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The transcript describes a situation where a woman named Amina talks about her father's death and how she lost her father's family. She also mentions a hubby who is supposed to give her a reward for her mercy, but she refuses to give it. The hubby also talks about women being asked to give references about them, but the woman refuses to give any reference.

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she directs the hubby. She says one day she was at home and Abu Salah came and he said to a young man, I heard something severe to say I'm not Missouri lady.

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year in holding down, he said young semi coming excited. He said to some I heard something from us all most of

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them. It is much more beloved to me. Then, in the end to own the most expensive of assets at the time. A nice camera was the most expensive of assets. He seen this book was about what we heard from him is much more beloved than that. So she said What is it? What did you hear from him? He said, Samir

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mango, see that we will see that in

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Malaysia has

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a low maturity fee mostly but do fluidly. Hi Amina.

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This is a hurry.

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She said Oh, he said that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said anyone who was afflicted by a disaster or calamity and llotja meaning he said in the relay you are in a yo yo and then he followed that up by saying Allahu Allah showed me few mostly but Allah compensate me for my difficulty and hardship and trial and tribulation with some reward you give me what roughly hi Amina and give me replace this difficulty with something better than except the law would give him what he requested. Meaning a lot would give you a reward for that difficulty. And a bonus, he'll give you something better than if you replace it with something that

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so the hobbyist goes on to say that see, but almost almost Mozilla held this howdy from Houseman.

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And then a while down in life. She was afflicted by a calamity. Her husband Abu sidama died.

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So she remembered this hideous calamity. So she said she said,

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Felicia, I said in LA you were in LA you're here.

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Now she's going to follow up with this hubby is gone. So she said Allahu

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Allah give me reward for my mercy. But my husband had died. Give me a reward that I remain patient and.

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And then she said

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she said, I was just about to say, Allah give me someone better, then

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can you replace mine will see both someone better? So did she stop? And she said, What?

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She said and who's better than

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my brothers and sisters? He said, The point is,

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Who among us now that's married? Would you even think that his wife would say what men hire me for that? I just before I came, before I left my wife in the house, I said, Would you be able to

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adopt me? I'll keep the answer with my cell phone.

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What did he do for her to say?

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It's no problem.

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He said a lot of sources.

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Leave with giving goodness.

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The best of you are those who are good to their family and the best to my wives.

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embarrassment in this, that you go overboard, so that one day your wife can say woman hi Ahmed, Mohammed, Mohammed Ibrahim.

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Heather, this is a

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disaster. If people around you can say martial law, while other brother we only know good of him down to earth, humble, generous kind in the heart of gold. But when your wife is asked to give us a character reference about you, and she hesitates. That's a problem.