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understand the meanings of the word. My brothers and sisters in Islam.

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There are two names of a large Georgian that are similar. However, there's a difference between them. And that is his name suparna. Tara,

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and the other name and where

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have you ever thought of what the difference between an airhead and an ad is? There's a difference.

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Allows origin and sort of tillbaka he says what Ella who couldn't 11 Why? Why?

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And he says, Who Allahu were hidden.

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And here Aloo Allahu Ahad must be a difference.

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And why it means one, Yanni in number. And Werehog means Allah is one in number. So he is not two, he is not three. He's only one supernova to Allah. Allah azza wa jal, he gives an example a beautiful example of this and he highlights the ridiculous nature of of a sheikh. inshallah, Allah subhanaw taala he says, Bob Allahumma salli ala fi Shoraka Amata Shirky soon origin Salah Malaysian halia Stoney masala Alhamdulillah Balak, follow him lay Allah moon, Allah azzawajal gave an example of the ridiculousness of a ship. He said, Bob Allahumma Theron, Allah gives an example of a slave who's owned by more than one master. Imagine a slave, and he has about 10 busters. Imagine that

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Jani, the master, one of them is going to say do this. Another one is going to have another commandment, someone else wants something else done. Eventually, the fuse probably explodes in this mind of the slave and he's got no idea what to do ridiculous, and allows or shall give another example of one slave who is owned by one master exclusively by one master. And they are still here, no matter which one is better. Which one is easier? Did they even are they even similar? Are they alike? And in other words, the one who solely for one had a Yani he's relaxed, and he's at peace, and he's tranquil. A lot of Zoysia he said Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, meaning Alhamdulillah the

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proof has been established upon those who committed ship it's been Look how clear it is. But Allah moon, however, most of them don't know the reality and this is why they still commit the ship. So in other words, where he is referring to the oneness of Allah, that Allah is one in number, and 100 which is in the soul upon who Allah had.

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It also highlights the fact that Allah is one, but it highlights the uniqueness of Allah subhanho wa Taala had meaning he is unique in his beam, in his names, in his attributes, and in his actions to power the hautala the uniqueness of Allah. So what does this mean? It means even though some of the names and attributes of a loss origin are used to describe human beings, Jani, Allah Samia, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Lim, and the human being could be severe. alim, we also have this, but this is the difference. That our seminar when we say that this human being is semia our summer is limited. It had a beginning. So you've been here all your life, and it has an end. And you can't hear

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everything behind these walls. You can't even hear what's happening. But when a law we say he's a Samia, then his hearing is limitless. It has no beginning. It has no no ending was there are some who have swatter cola has every single thing. It's perfect. It's completely second cliche, there is nothing that is unique or even similar or like him. Right? So this is from the meaning of Allahu Ahad had meaning unique in his names and attributes and actions. And he also as an example of this, from the names of Allah azza wa jal is Alma de Bella, the planner, the one who plans you know, human beings might be moved a bit as well. A human being can be a planner. But there is a big difference

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between a loss planning and the creation planning give you a very small example so you can understand

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when a large soil created this earth,

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this is from his planning, he created it with enough space on earth to accommodate for every single person from Adam alayhis salam up until the last person that lives and it will accommodate also for all types of animals, and for all types of trees and for everything that Allah puts on it. It'll have enough space for everyone until the last day, there is enough oxygen, and there's enough air on earth for everyone from now until the day of judgment. There is enough water. There is enough food for people from Adam up until the last man that walks on Earth. This is from the list.

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Have a lot.

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Now compare this to the human being the human beings when they plan something and design it yonni you know, every 1020 years, human beings realize that the suburb is congested, and the roads are small. So as a result now we need to widen the roads. We need to make a tunnel you need to make a tunnel there. And every 2030 years, there are ongoing upgrades and upgrades just don't finish the human being. You see, he's a planner, but his planning is not perfect. It's not complete from day one when Allah subhanaw taala planned the creation of the earth hellos, there was no need to renovate or upgrade anything as it is, suffices man until the last day had

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a look at the difference between the two. This is what I had been

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meaning unique in his names, even though some of mankind would share these names and have these names. But the description of that name is so weak and imperfect with the human being and it is absolutely complete and perfect with Allah subhanho wa Taala por la HUD. And the word I had it ends with it and when you see her done that then when at the end, and mahoma la they say then we've The Tao vim the name implies greatness, meaning absolutely unique in every single name and attribute. You cannot even compare anyone to him. subhana wa tada Allah ha ha