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Mufti Menk
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh me the Peace and blessings of the Almighty be upon one and all my brothers and sisters,

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showing off your charity is unacceptable in Islam, we're taught never to show off what we've done. Imagine someone giving $1,000 and saying, Hey guys, look at this, I'm giving $1,000 guys, right? Take a picture, take a picture, I want to show the world that I'm giving and doing this. That is terrible. It's unacceptable. Imagine someone for example, doing any good deed and showing it off, that is very, very unacceptable. So what is

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acceptable in the eyes of Allah when it comes to displaying good deeds and what intention? While I tell you, if you're displaying something in order to encourage someone else without bragging about it, without showing off, and trying to set a good example, perhaps showing people that there is a need or letting people who have given you something to give others know that you have fulfilled the duty to show that in a very respectful way is not prohibited at all. In fact, it is very encouraging and encouraged to give in a way that yes, we don't show off, but we encourage others to give even more. And this is why you look at Abu Bakar acidic or the Allahu Akbar, Allah

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found on the llama animal. We know what they gave, even though they gave it more than 1400 years ago because someone spoke about it. It was spread they did it in public, the prophet peace be upon him used to collect the charities in public. And you know Subhana Allah had it not been for people to have continually

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relayed that information generation upon generation it would not have come to us so today I know that Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah gave all his belongings not because he was bragging but because he did it in front of everyone. When he was asked what have you left behind? He said, a line is assumed but nothing material at all. So was that bragging? No. Was that showing off? No. Yeah, I you in

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Masada Do

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you believe, do not destroy the reward of your charities by bragging about it or by harming someone thereafter? You remember I gave you that? $300? Yes. So now remember, you owe me if it wasn't for me, you would not have even survived. If it wasn't for me, you would not have been on your feet today. That type of statement is unacceptable. You don't ever brag about something you give people. You tell them May Allah accepted your humble with them. But Subhana Allah, it might have been in public no problem. It could have been later told to people, this is what you gave and hamdulillah you could tell people as well in an encouraging way, but never bragging and never harming people,

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you would you would nullify the reward of your charity if you harmed people, or if you are bragging about number one. Number two is remember there are charitable organizations and even others whom they have been given the responsibility of fulfilling the Zakah of someone fulfilling the idea or sacrifice of someone doing something on behalf of others, they need to know it was done. They're going to have to take photographs or videos to prove to the people who gave them that responsibility that this was done. I would encourage all of you when you've given a third party a charity, in order to give it on your behalf to make sure you are satisfied that it was carried out because many people

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say we're going to do the sacrifice, they haven't even done it. We're going to give this out in charity, they haven't even given it. So you would be foolish not to use technology to actually confirm that this was done you and I know that there is a lot of corruption on Earth. So my brothers and sisters remember that. Similarly, any good work that we do, if you are to show it in a way that encourages people to participate, encourages people to give or to do that as well. Imagine a lot of people here in the comments would say I started a Patreon channel. Please join me What on earth are you advertising your act of worship?

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Some would say, but I would say it's not wrong to advertise it. At least people know it's there. I know it's an act of worship, but you must advertise, you must let people know that you're doing this people who teach for and they say, Well, I'm teaching Quran. Some of the ignorant will say, why are you advertising it? Well, if I didn't advertise it, how would you know I'm offering a service that isn't too bad for me, and it's a solid agenda for me and you will get a reward to to participate. The same applies when you're giving something charitable. And I do know that there is a hadith that says about Julian Assange that can be sadhaka, tinfoil

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hat Allah Allah Mishima, Luma. And forgot who you mean, a person who gives a charity in a way that the left hand does not know what the right hand has actually spent? That is indeed amazing, correct. That is a very high level, but it depends where and when Allah says in the Quran

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to build those sadaqa in him, he, if you are going to disclose your charities, no problem. It's acceptable. It is actually good in the eyes of Allah, it is accepted. you expose your charity for the correct intentions. Yes, not because I'm doing it for you to show you of meaning public people, but I'm showing a lot, I'm doing it for the sake of Allah. So Allah says it clearly sort of America, if you are going to show your charity, disclose it, expose it, it's it's good, it's acceptable.

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Tofu have what to handle.

