The Key to Provision, Subhanallah Wa Bi Hamdih

Abu Bakr Zoud


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No Holly his solemn was on his deathbed. He gathered his children and he gave them parting advice. He said to them what Moodle could be Subhan Allah He will be handy for inner house Allah to khalifate will be her Rosa poco. Lucia, no Holly his ceram gathered his children as he is dying. And he said to them, I command you to hold on to the word sapan en la he will be handy. For verily this word is solid to cliche. It is the prayer it's the form of worship of everything in existence. Everything that exists worships Allah subhanaw taala through the word Subhana Allah He will be humping the trees and the sand and the earth and the oceans and the stars and the skies. Everything

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in existence worships Allah through the word Suppan, allottee or Behanding, what we had was a peculiar shape. And through this word, everything is given its provision and sustenance, power, the law anymore, Holly has said, is teaching us something very important. My brothers and sisters in Islam, and every single day, you're engaged in either one of these two matters. You're either engaged in worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if not, you're engaged in looking and taking care of your sustenance and your list and your provision for no holla you Sam is basically saying that sapan Allahu Akbar Hamdi is everything in your life. Your life is made up of this word. Everything

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you enjoy in life is about this word. If you don't have these words in your life, you've lost everything. If you don't have this word so Pamela, you're very humble in your life, you're in danger and worship becomes difficult. We need to understand my brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah Subhana Allah He will be the one who lives it with this word. It opens up doors of Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala for him