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The speakers discuss the negative impact of media on people, including Facebook and Twitter, and emphasize the importance of individuals learning from their actions and mistakes to improve their lives. They stress the need for individuals to avoid distraction from past mistakes and learn from them to improve their chances of success. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding distraction from past mistakes and learning from them to achieve success.

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hanging out

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you know companies

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don't want to stop good wine

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makers in

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Washington, we've all watched The Washington Post board. So yeah in any type of loss of a sporting event, I tend to

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assume you have a couple of work over the weekend no single one of these has nothing to do with each other what some of the law has been speaking about in the Law Academy?

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Yeah. We'll talk about how to help learners. I mean, yeah, you'll say a comma. We often visit local woman while they can learn in

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public functionality, not enough stuff. Okay, we have a lot

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of a lot more. So those are some who requested that. We're going to point that out. For our

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blogger frameworks as well URL

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observes a type of user on Twitter that he calls an accelerant.

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Accelerators are people who seem to exist only to make conflicts on social media. Nasir

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accelerates, he observes, aren't usually users with blue checks next to their names, they usually have a few followers and low engagements themselves. And it is exactly this fact that these accelerates are anonymous, that they have no popularity to lose, and so they face no consequences for their behavior. That's what enables them to be sarcastic. Something about the service. Anonymity breaks more out of

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it removes the basic sense of skin in the game that's necessary for accountability and adults conduct if embraces the requirements to be morally consistent, and eliminates any sense of shame, in sort of upon the loss of

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first gives us a clear and convincing definition of divinity and the offers us a compelling arguments are only worshiping the truly divine. Then a law stresses the importance of belief in the messenger and the references many of the excuses use by people to reject the phenomenon of messengers in general and the prophets will have the similar or even similar specifically. Next, a law exposes the true motivation. The real reason behind that rejecting the messenger better kind of level was so

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kept though this Saturday at all. In fact, they denied

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Our and for those who have denied our we have prepared a blazing fire.

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Allah Allah says here that all the arguments to deny the messenger such as Why wasn't he says an angel? Why was he eats and drinks like we do. These are just ancient fables or people long ago, this is the word of a man he's getting help from outside. All these arguments are just excuses. Just pretend it's the reality behind them is that those who deny the messenger deny the end of time, they deny the resurrection. They said not at the reckoning. And thus they deny and are trying to avoid moral accountability, they are trying to avoid being held accountable for their actions. moral accountability is the foundation of justice. It is the foundation of all goodness, it is a very

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simple concepts when you know the consequences are coming, you act accordingly to avoid bad consequences. And as you obtain or against good consequences. Parents know this very well. It's all your vegetables, and you can have dessert, don't get to your brother, or else you're going on timeout. The world of parenting is how it operates by consequences, and children respecting these consequences or not.

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If you're not a parents, think of our traffic laws. Every streets has a speed limits. If you break the speed limits, you know what the consequences are the only people who speed except of course, emergency situations are simply people who don't expect to get crossed.

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When a lot exposes those who denied the messenger, He is showing that everybody is not due to some rational skepticism or legitimate status. It's not because they are unconvinced and therefore still on the fence. Now, in this verse, those who deny the messenger are doing so based on their worldly self interest. If there is no messenger from Allah, there is no more and no for all, no clear criteria as so no final rubric by which to judge this we need rights and wrongs. Without status clear criteria, once we are left with is a form of moral relativism. You have your traditions, I have mine, you have yours. And I have mine. And both are equally rights. Who am I to say that

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someone else is wrong? This is the very conception that the deniers of faith are looking for when they propose to what happens to the law,

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that they would worship a law alone for one year. If then that Muslims would worship their Bibles the following year. This idea would only make sense to a people who thought there was no such thing as true with a capital T. But the messenger is truthful some of our a sudden and of course, is clear and final to try after the revelation of a poor man to follow another way or a different set of guidelines would be going someone putting up their own Scotland's imagine this. Imagine watching the local governments come and find a sign for the speed limits 30 miles per hour. The shutdown brings some workers has the official overwhelms governments. The workers have official government uniforms,

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the sign looks like every other government sign. Then someone comes and puts their own sign up right next to it with a different scheme under 100 miles per hour. But this time is scribbled on a card or about a Sharpie held together by duct tape. Or these two signs really equal. Had the people who Dallas in the first time the official one and trust in the second sign the anything other than people who want to drive too fast.

