100 times five rewards.

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Number one, can a guide KR Cherie COVID Minh Villa De Smet?

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It's as though you have freed 10 slaves from the children of Ismail, Shani minhwa. Do you smile? You know, slaves are many kinds. There are some cheap slaves and this expensive sleeps. The Arab sleeve is considered an expensive slave. Whether the smell or ill the children of Israel, meaning is very least the branch for the Arabs, the children that came from his lineage that are slaves, freeing them, costs much more than freeing someone else from another lineage. It's as though you have free 10 of them. 10

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The saying this vicar? 100 times? Did it cost you anything?

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Did it take any effort from you? Did you have to raise or lift anything? Did you have to crawl to something? You have to walk to something? Nothing? Just the movement of the tongue. And it resulted in 10 slaves pain. And I asked you what is the reward of freeing a slave in Islam as a reward? And in turn, I told you you free 10 slaves and they said mashallah, I fritas Do you know what the reward of freeing a slave is? Potentially the beauty is that okay, we understand 10 slaves have been freed by you. But Danny, what did what how does that benefit you? What's the reward of freeing one slave in Islam?

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Like a MOBA karate Allah when he freed the slave? He's freed many. What's the habit fried many, this was a practice good deed.

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Right, the one who killed someone by accident. He needs to free asleep. If there is the one who had intercourse with his wife during the day of Ramadan, big haram. The first thing he is supposed to do as an expiation is to free a slave. Then if he can't fast two months, then if he can't feed 60 people, freeing a slave.

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What's it rude? Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, The one who frees a slave

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for every limb of the slave he freed

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it's his freedom from the Hellfire

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can be cool

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elbow in your

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head. Oh hoomin Enel for if you freed one slave, the reward is that you're freed from Jana. As a reward

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had a one slave is enough for you to free.

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This victory is giving you 10 And from the best of slaves Yanni How can a morning go by him you don't say La la la la la la la sharika that will mold cola will hum the Hawala coalition Khalil 10 times and he said any fuel its meaning in your heart how? How can a morning go by and you don't say it?

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I don't want Llahi if you are going to free 10 slaves from your money, how much is it going to cost?

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How much is if they slaves how much is one slave going to cost you

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5000 10,000 This was up until recently the last slaves way Mauritania that's how much sleep was

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expensive. You need to have someone that is going to serve you for life. You got to pay money.

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Here nothing is required for you. Not a single dollar save 10 slaves being free that's what and that's your freedom from Jana more already it's good number to 10 has 100 has said that given 100 Hassan it will happen in Ramadan is huge. Yeah, and he tried to save this liquor as much as you can in the mornings of Ramadan. We're good we're sharing this lesson now we're just about to enter the 10 nights in the 10 days of need the last 10 nights of Ramadan, increasing this liquor

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100 Hassan Hassan in Ramadan is precious.

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Number three, it wipes away 100 see yet to see see see how its effect in removing Saget. 100 CS white the way that the who commits 100 sins a day who had a worst case even if you commit 100 sins, there's your solution here in the morning.

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Usually you don't run away from this liquor understand its value.

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If you've committed 100 sins is your solution next morning.

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That's three. Number four, it raises a person 100 levels in the Paradise and then the last one, and no one of mankind would come on the Day of Judgment better than him except one except someone who said more than him. Yanni into top of creation, number one on the list, except someone that said it more than he deserves to be on top of it.

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But if you've set up more than you've you maintain the record of being first

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for don't waste the opportunity. Layer ilaha illallah wa The whole actually color the whole color will hum who Allah Coalition for the

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for us Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us a true and a genuine appreciation of Kalamata Tauheed we ask him subhanho wa Taala to make us live by this word, and to adhere by this word, and to die upon this word and to be resurrected upon this word. Ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive our sins and we ask him Subhanahu wa Taala to grant us a blessed life until we meet him Subhana wa Tada in the holy vertical call The rally was Allahu wa Salam o bellicon in Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine