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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu and welcome back to another episode in the seas of history of Hajj. After Allah Almighty already informed us in surah Allah Imran that the very first place of worship to be put on earth for people is Aqaba in the following area. And number 97 of Surah Al Imran Allah Almighty says he had to buy tuna to calm or eat or he woman the holla who can mean

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so the signal or fee to the unit in a nutshell haram and around it. There are clear signs clear proves that this whole tradition, building the Kaaba performing Hajj and everything around it is from Allah and it is a matter of relation referring to the true deen the true religion

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amongst those heir to the unit a lot of late you already mentioned one of those clear proves such as Mocambo Ibrahim, and we'll get to speak about in details Insha Allah, the station of Ibrahim or the standing place of Ibrahim peace be upon him. And amongst li et al Baynard is Zentrum Laura al Hassan S word, Al Houthi hedge and a Safa and Marwah. Today insha Allah will get to speak about the Z about one of these very famous yet or clear signs and proves that this whole thing is sacred. It is Zamzam water and the water will have Zamzar

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whenever Rahim Allah is

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complied with Allah's command, and he took Hajer and the baby is married to this uncultivated and unproductive place, which is NaPCA and he lived them there. And he invoked Allah from banner image, scan to means already be word in it, the Zara, and we learned about all of that all what hydrolase salaam had is a water skin, a little bag that has some water in it.

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Soon the water vanished, and she ran out of provision. She was thirsty, she was starving. And similarly was the child is mine peace be upon him. She didn't sit in wait for death, or for the heaven to rain, you know food and provision. She made an effort a sash, a say is to struggle is to thrive is to make an effort. You put your trust in Allah and indeed heard out that that was very obvious. When she said to Ibrahim Ali Salam, O Allah Who am aka be Heather. Is it Allah's command? did he order you to bring us here and leave us alone? And when he answered in the affirmative, she said, then Allah will never get lost.

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Accordingly hydrolase Salah put her trust in Allah, but she didn't just rely on that she led and if she started wandering around, running back and forth, she would claim one hell and would go down and run to the other one between a Safa and Marwa she'd made several trips, seven times running back and forth. Every time she's looking around for any sorts of provision for any water. And when she reached to Almaviva, on the seventh time, she heard a sound. So she proclaimed

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indeed, she ran towards the chai, Ismail Ali Salam. He was left alone in the site, close to what layer around becomes the site of Aqaba, the ancient house,

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which you heard that sound at this time, Gibreel Alehissalaam came and he hit the ground with this outcome. And as a result, he calls the water to gush forth from beneath the feet of the child, the baby is my views to be upon him. Hydra Ronnie has Sarah was so pleased, was very delighted. Now, she made an effort and Subhanallah the water didn't come as a result of the effort between Safa and Marwa. No, it came as a result of trust in Allah Almighty somewhere else beneath the foot of Ismail Hajra Allah has started making like a bass and around the water

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in order to make certain that the water would not sink in the sand it was barren land desert.

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So as a human being she was afraid that the water will vanish Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam commended on that by saying Maya

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Lie of mercy on harder is my mother if she didn't do so Lakhan Zims Am I in and Marina Zamzar Mara would have been a flowing running stream

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turn the whole valley into a river but because of the human nutrition started making this you know basin, that's why it is said that the name came from the action of Hotjar Alia celeb, which keeps saying in her language, ZamZam stay here stay here. So it was given the name zamzam. It is also called what the two Gibreel Ali salaam because he hit the ground beneath the feet of Ismail and it causes the water to gush forth. Zamzam water is such a blizzard water, that there are many a hadith further insight hail Emmanuel Buhari, or other collections of Hadith, referring to the Blissett nature and the miraculous nature of Zamzam water. For instance, Gibreel Ali Salam, when he came to

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earth and he caught up in the chest of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when he was only five years old, he was it was him some water, he washed his heart with some some water. Similarly, right before the journey of El Mirage, and in the Hadith Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu SlMs ate them them limit surely but the water zamzam is for whatever intention you drink it with. That's why it is recommended for the believers, whether those who are performed Hajj or Umrah or those who receive the water in the locality because the water doesn't change simply because of taking the water from Mecca to anywhere else. When you drink some some water with an intention with a prayer with a hope.