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Today, we find many attempts to develop a system of moral accountability that report

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Waves, theological truths, like the existence of Heaven and Hell, the resurrection. The recommend these systems of morality attempts to sideline theology sideline the Spiritual World, hoping to find a wider appeal, hoping to find a common denominator denominator among all people, regardless of their affiliation or beliefs.

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Now, we might appeal to be the top of the line systems of moral accountability from time to time, since we do live in a world and a nation where people have all sorts of different beliefs, this is fine. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam instructed us to speak to people where their acts, but it's important for every Muslim to realize that the implication of what the law is saying here in this verse is that these value systems are insufficient, they are not enough to produce true and last statement, morality and the value system not based on belief in the afterlife, on belief, in eternal consequences will fail.

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That is because such moral systems such as Human Rights, civic duty, do unto others, etc, are ultimately based on our self interest, or consequences limited to this world.

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Because people only have very limited power and limited knowledge. There will always be some people who break the rules, and ever seen any consequences and dislike.

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If there is a way to avoid the consequences, those people will try their hardest to find it. And if they like their chances of not getting caught, they will break the rules most of the time, like the speeding driver, or worse, the drunk driver. He doesn't think he'll be a cop. He thinks the police are somewhere else. And He'll do whatever he thinks he can get away with. By the time people decide, but in reality, they resent that our

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consequences based in the afterlife are inescapable. They are imminence. Because the laws knowledge is tool, his power to implement sadness total, and the consequences are eternal.

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We might not like it, but these are the states that must exist if people are going to treat each other fairly.

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Take a sample of students in a classroom. If they are told at the beginning of the year, that there will not be any grading sort of exam for any type of evaluation at all. How many students are going to really study and learn the material very early. But if the teacher of announces the test date from the beginning, and keeps reminding the students and offering extra help, who can be blamed accept the students if they suffer the consequences of not being prepared.

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Next philosophers email the mechanic very even on sending over that white woman to avoid the one who was appeal.

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Once it sees them from a distance, they will hear it in the fire, fuming and grounding. A lot of strikes are painful torments awaiting those who knowingly rejected the prophets of Allah

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who rejected beforehand and rejected morality. Allah has prepared for them, as he said in the previous verse.

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It lies and waste for them. This verse Caruso theological position of Aqua cinoa dinar that paradise and hellfire are creations of a law that exists right now. We know this from many texts, including the prophets we have, where he describes himself that had been collected by the volume of pasta as entering Jetman itself. We also know from the Hadith we mentioned just a few weeks ago, describe your life in the break. Each person will have a window in their grave showing them their eternal resting place, either heaven or hell.

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Knowing that paradise and hell are realities that exist right at this moment. They lie They're waiting for us should increase every one of us in vigilance and give us a sense of urgency. As the Prophet said

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Hey, what's up people? So, I swear by Allah, if you have seen what I have seen, you would laugh and cry much

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honey faster. What is it that you saw?

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He said that I saw paradise and

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after the salon says, What do you got to meet Kevin Feige upon on top Rahim will come running down.

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And when they are tossed into a narrow place inside of the panel chain together, that America will cry out for each turn on for instance, destruction, a loss of love that everyone loves every yellow ball of wax, whatever cool on appeal,

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they will be totally not crying just once for destructive destruction, or cry many times over.

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All law tells us that they will have a format that is appropriate and suitable to their transgression becomes an ordinance for those who rejected the messenger those rejected guidance is not an issue of a single slip up, or an occasional mistake, or a principle misunderstanding. No, that's not what a lot of stuffs in here at all. What's being discussed here is a committed habit of sin, transgression, and phenomena.

