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What we want to do in this course, is just pay a little bit more attention to what were the internal factors that created and I'm saying internal factors in particular, because you don't want your appear to be dependent always on external factors, external factors is, you know, I lost my job, okay, that's great, but you're not going to lose your job all the time, or a calamity happens in my family. And that forced me to have this incredible Yes, these are absolutely very powerful reasons for a person to have mindfulness in their prayer. But we want to be able to create internal reasons for you to be able to have, we want to be able to create an internal mechanism for you to be able to

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create that type of experience without you depending on external factors that many times are beyond your control. And so the person who is able to focus on their prayer is able to increase the quality of their prayer and the quality of the prayers what makes a prayer accepted or not the prophets of Allah how to use them. He says, in the hadith of Ahmad me acid, a man may return from his prayer and nothing good is written for him but a 10th of his prayer or a ninth or an eighth or a seventh or sixth, or a fifth or a fourth or a third or a half. And soon it may be doubt. So the stakes are really, really high. But not only that, there is an enemy who does not want you to pray, a good

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There's an enemy who doesn't want you to have an accepted prayer because it's so important and because it's so valuable. I mean, if the salah is the greatest act of worship that I offer ALLAH SubhanA died after accepting Islam, the salah is the greatest thing. The Salah is the greatest thing.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that there is a devil whose intent is to steal from your prayer if the salah is the greatest thing that you and I offer, then it makes sense if if, if a bliss wants you to enter into the hellfire, the thing that he will attack you the most is the thing that makes you most successful. And so IBLEES when he declares his his his battle plan in the Quran, and he says, Robbie Bhima awaiting my Lord, by the fact that you've made me go astray. Love Odin Netta, home serata, crews takim, I will sit for them on your straight path, you know, in solo and you're saying hey, Dennis Rodman was studying guide me to the straight path. she pleases, like, I'm

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gonna be waiting for them right there. I will sit for them on your straight path. And then he says, and then I will come to that man benei ad he want me to vote for him, I will come to them from in front of them and from behind them want a man who might be mad at him and I will come to them from the right of them and from the left of them. What did you two o'clock on Saturday, and you won't find that most of them are grateful. And so Iblees is waiting for you and I as we're strolling down the straight path, and he comes to ambush you. And where does he the straight path is a path that you can take a lot of vehicles to go down you can people some people travel down the straight path

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with sadaqa some people travel down the straight path by taking care of the needy, some people their vehicle that they use to drive down the straight path is fasting. People use different acts of worship to traverse that path. One of them is Salah. And because salah is the most powerful vehicle to go down the straight path with that is the vehicle that shaytaan attacks the most. And that's why when we enter into Salah so many times, it's like I don't have that incredible distraction. When I'm watching a video I don't have that incredible distraction when I'm having a conversation with a friend. But as soon as I enter into the slides, like I start remembering things that I I never

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thought of two weeks a month go by I haven't thought of this thing and yet in Salah all of a sudden I remember it. And so I show the line how she asked the province who said them about distraction the prayer. And he said who the last year Dennis O'Shea upon been selected add it is a theft that shaytaan uses to steal from the from the prayer of a person soon as your entrance of the socialist law starts reminding you of this person and that person and this person and that person. I was with Abdullah, what was it over the summer? Are you there when we were praying together? I was like Were you there when we were praying together but we had a group together. I had my nephews and my my

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nieces, my dog my nephews with me and my cousins. And we had been there all day together all day. And there was no phone calls that came and then we decided to pray mother live together. And as we were praying mother if together. My nephew's mom called my nephews Grandma called My cousin's mom called everybody all called at the same time and I have a little bit of a theory about that. And that set again Shavon is always trying to remind you as well as remind others of you as soon as you enter into the prayer, he is always trying to distract you with whatever he can of the Salah. And then he's waiting for you because that person who prays

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why shaytaan waiting for you when you're in Salah. He's not concerned about people who are going down the wrong path already. He's not worried about the person who doesn't pray he's not worried about the person who's committing major sins his focus on the one who's trying to journey to Allah subhanaw taala it's really important that we always remember that the Salah was not meant to be a burden. The Salah was not meant to be a burden

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Salah was meant to be a gift. We were gifted five daily prayers weren't burden the five daily prayers. It is designed to unload our burdens ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says we're staying and will be somebody or Salah This is in salted bucket and it's so powerful a lot. This is the first time the word for sure appears in the Quran, Allah says was to Anibus libido. So Allah says, Seek help in patients in prayer, seek help, what does he help me, it means that this is something that is a tool that is given to you, for you to use for your benefit. Patients and prayer, patience, endurance, perseverance, grit,

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these terms discipline, these terms are like whoever has these qualities is put in a position to be successful in any endeavor, what you take any quality, you take any, any, any objective. And if you give that person endurance, you max out their endurance, you put them in a position to be successful. Because all you need to do is you need to just watch interviews of people who are incredibly successful in finance, and education and teaching and politics and all that. And you'll find that if there's one quality that is consistent that they have, it's not intelligence, and it's not charm, and it's not emotional intelligence. And it's not, it's none of that it's if there's one

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thing, it is perseverance.

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It is the ability to overcome difficulty. It is the ability to delay gratification, it is the ability to have suffered. And so ALLAH SubhanA data says, Seek help in, you know, anti diminisher, that anti diminisher that is a famous, incredibly famous

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and incredibly famous warrior and poet, but he never lost the battle. And so I'm asked him and he said, How come you never lost the battle? Like what is it that you do? And he said, Why don't we try this, you put your finger in my mouth, and I'll bite as hard as I can. And you and I'll put my finger in your mouth and you bite as hard as you can. Cool. This is how they wanted to figure this out. And so he puts his finger in his mouth and he's biting as hard as he can. And his fingers in his mouth and Anthony's biting as hard as he can. And this guy is eventually the pain got so intense that he just learned to finger out of his mouth. He lent his finger out of smell. And under told him

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he said

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I was just about to give up.

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But I decided to hold on just a little bit longer, and you gave up first. And that's why I never lost the battle. And that is basically saying I'm undefeated just because I am willing to outlast everybody else. That's it. That's the only reasons much stronger, not more brave just I endure. In any case, Allah says and seek help in endurance, perseverance, patience, and Sala Sala salah is a tool that Allah Subhana Allah has given us to seek help with.

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When you call upon Allah, and you stand before Him you unlock the gates of success for you. Allah says hey Allah Salah to Hadith for that, come to the prayer Come to success. And when you stand in front of Allah subhana Valley, you're standing in front of the king of kings, and you're not present. And this opportunity is a moment for you to ask and to converse with the King of kings. A lot of people they think that Salah is supposed to be you separating yourself from the dunya it's not you're supposed to separate yourself from the dunya you're actually no bring the dunya into the Salah, bring your finals, into the Salah and ask Allah subhanho data to help you with your finals.

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Bring your vacation into the salon, ask Allah to give you to free up and give you an amazing way to bring your pain and your problems and everything that we complained to everyone else about bring it into your Salah with you because you are in a position to be talking to the one who not only created but controls the entire universe. And so why wouldn't I confess my problems with him? Why wouldn't I communicate my my pain to him? Why wouldn't I confess or communicate my aspirations to him? My hopes and my dreams?