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The host discusses the importance of avoiding mistakes and making immediate changes to behavior in young people. They emphasize the need for guidance and feedback on one's behavior and guidance on how to convey their message. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of showing respect and learning from one's own experiences to benefit everyone. The success of young people in their communities and the need for them to show their own knowledge and skills is also discussed.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Sara Marie Curatola. We're here in Malaysia with our chef Hussain. He said, Mr. McCullough,

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every time that I come to Malaysia always focused on visiting our chef and to benefit from the elders. And this is something that I benefited, even before I was Muslim, and spending time with the elders. And I think even before I was Muslim, it kept me out of trouble. Because I experienced I benefited from their experience and the mistakes that they had made. So I didn't fall into the same traps. So I was just speaking what she was saying, and we didn't plan this video. So it's a spontaneous video. And I asked the chef, I said, I want to ask you a question. Usually, we always hear when we see with one of the Michelle one of the do eyes we say share, can you give us and give

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the brothers and the viewers and see how give them an advice. But I said we will change the script a bit today and ask a different question. It's also on the see hand advice, but through your experience, share the spirits that you have endow all these years, what you have to do to come with dementia 6868 A lot of us so that shows us the years of experience on our body before I was born much to love about it, the chef became became Muslim. And all these years in the field. Obviously, as I've learned now, with the many years I've been in the view is that you make mistakes. You had things you did in the beginning, if you look back you said you know what, even though I've been

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successful if I did this or that it would have been better I should have done it like this or that. So this is the question that we want to ask the shift today. And he if there were some mistakes you made so we can avoid them. If there was some things you could change now also so we can avoid them myself or even the younger brothers who are coming up now when they hear from the elders, perhaps this will help them not fall inshallah into the same mistakes when they're on the path and to giving Dawa in general Tyler

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and Hamdi Lebanon. I mean, we know that when we are young, we are very energetic. What we want is immediate changes. We want to see the result there is the young people know, they want everything pass like something instantly. More than

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Yeah. And then the little knowledge that we have learned, we want to share with others and want people to accept the heart the truth, without understanding the issue that they have been facing the tradition that they have been falling for centuries, or centrally, not for years, for centuries. So I think our approach when we're young, we are more on the heart approach. Rather than either you take it or leave it as collapse,

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Jana will now conduct.

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So, of course, at that point of time we learn our mistake later on that people just cannot listen to this cannot accept what we are sharing or telling them because of our that we don't have.

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We don't know how to respect even the elders, we treat the elders like

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like everybody cannot. The elders is our listener you're talking to your parent, you cannot raise up your wife example. So when we are young, we make a lot of mistake because of our approach. You want immediate changes you want people to accept no more excuses. Maybe Alhamdulillah Allah give us the diet we can accept. But not everybody can have the same kind of feelings. So when we are hot, so a backfire. We are very judgmental.

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And I know you are hot but your colors No, no in between.

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I mean, it's true. The message is very clear and hot is hot in the battle back there. But we need to have wisdom at that time. We have knowledge but not really everything but the letter we have we want to share with the wisdom. There is the cost of the Phaeton there's the truth is not being accepted properly by the people because we are not talking to them from our heart. We have no mercy. We are very judgmental. That's why I lost it for the Mark McKinnon, Allah ilimitado.

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I mean, how many people are running away from us even what we say is true. Because of our

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just approach we are very judgmental on people. That's why the most important thing in doing that is to have wisdom somewhere and then our

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who can make changes not me so not me, I cannot make a person change. Even our Prophet cannot give the diet to whoever he loves. The one that will give you the is Allah Our duty is to convey the message in the best manner that we can.

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So I think we have learned a lot about our past mistake before and when we are tuned

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You from our side. But I have seen a lot of the young.

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They are just like us before. So it keeps on reminding them. I've seen myself

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when I started the same way Yeah.

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You see, the truth is true. But how to convey the truth is

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something interesting many of the scholars mentioned when talking about the set of the early generation, the Muslims were the successful ones and not they said cattle ins will help. Our humanists believe that they were the most knowledgeable when it came to the truth, but the most merciful and how they dealt with it with the people and they have the they have the hikma because the chocolate was with them, see how the profit convey the message how people react to his Dawa, and the prophets still never give up. Not judgmental, and not condemning them, keep on making dua for them. I think one of the mistakes that we make because at that stage is our even if it's

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subconsciously, we might not say with our tongues, but it's kind of like, you know, when we have the hope we have the truth, we want to just show it and prove the point one approve that this is the hook. And we don't really think about the true objective of spreading the help and teaching the hub is actually for people to accept it. And we're not thinking about that. We just think we have to prove this without thinking about the people where they accept it or not. That's why I'm lucky for us guidon beautiful reminder, what our soldiers what our services but before that I was in warehouse three in San inlanders in Armello while I'm in Sanya, Now Allah is telling us that, if you believe

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it's not, and now by juicing heavy directly, but believe must follow up with armor, solid, righteous, righteous, righteous, and even the word that you want to use, you must choose the past would they call me more karma karma karma karma? Call? me please. So what to be used and Abby,

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Word, you can use it in the right place, you must know how to use the right words. So now more solid, they say actions speak louder than words. Sometimes we want to be very, fasten this, this but that our action is not good.