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The people we address here knew with certainty that the Prophet

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was speaking the truth at the core, and it was true that Assange is true. But they let their petty rivalries and their pride get in the way. And also gonna describe this phenomenon perfectly himself, when he was trying to the reason he fought against this man for so long. He said, our tribe and their shadow being the 500th alive, so we're always competing for honor. They had people so we started to meet people, they gave charity so we gave a charity. Then they said one day we have from our tribe of prophets who receives revelation from heaven. So after we ever Munchausen by Allah, we will never believe

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the these are the attitudes that deserves no punishment. Even though I was hoping I repented and accepted a stamp, many of these companions did not. Some of those individuals the prophets, Obama endorsed, explicitly told us would be in the fire forever.

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Someone might ask, and here I have been asked, Why does anybody deserve eternal consciousness?

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Doesn't such a person, even the most likely denier the truth? Are they only guilty of denial for a certain number of years? Isn't that unfair to punish a person forever?

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Such a question could be answered with a question. What was it the stop such a person from his sin?

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They were stopped only by a deck, which was forced upon which they did not choose. If they had been granted the opportunity, they would have kept denying the truth that they knew and recognize forever.

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Yes, you will die, I will die. And all types of desires and worldly things that we prioritize will be done over we will not be able to enjoy them anymore. Does that make sense then to purchase a temporary adulterants at the price of eternal pain?

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You kept an eye on Messenger and live without limits or boundaries. But how long will you enjoy it freely?

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Allah tells us

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they will be asked on the Day of Judgment how long they spent on Earth, they will say a day or part of the day. Ask somebody else.

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No one would sell their eternity for temporary indulgence if they were there right time. If they were calmly analyzing the situation without prejudice,

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which is exactly why the devil relies on Russia cups

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as the profit out of any sort of stuff. So I know a lot of what I did on your ship on peace is from the devil.

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How does the devil rush us? He creates urgency. He pressures us by manipulating our fears and our desires in the methodical shape on

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the left

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I'll go home without ruining any recordings of me.

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That was only from shape on the demo site to prompt you to fears followers to not hear that. But fear me, if you are believers,

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that double especially plays off of our fears of poverty and harm.

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Allah says, a shake on ER, you're gonna come all the way up Coco.

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Allah, we are not gonna make

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a lot of waves here.

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The devil threatens you with the prospect of poverty and gets you to do shameful deeds, while Allah promises you forgiveness and a great bounty from him. And the law is all powerful, all knowing desire and fear are natural. But every believer subscribes and temper and moderates their fears and their desires. That way the devil has no ammunition, he can use that against you to get you to sin, or to did not line up with what we have or something a lot of you have already said he will soon put the subject will be going off of

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a company that had hammered out saying

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that he wanted Washington to make a lot of work that I was happening when he said he watched it on TV and I was taking him at one time and then Rocco was supposed to attend any other way, some of the bodies for quite a while. So why are suddenly motivating them to do

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a lot to either themselves, put us in a fight. And then as we call it, the quality that he will be able to tackle on camera so

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almost to say oh profit is this better in the buyer who's talking about or the barn and on the certainty which the righteous have been promised as a reward and ultimate destination.

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Now the believer doesn't take the bait. The believer doesn't flex himself being rushed or tricked into being hasty. We keep our eyes on the prize, we keep our hopes attached to the promise. So the last time I was on, has made us that thing we plod through, if we persist, we will make a comparative see shot. And all the hardships that we go through will have the worst This is not a lie. It's not wishful thinking. The Afterlife belongs to the pilots.

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This is one of the most important life lessons that we can teach our children. Delayed gratification. With everything in our society is preaching, instant gratification enjoying today at the expense of tomorrow. We must teach our children that anything worthwhile in life takes efforts. It takes sacrifice, it takes work. And often that work is not pleasant.

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There are hardships, there are setbacks, there are frustrations, but at the end, if you can stick with us, the results is worth it. If our children can learn this lesson in this life, they will understand much more easily that it applies to our actual life as well as the profits in the long run in the summer so it's pretty good to know you Shahnawaz

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Jana in the cloud the fire is concealed by treasures

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whereas paradise is concealed by unpleasant things

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that almost says nothing for you have a shot I'm gonna fire the cannon Allah Hafiz a school

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there in Paris they will have whatever they wish forever. That is a promise that we sought after binding upon reward

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after a loss also counsel those who deny the messenger while they know better while they know the truth

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of the whole thing I tell us there's a comfortable as well. All I says while you're short on we're

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talking about the level

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of love

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and hope footballers suddenly washer lazy will gather them along with what they used to worship besides the lawn and he will ask the owner the objects of worship. Was it you? Was it you who missed Sunday service of mine? Or did they stray away on their own?