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If you are going to hide it, and give the poor, then it is better for you. When is it better for you, when you are doing it for yourself within a specific, you know, framework, and you don't need? Well, there is no virtue at all, to show others. In that case, don't show them keep it to yourself, you have people who are struggling, a wealthy person became poor, somehow you want to give him something. Don't ever say guys, I'm giving a charity, here's my camera, I'm taking this picture. And you know what we're gonna do this and with no, not at all, you're not supposed to do that my brothers and sisters, when you give you a charity and have hidden it because of the nature of the

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charity, and because it may be an embarrassment to some. And because it's not going to be a good thing. It has no encouragement in it, then in that case, indeed, you hide it to your personal charity, you don't need to prove it to anyone but you're running an organization, you have a charity, you might be given the task by someone else. You might be a leader, you might want to expose a need, you might want to encourage people, all those are beautiful, beautiful intentions, you can and you should in some cases, show the world what's going on. Because for you it will be a solid agenda. Imagine if I have done a charity somewhere and the need is there, see what's happening

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in Yemen, what's happening in Lebanon, what's happening in Afghanistan, what's happening in Sudan, what's happening in anywhere in the world, in Bangladesh, wherever it may be. So Panama, whatever is happening in Afghanistan in Philippine, somehow a lot of the list is endless. If I were to tell people look, there is a need here, and let's give Yes, it makes a difference. People who don't know me, they may not trust me, I can show them videos that look there is a need, this is the need. This is what happened. That's when you're encouraging people to give. So let's think about what I'm saying here. Sometimes it's very, very rewarding to show what you've done. When you know that you're

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going to earn a reward for anyone who's followed your example, Manson as soon as and has enlightened fella who was the Roman army, the Buddha, Eli Roman piano, whoever sets a good example that is followed by others, they will get a full reward for anyone who followed that beautiful example until the Day of Judgment Suhana law without that reward being decreased for anyone at all. So I thought I'd clarify this simply because I put up a post on Instagram to show that, you know, we did the autopia. This year, it was very different. Every year, I go out to the rural areas where we actually carry the sacrifice out in so many areas for the three days of the year or even some would call it

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the poor banding. This year, we were unable to do that. We scaled down a little bit. But what we did is in the capital city, we engaged with all the precautions in place in the company in the UK here in the sacrifice, and we packed we froze it and packed it and then we decided every day we're going to be going out to different areas and let them share the beauty of the eagle of power. Why not? So people were saying you're not allowed to show what you're doing. I'm not showing it off. I'm actually very happy to be able to disclose that. I we this is what we've carried

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out in order to encourage the millions out there to say, listen, guys, please engage and participate no matter who you are where you are, reach out to the poor nearby. And you know what give the charities reach out to them with the meat, the sacrificial animal or any other food. What we did this time, we were able to get hamburgers with maize meal, which is the staple food with some rice, some cooking oil, some sugar, some soy men, some salt, some flour and some concentrated fruit juice and so on. We were able to do that and hamdulillah and I thank Allah, and we don't accept public funds, but the few friends of mine and a few of the well wishes that we've got a very small circle

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of they were definitely very, very happy. There are a lot of volunteers that participate as well. And it's hard work. So no matter who you are, I will be going again to another village tomorrow, and the following day and the following day, inshallah it's going to be six days in total. Alhamdulillah. So I encourage you, and I pray that Allah grant us all acceptance. shukran for listening to me and Baraka, Luffy Khan, desikan, lokaler. So let's, let's understand, we're not bragging, we're not harming people. We're not boasting, we're not showing off as in, in an evil way. But we're disclosing and we're displaying things in order to encourage others. In order to show

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people the work has been done. I would love if every charity could show everything that they're doing in a way that the donors are reassured that our wealth has been used in the correct way. Imagine you you would have to do that as a charity. And I think we would be foolish if we donated monies to people who didn't know personally and we didn't even know if they carried the the sacrifice out or if they actually did, you know, carry out the charity. There goes. So May Allah bless all those who are doing charitable work or the charitable organizations, those who are doing it on behalf of someone else. And I pray that the brothers and sisters who were whinging and whining

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on Instagram can actually see this video. I'm going to post it there and I'm saying he did a nice way I thought it would be good to educate the people to say listen, it's permissible to disclose and what's wrong is to and if you can keep it hidden Yes, it's better but depends on the context and it depends what you're looking at and how how exactly it's happening your own personal thing you know, you're giving a little bit here a little bit there you're doing something your own personal donation, which is not going to do you're not going to get any benefit by disclosing it Do not disclose it that particular case but if you're going to benefit somehow in reward or in

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encouragement, then please do disclose things. If you have to, with the correct intentions does akmola hair Love you all aku completed our Salah Milan Amina Mohammed was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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