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This is the solution to arrogance

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Abu Bakr Zoud

Channel: Abu Bakr Zoud

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Episode Transcript

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What is the solution? How does one save himself from arrogance? How does one save himself from ego and from pride? And not to fall into all of these things that are not mentioned? Anyone have an answer? Okay.

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So that is the solution. So that is the solution that would get rid of every single ounce of arrogance and ego and pride inside of the heart. Why, and the serenity is a very humbling worship. A select is a very humbling worship your face, this is where the ego lies. Most of the time, it's been smuggled onto the ground for almost sick. And when you start Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest. And whatever I have inside of me of ego and pride and everything, this is nothing. A lot of work on luck is the greatest. And when you begin your so that your eyes are fixed onto the ground, when you look down, and when we look down into our place of sushi within our solid, what's our, that's a

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resemblance of humility, that you're standing before the king, and you have honored Allah subhanaw taala so much that you don't even dare to raise your eyes up like this. So you're humble and you put it down a solid from the very beginning to the end of it. It's going to teach you humility, and how to humble yourself and how to behave yourself. Again, it's as though he's teaching him that, my son, if you breathe correctly, you'll find yourself that there is no room for arrogance and pride in your heart for what he gave him the solution into, you're worried that you might become arrogant one day, perfect, you're solid and you're solid. We'll make sure that you'll stay in the right position.