Abu Bakr Zoud – Should we curse the Shaytaan (Devil)

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a companion named Sahaba claims to have created a shape on a donkey, causing people to believe that the donkey has perished. The speakers discuss various scenarios where the donkey will grow and shrink, eventually becoming the size of a house. The donkey's absence is considered a worship, and individuals may choose to use it for various purposes.
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Never heard if there was a companion unknown. How do you think Sahaba would? He says that I was writing behind the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for the camel, whatever it is.

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And he says as I was writing with Rasulullah saw Salaam a donkey tripped and fell it collapsed. For them this this companion he said dice a shape on May the devil perish May he be destroyed. He goes to shape on, you know nowadays How do people close the shape on something? If you see something wrong I need the Lebanese culture. What do we say?

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Some Michelle Vaughn

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Yeah, this is cursing the show barn and I know other cultures will have other things that they say, when cursing the show barn have seldom heard this companion sanitizer shape on May he perish May he this be destroyed. Whenever he saw Selim, he said to him, don't say that. Because if you say that, he begins to inflate, he becomes bigger and bigger and bigger until he becomes the size of a house. Why? Because now the cheban assumes that it was by his strength and by his decree that he made the donkey fall. Right? That's what he's going to assume you said May the devil be perished. In other words, it's like you are the one that was saying. A Showtime was the reason for why the donkey

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perished. May you be destroyed for it and he grows he loves it for them and nobody saw salami said to him say Bismillah say Bismillah When this happens, and then the Rizal Selim said to him indeed, if you say that, he will begin to shrink and shrink and shrink until he becomes the size of a fly. For you then we learn in this Hadith, that it is number one incorrect to curse the shape on it is not a worship to curse the Shabbat you curse him, he loves that and he begins to grow and he says what he does my by my pipe my empower. Rather, we are commanded by Allah Xhosa to seek refuge for the cheban. So if something happens, you either say Bismillah or you say however we let him in a

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show upon the regime. With such a word he begins to become smaller and smaller. And that is unharness when he disappears when he retreats when he becomes small

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