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Just as those who deny the messenger and excuses the our doctors who deny the truth with it clearly came to the

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I'm also making excuses. Just as alive smooths the flimsy excuses of most knowingly denied the messenger, a lot exposes the idolaters, who claim that they were merely tricks that they didn't know any better, that they were misled. On the day of deference, Allah will gather those labels together with those who worship them. And he will ask them, Whose idea was it to worship these idols, who was responsible for worshiping the creation and set up a creator

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or Subhanak mankind

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and do

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what I

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can call them or they will say Glory to you, it was not right for us to take any lower facade you, but you allow the enjoyments for them and their forefathers for so long, that they forgot your memories and became a do people

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hear the idols are bearing witness against the very people who have worshipped them. They will say it was not our idea, or our initiative that they were showing us. That was their own idea, and their own decision. And therefore we are not responsible. Notice the reason the I don't care for the idolaters leading themselves astray with delusion and vanity, you allowed him to join us for that and therefore commerce for so long that he forgot to remembrance and became a new people. A lot Allah is telling us here, by choosing to let us in on this conversation that won't happen until the Day of Judgment, that too much amusements, too much comfort, too much entertainments will ruin us,

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both in this life and the next apartments on the level it was. So I heard when you make illicit transactions. Today, absolutely. Marina was also known as a novel, or lethal this was ultimately have settled a lot more on a golden lie in zero we'll have to tell you.

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I heard the Masters a lawyer, say when you make illicit transactions, and you become preoccupied with holding the tails of oxen, this is a metaphor, a figure of speech for being preoccupied with agriculture and given up on the struggle in the way of Allah. Allah will disgrace you. He will allow others to come and conquer you and will not withdraw us so you can return to true path. The general meaning of this coming is that getting preoccupied with this life at the expense of the afterlife will bring us suffering in this world, and in the next. Why is this? The answer is in reverse because too much amusements, too much computers and too much entertainment distracts us from the

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remember of a while remembering a lot is the combination of piracy. And a lot cautions us to keep away from people who turn away from remembering him.

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A law says that

00:28:29--> 00:28:40

the cleaner well then we remember the entire dunya so turn away from whoever has shunned our remembrance and only seeks the light in this world.

00:28:41--> 00:28:53

That's because the remembrance of Allah holds us back. It holds us back from being rushed into sin. It slows us down. It helps us keep our focus

00:28:59--> 00:29:17

momentarily forget the law. Forgiving by law is Washington, forgetting that he knows, forgetting the gratitude that we owe sorts here. And if the devil can make us forget, even for a moment that he can easily make us or convince us to sit

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up on the roof of finance and follow

00:29:22--> 00:29:48

them as the layer on top of what I saw what made the elderly even more difficult or that can do that you will be told that they will clearly deny your claims. So now you can either order off the punishment from yourselves, nor appeal to anyone else for help. And whoever Have you oppresses we will make that taste of horrible punishments

00:29:49--> 00:29:51

to worship the creation,

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

especially after having realized the truth of the sound to continue making excuses even

00:30:00--> 00:30:20

As revelation is coming down in real time refuting and exposing those excuses, that was the greatest depression imaginable. Such depression as a lot of us here has dire, inescapable consequences in this life and the hereafter almost on the horse and the other lady

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out in a loved one

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who you saw no not

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yet and I

00:30:29--> 00:30:32

saw to Why suddenly falls asleep and

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can I solve later on?

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In the machine, what

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00:30:49--> 00:30:49


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in a year and a half of what to look at what Elena

00:30:58--> 00:31:04

was going to share, but he learned a lot in the last layer open in 71

00:31:06--> 00:31:07

Why don't

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you alone carry when you're holding on to that?

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While you're free phone calls are so much go by he gets a phone call. So we have follow up. We have to we have a problem.