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As much as you put your trust in Allah Almighty Allah will fulfill your wish, if it is a good wish, and if it is a valid one. So for cure, yes, for she fair, absolutely. To have a child to be blessed with a good spouse. Persona. Allah is Allah Allah Allah Salam has said in the Hadith, and now parameter one, what she felt was soak the water of zamzam is not just a water to be drank, it is a water and it is also nutritive, it is a source of nutrition, like people can actually survive simply on drinking some some water

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and Tamato what she felt was so, it is a source of cure for diseases by the Leave of Allah subhanho wa taala. The chemical structure and the components of Zamzam water are not like any other water in the entire world that has been proven by many labs and SubhanAllah. When Zamzam water is mixed with other water, its traits and characteristics, overcome the characteristics of any other water, so it is always beneficial. As the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, let's learn some more about the nature of Zamzam water.

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The water gushed forth exactly about

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20 meters from the location of building the cab afterward. So in the measure, the distance between the wall of the cab to the water will have zamzam it was 20 meters, the depth of the water will observe them is about 30 meters.

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Just imagine the Zamzam water provides between 18 to between 11 to 18 liters per second.

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Any water will that exist on Earth has certain amount of water soon it will vanish especially if you keep fetching water over and over and over. Maybe a year two three, but only Zamzam water is everlasting, is providing water forever SubhanAllah.

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There are within the water well, three springs, three eyes. That that is a source that is a main source for the water of zamzam that fills up that well, which is 330 meters deep. One spring is in the direction of Asafa and another one in the direction of the Blackstone corner and a third in the direction of El Marwa. These three springs keep providing water around the clock. Accordingly we're able to drink and fetch water and send it overseas and Subhan Allah, Allah ye that have fulfilled the DUA Ibrahim Ali Salam when he invoked a lot of mighty assaying in Surah Ibrahim chapter number 14 Verse number three receiving or a banner in a skull to mirror reality beware didn't wire Edie is

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already in that at Cal

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And we'll have one meal a banner Yuki mo Salah Rob Benally Okay, Mo Salah turfed F Edith Minun Sita we Eli him or Zuko whom meanness and a lot was Zuko whom Minna San Marathi and I love him. Yes guru. So in the last segment of this area, Ibrahim Ali Salam said, My Lord, provide them from some of the fruits that they might be grateful. And in order to have fruits in order to have visitations and plants, you definitely need water. And in the beginning of the year, Ibrahim Ali Salam made the light said, My Lord, I have deposited some of my offspring in a place which is uncultivated and productive. It doesn't have anything. There is no source of life in it. That's why brothers and

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sisters, the life started by the water of zamzam. Then as a result, the birds started flying around in circles. The caravans were traveling, so that the birds flying and circling around in air, they figured out that there must be some source of water. So they came to the wolves and

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they came to the location. They only found this woman herder by herself, and with her the baby. So they sought permission from her, the tribe of Jerome, can we stay here? Can we live by you because there is a source of water. She permitted them and she allowed them and this is how Ismail Ali Salam grew up amongst those people and he literally became wonderful. The water of them is such a blizzard water, and it will continue to provide water until the Day of Judgment. It is also worth mentioning here that at one point, the water of them's not vanished, rather it was buried.

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Then Allah the Almighty, give a prophecy to the you know the birth of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam by making by honoring his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. He was the chief of Mecca. So one day he saw in his dream, somebody is telling him or for zamzam or for Tiber, they pay back because it is a source of good water or for ZamZam, and he gave him some science so he followed the science and he started digging and people couldn't believe what he was doing. But as a result of digging in the same location where he saw in the dream, the water of zamzam gushed forth that was another source of nobility and honor to the family of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam which was given exclusively

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to Abdulmutallab his grandfather, brothers and sisters. We ran out of time for this episode but to be continued in sha Allah next time with some more about L. Yet Alba unit which are not almighty referred to in and number 97 of surah Allah and Rhonda clear signs and proves which he deposited around the cap As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh