Abu Bakr Zoud – What is meant by Allahs religion is easy

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of the " handy" deen of Allah, which refers to certain concessions that are given during travels and when sick. The deen is easy to interpret, meaning people can pray whenever they want and is meant for those who want to be in agreement with Allah's instructions.
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In the Drina Yasser Allah deen is easy. What does that mean? Some people think the deen of Allah is easy mean delay your prayers doesn't matter. You can pray whenever you want. Worship Allah the way you want. Look at De newser, meaning there are concessions for certain circumstances. That's what is meant by the deen of Allah is easy, meaning when you travel, there are special concessions and when you're sick there are special concessions. Allah's deen is easy not delay your prayers and pray them whenever you want.

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