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And then then Allah continue by saying what was

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our duty is to convey the truth, remind people what is right, then Allah full of water works on this. So this is where the young people are lacking survival. After one or two times you advise us, you know,

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maybe you

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proceed, you're stubborn and you cannot follow and we are judging people now.

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That later on, we realize we naturally change just overnight, we also have the time to change. But why don't we change the past, we want people to change immediately. Many, many of the great Sahaba took them a long time to be guided and many of them until entered into the country of Mecca, Muslim and some of them many before that after that they came from the grid. So hang on, hang on this important thing now is that for us to learn from the elders, and then it's like no, there's the policy is very small, then there's a lot of holes loophole here. So, we have cemented it so that everybody can move smoothly again, but then the young people who come and dig into the hole

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don't exactly

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know the cover tried to fix the holes. So, we come back the others they get it fixed

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theme that we always advise the young scholars that is Be humble. Don't be overconfident in what you know, what you know and how you learn but how are you going to convey the message?

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Now, now, I have been a special cause we are called to slow it down how to talk to people you must know who are you talking to the profession people there lay people their public or their leaders, their students, the elders or the young all this is very important. Understanding them. I think to be a good dad is good to be a good listener.

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Just listen for what they want to tell you what they are going to say to you. Let them express themselves let them let go everything from there then you know

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this is the issue that slowly you come in is like a doctor. A doctor when he when a patient come to the doctor. The doctor will not immediate check

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I tell you this is this is what you have to do this what you have to take the lessons first listen as you can you know, how can I help you? So we are the one who have to tell the doctor about everything. And then the doctor now use a system, okay? You are talking about the stomach problem. So if you check this out, you don't have to check your whole body.

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You see, this is the OSU

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be a good listen, then you can be good, too.

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But please don't be Cashman, even they don't accept, they are stuck when they argue with you, you must have somebody and give a smile. Okay? Their time we have to be silent. A so called sometimes silent is listed. That's where the profits in Canada you mean below your market value, we'll create an awareness. Even the season you make sure what you'll see is good. And it can be accepted by other off beside them. But also, I always remind the young to

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always remember, we are not the one who can give Hidayat to anybody who comes from home. So we try our level best with the best and the best. And then meet

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a lot of people do that one day now.

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After that word judgment after the palace, know, the agenda.

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I think I believe that the knowledge that the younger generation is exposed to is, is good. It's easy to get all the information now.

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But the only thing they need to have to be more humble and get a lot of advice from the amateurs, because they lack wisdom, they have knowledge. And like you said, like I'm now maybe in the middle and up to from the young guys. I'm not from the other. But I'm in the middle now. And I realize this, you know, the mistakes that I made just the same thing that you mentioned, sometimes you have to go through it. But I think the wise one is the one who benefits from those who came before him. And when you when you look at the elders who they've been there, they've done it. They're the ones who have that experience. And they're telling you this is the way you need to go this way youngsters

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need to register they need to understand, okay, these people know what they're talking about, they have the years of experience. So we're going to follow that. So we don't follow them at the same mistakes. And if they did it, I think the example you gave was brilliant about the way you have the holes or the paddles and you've submitted them up, and they come and they you know, and they can they read read dig the holes, you know, they have to realize that as it's smooth, it's just just just just rolling, just follow the path it's been laid out for you. That's one thing also, I always advise the younger generation

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is important, it's very, very important that

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when you are talking to somebody, you must show them some brush.

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Don't think they're ill, but when you are talking to ignorant, they may have some knowledge.

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So sometimes we thought that no dealer

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is you must mistake

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always show some respect. And the young people too, I wish

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I know the young before

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we are prepared for everything ready when you want to fight, we are ready to fight you know what is still. And Islam is not about

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being hard on people or wisdom pushing the best man

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and pray for them and show them that you really want to help them not just talking. That's why I use word sometimes talking mostly everywhere. Practicing was very rare. A lot of parents are nice. You can see I'll put them at the top today. And then nobody really wants to listen properly.

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And then something in my mind was a call to the chef but it's not yet maybe I'm gonna give me the the memory again. That what I experienced before when I talk to people so they just especially if you're a young man in every culture

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they have this understanding

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that if even you are telling them what you say is correct, but because of your age people don't accept your young

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advice and that's why in our profits if they suddenly numb I Love You okay, Cody runner. You're not one of us if you show novice to the amateurs. So I pick up that to date on maybe because I thought that with the knowledge I have with the Arabic I can

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can speak I think they have to listen to me. I remember when one of the senior students who was about to graduate when I was in when I went to Medina, I was just in the Arabic department you know an admirer but was getting better and my for I was going to start over

