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Why for six days of show one now often we just butted ourselves in Ramadan

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battered yourself give over how really difficult was it to foster mother Listen, Shahada for me Do I look at it is like in differentiating between the boys and the men not I use gender terms of course. But it's clear obligatory farts are far easier. Everyone's in the game, you've got so much motivation, your family community, everyone's behind you collectively. So if you're going to try we're seeing everyone social motivation, spiritual motivation. But then suddenly, it's over. You hate you stop yourself enjoy life like it used to be and then suddenly, they put six days of show while upon you, are you kidding me or difficult you now on your own? You got one or two odd people

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here and day you might find find the odd unclean msgid you might find a few motivational kind of statements from your favorite speakers on Facebook. But that's about it. This is now tough six days, especially in the summertime. This is it. This is the difference between the ones who do that which you have to do which listen and obligation, it builds your identity. It identifies you as a Muslim, your obligatory nature, but it's the supererogatory those non obligatory acts like fasting to show why like the Mondays and Thursdays like the three days in the middle of the month, they define your character, it really builds you as a Muslim. So you're awesome is that your fundamental kind of

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basis there but now you're defining yourself as really taking your game to the next level. And I want to say to you this, forget the reward for a second which is immense. The prophets lie Selim said that whoever follows Ramadan with six from shall while it is Cosima de it's like you fasted for time. And how do we explain time? Like you know, we admire dhammapada when we said Oh, He fasted time or he did time It means a long time. And in the duration of imagine which is authentic. It is kinda to mama senate like as if you fasted all year. So imagine by fasting six days, you are getting the obligatory type reward of fasting the whole year. If that's not enough, this is the clincher.

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This is the reason you got to do it. Allah subhanaw taala said La La Quinta taco and we fasted Ramadan so that we become disciplined and aware of Allah subhanaw taala if you fast six days of chawan what you've proven is that you do you don't worship Ramadan, you worship the Lord of Ramadan and that you are continuing and it is the clearest sign of the acceptance of your Ramadan Why else did you do your a bad day in Ramadan for it to be accepted? And one of the signs of acceptance is that your good character and your good nature and your good work carries on afterwards. So do your best six a show? Well, it's difficult, but together we can do it, motivate one another. Get your

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family involved, knock it out, inshallah.

We all are aware of the hadith mentioning the rewards of fasting the 6 days of shawwal? Why should we fast them though?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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