The Meaning of the Word الفلق Al-Falaq

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(The Day break)

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The transcript describes the meaning of the word "verbal" in the Bible, which refers to the ability to split everything into a new life. The concept of "daybreak" is used to describe the ability to take and rip into the light of the sky, while "verbal" refers to the ability to split everything into a new life. The transcript uses the word "verbal" to describe the ability to split everything into a new life, and the concept of "daybreak" is used to describe the ability to take and rip into the light of the sky.

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On alpha B alpha, the word alpha, the load of the daybreak and Philip comes from the word Falco. Falco means to take and rip and split something into half. Therefore, everything that explodes and splits is called Falak. And there are two famous opinions for the order that as to what Falak actually refers to, number one, it refers to the daybreak the light of the dawn allows or shall he says in the Quran fairly.

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See the word phallic.

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Meaning it is a large Zoysia, who causes the dawn to break, you know, the horizontal line of light that tears into the darkness of the sky at a time. That is unfair luck.

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That's the first meaning Yani say, I enter into the protection of the lord of daybreak, as soon as this light tears and rips into the darkness of the sky. The second meaning of alfalah refers basically to everything and anything that splits allows, or shall, he says, in solitude, and I am fairly happy with Noah,

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that it is Allah azzawajal, who splits the seed, you know, the wheat seed or the corn seed that is in the ground, and then it splits and the plant comes out, and the fruit stone the fruit seeds, as well. He's the one who splits them. Therefore, anything that splits is considered an Falak. The seedling that grows and then splits the orphan comes up, that's un*, the womb, that splits and the baby comes out with it in humans or animals that unfurl up the egg that hatches, a new life comes out of it, that is alpha luck, the crowd that splits and rainwater comes down and the hail comes down. That is un* the spring from the earth that gushes and rips the earth open in the

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spring come out, that is unfolding. The earthquakes that split the earth as well but and fellow bill Falak, the Lord of everything that splits as a church or him Allah, he said, all the creation of Allah is Falak. And if you reflect over this concept, you realize that originally everything splits, plants, and trees, seeds, animals, everything in the universe in the heavens and the earth splits, even the even the earth and the heaven, a lot of soil he says our Amira, Lavina cafaro, and the sun our one out of Canada. For photography, he said during the disbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together, and then we ripped and split them apart. Everything in the universe is

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full of everything has had a split, and notice

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that everything that splits causes something to come out of it, right. Something Yanni something being given birth to support Allah, the previous solar, solar loss a lot Zoysia told us something about him. Let me tell you that, that he was never born, and he never gave birth to someone. So as a result, so power Allah, Allah azza wa jal mentions in the solar, that everything is described as Fanuc, everything splits and everything gives birth to something, and everything brings out something from it. The only one that is not for luck, is luck, bill for the Lord of the flock, which is Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah. Yeah, this is why the word I'll follow up was used in the surah.

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To reiterate the meaning that came in the previous solar, which is sort of in the clause, and there's a beautiful usage to the word alfalah. In the solar, the word and Falak is an optimistic positive word. It's a word full of hope, full of light, brightness, and life and the rest of the solar now after this ayah is going to speak about hidden evils, and harms.

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And darkness, you know, a shadow, evil is associated to darkness, or sick is darkness itself. And the fact that magicians and magicians they commit, check and share keys darkness will have it and hazard envy and jealousy is a dark emotion in the heart. So the beginning of the sutra began with positivity. It began with a word full of hope and Falak. And it's going to mention all the darkness is now. So it's as though this is what is being said.

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You have a lot of a lot of luck of everything that splits and you are able to rip and tear through all my problems that darkness is in life and fill my life with happiness and hope and light. It is like a lot of socialists giving us openness and relaxation. After the difficult times that the people will go through that all over Europe will wake up that he is he owns the light all of it swallows about darkness. It is a law who can tear through the darkness of your life and tear through the evils and the homes and the worries in your life.

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Bring up once again and follow which is the morning and the brightness and the hope in your life span Allah

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be alpha luck