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I learned a few things. So he told me so one thing I've learned now we're about to graduate. He said, All the knowledge that I've obtained, it's taught me how ignorant I really am. And I was like, What is this, once you're about to graduate, you've been in Medina for six years, you will not be strong, you will be a scholar. So when I got up to that level, I realized because once you sit between the books of the scholars, and you see what they reached, you realize how little you have. I think that's a problem. Some of our youth, they learned and like you said, especially that knowledge is easy now. So they go into this new slab q&a, they learn a few things, and then they want to just,

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boom, that's it. And then they want to come in and show you who's who's, who's on the hub goodness and force it on you. And they make that yes, I remember the, if you are soft now, using another approach the best and mercy with care and love be will start to save that now. You have to solve

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the young scholars in these two software, they don't have the spirit of jihad and they feared is it? Yes. Not to be very judgmental. Again, the elders, you know, they don't know what they're talking about. No, they just want to pass their own way in our own idea. But you know, at the end of the day, who is the best example for us to follow? Not me, not anybody by our Prophet, some alarm sensors. Look at what when people throw stones at him and when to tie. He didn't ask them not to punish any of them, all of us.

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We don't even nobody throws told us yet. When the Prophet had gone through all his pain and suffering that in return, if the angel is asking him for permission now, do you want us to destroy the whole people tie we have put you cause harm the the project along with the cover in the hula, in the land of Aslan, and

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what I can do is to die here in Washington. I am sent as the Savior and to be merciless, not to, to punish anybody.

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When you look this, Allahu Akbar, who is the best person for us to follow? Yeah, perfect Prophet Mohammed samosa now look at his way. But we today I've seen some young people sometimes talk to me, and then behind my back, this is yet is too weak, is too soft. It shouldn't be Jedi, the Jedi

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is like people in the Chinese culture, say, when you are young, maybe you like to play karate, judo, Taekwondo or the heart kind of self defense. But when you're old, they realize that there's another kind of self defense is more effective. And more lasting. There is one called Tai Chi. Sau, telephone.

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That's it. That's your fear that

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anybody can

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know slow motion. But the result and result is so

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again, all the hardcore, he'd be injured in some depth like me, No way. I'm just coming back from jujitsu.

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Just an example. I'd like to show this example so that people have the right understanding. But we hope that younger scholars will be more humble enough to get closer to the average, don't think that you are better than the others don't do that. That also costs a lot to the younger generation today. We hope that when we are humble, in seeking the knowledge of Allah, and even knowledge have to type of knowledge, a more yet not fit in one Lanka. So we always ask Allah to increase in us knowledge that really benefit me made me a better person, not a hot person, but we are soft, but in the system, we do not compromise. And

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that's a very important point, because many people even now the other ones, they're willing to compromise in order to spread the data that will last me You have failed yourself because I was guilty. It's just the convey.

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We cannot force others but find the best way and then pray. I believe, through my, my changes later on from the I also start to change not not in a 60 or 70. I think in the late 80s. I started to realize that but like unfortunately for that

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is wrong. So it's my fault. When people reject the two is not their fault. It's my fault. My approach is so I start to make changes

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that I realized when I start to make changes, everybody seems to be listening. And people are changing because of death too. So when we start to make

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changes as the DUA, as it's called, is pretty young, you will see, it's easy to help others to change. But when we are too hot, we are good to find them.

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So this is what I always pray for the young to add a lot of scholars now, but we hope that they are humble and, and to be judgmental, and always get closer to the shoe to the elders, the elders is going to die, when they die, all their knowledge and wisdom will die with them. And you cannot get it from any books that you didn't learn in the university. Among all these extra life experiences, the data totally vary. The companion was so wise because they learn from the Prophet directly, is a life experience is not in school, we know that in time for what they don't have to juggle, they don't have madrasa, just in the master. And we move around with the society with the cadet is what

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they said, when you learn through experience. That knowledge

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is very mysterious. And you don't get it from any books. So I always encourage the young to please be humble and get close to the to the elders, before the elders.

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Go back to

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all the reasons God was there.

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And I believe that by doing that we are sure

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to become better.

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And we can convey the message better

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and less fitna

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even sounds you can make some mistakes and be new one over the events. But don't judge them again. Some way you don't understand that this is one mistake. Yeah, some young people, they just wait for one mistake. They're coming after you. Oh, he's no more on the right man is wrong?

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What can we do and how many times we've seen some of the youth who are they're good, but they make that mistake. They've come back to us and the end and apologize for the mistake that they made. And you were writing it when we realize now that your rights back always have some mercy. And we have whose needs on it even some scholars that we know that you You're the eldest make some mistake in maybe it's not a mistake at all. It is how they conveyed that message at this situation that they're in, they may encounter by so many other things. And they may use another approach for a reason. But we don't understand the reason.

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And then you start to see who's wrong. How can you say that? You must know why he is saying that? I have examples just coming into my mind.

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You must know why he came up with that statement. Because he's focusing on something more important.

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And that's why he just tried to say it is not no problem. No, no, no problem. But of course, there is something you had to correct there. But you don't have to entertain that thing yet because it's not the foundation is about food then you say okay, so that's why it's important that Houston is on. Have good feeling good. show you one example the Prophet when he was making prayer to one day and the day prayer