Those People Who Thank Allah

Bilal Assad


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Those People Who Thank Allah – Bilal Assad

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The speaker discusses the struggles of Muslim men to achieve their spiritual goals and highlights the importance of gratitude and reciting scripture to improve their spiritual well-being. They also mention a woman who experienced blessings from Islam and wonders why men would not be grateful for them. The speaker emphasizes the importance of taking gratitude for others and bringing them closer to oneself to achieve their spiritual goals.

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It is a struggle and strive for every Muslim, to be able to achieve this noble character,

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of being able to be satisfied with what Allah has given them. And to realize the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon each individual and upon us as a society and upon us as a human race.

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Allah Subhana R Rahman r Rahim, the Most Merciful for mankind, for the humans, for the world, the giver of mercy to specific people as well.

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He has not left anyone out, except that He has given blessings to them, we call this Namah.

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And every single one of us here, every single individual, every old and every young

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has got so many blessings, that if you were to try to count them, really and you thought about them, you'll not be able to finish counting them at all.

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But unfortunately,

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a lot of people today

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tend to count

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the blessings they don't have.

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And that's a really wrong thing to do. should not look at what we don't have a rather look at what you do have.

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And if you do look or what you do have,

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you will end up being a person who thanks a lot night and day.

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And do you know what Allah spent Allah said about a person who thanks a lot night and day,

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Allah sit and look for an O Allah, Chicago, z then

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if you are grateful, and you think the line item day

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I meaning Allah, I

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will give you more,

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I will give you more.

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But the condition is that you have to be grateful to Allah.

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Because not being grateful, meaning that you do not realize that our last minute data is a merciful God.

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And he made us recite this verse in every location of every Salah that we pray and you pray cannot be accepted without reciting Alhamdulillah Allah Allah me.

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thanks and gratitude

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belongs to Allah The Lord of all

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Rahmanir Rahim, the Most Merciful, the giver of mercy, the giver of blessings. The Giver, the giver of Namah Thank you Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have even the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Allah He was

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the most Blissett of all mankind, of all the humans of all the races. He used to stand up in the middle of the night, praying to Allah every night.

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One of the nights when it was really dark,

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and didn't have light, like what we have the blessing of today.

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I should have a loved one extended an arm to feel if the professor seldom was next to but she couldn't feel his body. So she moved her arms around because she couldn't see at night. And then her hands struck the feet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He was standing praying to Allah, his Lord.

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After he finished, she felt a little bit of

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remorse for him thinking that he's not getting enough sleep and restore his body. So she said yeah, Rasul Allah,

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give you a body some rest. For it is you who Allah has forgiven everything

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of your past, present and future sins and promises. Selim obviously does not, never allowed himself to fall into sins. But this was the blessing of Allah. She's saying to him, at least give your body some rest. Do you know what her reply his reply was? He said, yeah.

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Since Allah has given me this great blessing of forgiving my sins.

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I further akuna overdenture Koran, should I not be a thankful servant then?

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And what men

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never fails to worship Allah no matter what happens. And when he's given lots of blessings or blessings to take away and taken away from him or her. They are still worshiping a lot and getting closer to you give me blessings. I thank you, Alan, I worship you more. You take them away or worship you more so that you can give me more and so that you can test me and watch your up watch that I can pass your test.