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The transcript describes a chef who passed away and his family members are upset. The chef's parents had a surgery and their cover was expanded. The chef's family members are upset and the chef's family members are upset. The chef's family members are also upset and the chef's family members are upset.

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Subhan Allah, as we all know, the chef passed away a couple of days ago. And

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there are so many good signs of his end

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everywhere on Earth, someone is making the art for him. And that did not happen haphazardly.

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There must be a secret between him and Allah azza wa jal that he made people all over the world make the art for this man. There are many people who die many few who die every single day with a beautiful voice beautiful.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was standing on the Sahaba one day and it Janessa passed by.

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So the Sahaba started praising the janazah praising the deceased, they sing good things about him. So so much, I seldom said watch out that

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it is due.

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Then another Janessa passed by and the Sahaba started cursing the deceased. For solos I seldom said luxr That same word, or, or the Allahu Anhu or they said yeah rasool Allah, the first Janessa we praised you said worship but and the second is another we cursed and you said Roger, but use the same exact word. He said the one that you praised Jana became wardrobe is due to Him. And the one you have cursed Jahannam became worship was due to him and Tom shahada, Allah Phil org, you are the witnesses of Allah on earth.

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You are the witnesses. So look how many people have praised this man.

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Number One Number Two

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soloists I seldom one time he said to the sahaba.

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In the in Melilla, he Halina meanness

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Allah have special people among mankind. They said Yara Sula, Allah Who are they? He said, Uh hello Quran, Allah, Allah wa Seta,

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the people of Quran. These are the people of Allah and these are the ones who are very close to him.

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And we all know and we all heard in the last few days, that this man not only memorize the Quran, he lived by the Quran, he adored the Quran, all his life was Quran.

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And we ask Allah azza wa jal to make the Quran his chef here in the cupboard and on the Day of Judgment Lake wa salatu salam promised

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third, some people are upset, you know, he died very far from his land.

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From the weight from the place he was born. There's a hadith someone said it's weak, but Sheffield Albenga Rahim Allah said it's Hassan Rasul Allah is seldom said whomsoever die far from his land. His cover will be expanded to the place he was born.

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Well, foodie Hala who bagged mineral Jana and the daughter of Jana will be open for him. That's another great sign for our brother. Fourth

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we have to say something about these parents that raised such a min

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as we heard that this Sheikh was born blind.

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The parents did not give up

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because the sun is blind in la la, la, he Rajon know

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that Nakamura became the best Nana

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they put him to school. They made him memorize the Quran and he went to regular school also.

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So, the father of his parents that they took this

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disease or this deficiency that he had and turned it into a one of the best numbers ever.

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And many people when someone they have a baby or born with any kind of deficiency, they immediately give up.

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And the samosa is seldom told us there's another Bushra that Allah subhanaw taala would say the one whom I take His Habib attain.

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And he was patient. Lola, Jana, whomsoever I take his vision, two eyes

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And He was patient. gymnasts guaranteed for him.

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And finally, f1

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It's a lesson for all of us.

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Our brother died younger than many of us in this room. 38 years old. Are you ready?

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He just slept

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and did not wake up.

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Can that happen to me tomorrow can happen to all of us. 38 did not show any symptoms.

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Just finished Tara we

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just finished reciting the Quran I heard so many times in Ramadan, completed the whole Quran.

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Nothing. And for the people who know the Sheikh. He had an amazing sense of humor. Not only just half his, but he was very funny. And that's why he was loved by all over the world.

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38 years old, did not wake up.

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This is a great lesson for all of us here when he had so many signs, great good signs. We have to

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increase our closeness to Allah as much as we can, before we go to sleep, and never wake up.

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And the final lesson,

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always make peace.

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Especially with your spouse, with your parents, because you do not know

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you might wake up and or they might wake up and do not find you. Or you might not wake up and have the opportunity to say I'm sorry.

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So please, let's take a lesson from the passing of our beloved chef. And let's keep him and all our shields in our da And subhanAllah This is the beauty of Islam. At the same week.

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Many big shots died in the media. I don't even mention their names.

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Nobody ever says May Allah have mercy on them. That's the beauty of Islam. The beauty of Quran when we mentioned our shield, when we mentioned our beloved people that passed away, we always follow that name with Rahim Allah may Allah have mercy on him. May Allah subhanaw taala give give us a good end. May Allah make our last deeds our best deeds and our last words La ilaha illallah Zachman la cara Solomonic

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in LA Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning me 91 quantity now look on it the more saw the pain I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was Slavia before she you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching The one downside BP now one downside the party was slow on me now was all in.

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Wouldn't have you Lena photo gentlemen, one half the award the was that good enough. Guess

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what's going on? I don't know who

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won Eileen