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AI: Summary © The upcoming " handy date" for Islam is the date of " handy time" for Islam's " handy time." Visiting the date means pursuing social activities, staying true to Islam, and praying for spiritual success. Visiting the La Lemon message is key to achieving spiritual success, and praying for "has been praying for" is crucial to achieving spiritual success.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim my brothers and sisters in Islam we are only a few hours away from one of the most beloved days to Allah subhanho wa Taala one of the most greatest days to Allah subhanho wa Taala yo ma da La quwata illa Allah. But does this mean that this is one of the most beloved days to Allah subhanho wa Taala it means it means that this is the date reconcile with a lot. So, it means that this is a message from Allah, so to every sinner, to every person who has shortcomings in his relationship with Allah Zoysia and this is all of us. It is a direct message from a loss aversion to every person who has engaged in lying in cheating in how long in a rubber Zener in how long

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addictions in whatever it is, of the since this is the chance now this is now the chance to reconcile and to return to Allah subhanho wa Taala It is one of the most beloved days to allow social meaning that you can gain a loss of power What is love once again, Aloha, just like Sri Bali he said, he came to his people once and he said to them as a long mentioned in Nepal, and he said to them was still futile or bacon from A to LA in Nabila. havenwood la corte a city that my people stole food or back home, seek loss forgiveness from A to LA and then return to a law by doing the good by doing that which Allah commanded what's the result? In not be or he wouldn't, dude, that my

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lord is he he's merciful, he's ready to accept you. And not only he will show His mercy upon you, but then he mentioned to them one of the greatest names of a law in Nabila Haman. What about Allah dude? He told them Allah is Allah Dude, I know dude is the one who who loves passionately and engulfing love, meaning not only Allah so Allah would bestow His mercy upon you. But once again, he will love you extremely with passion. So Allah subhana wa, this was the message of shrine to his people that were corrupt, that were that had fallen into sin after sin. And this is now a last message to us. This is a beloved day of law,

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a bill of data loss of Hannah who are my brothers and sisters in Islam, this day, the day of alpha is a day in which Allah subhanho wa Taala he comes down, he comes down and he sees his servants, all of them humble, all of them, asking him Don't miss out Don't be the one that is sitting on the side, and not getting involved and engaged actively in this day. One of the best things to do in this day are three things number one is to fast this date a lot too fast this day. And the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that I am hoping and I am certain that the one who fasts the deen of Allah, Allah sosial will forgive him for two years worth of sins, when he of previous sins and one

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year of future sins, Allahu Akbar. And if you were to calculate this, it worked out, like every minute, one day of sins is being wiped away. The last one day and in other words, this day of alpha, we're supposed to calculate it by the minute, not by the hours by the minute B's every minute that goes by is going to be something that is precious, something that is going to give you grand and ultimate reward. First thing is fasting for the one who's capable. Number two. Number two is this is a day of

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a dryer and the reason the lava your salami says how you would dry dry we only offer that the best door one could make is the door on the day of our offer. And this is why a son of the pious and the righteous of the past. They used to reserve the bid. They wanted to ask a lot so when they used to reserve it all the way until the day of our offer, then they would ask Mr. Social for it. Because this is a day of guaranteed. This is a day in way Allah subhanho wa Taala loves to he loves to, to hear screams your internal screens, and your pains and your worries and your sufferings. You see them to a lot of social on this day of the day of olive oil do i do i have a lot about my brothers

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and sisters in Islam in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He was described on the day of alpha when he was on the plains of alpha that after Salento after he prayed. He was on his camera and he was making dry after the hook but he was making

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and he kept his hands up in dryer until the sunset Allahu Akbar that's like six hours of Duran and even when he was making while someone came to give him offer him some love and some yoga to drink some milk to drink. And he took it and he drank with one hand while the other hand was still in the air making sure he did not put it down and these

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If anything it implies it implies that do not waste a single second of this day. Do not waste a single second, every second, every moment you have an opportunity. Make a drive in it. Mika Dwyer asked about social for that which you want. You know. So Pamela, most of us are still in our problems are still suffering, because we're not meeting, to have a law reflect over these hobbies and maybe some alarm while you're setting them. model of the old me mood tallien. This is a sign that he came past a nation, a tribe that was sick that were inflicted with sickness. They had no laws OSHA had sent upon them a calamity. They were sick, they were they had diseases. So then maybe

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some alarm, why don't you send them he saw them in the state they're in. So he said, American roulette as a rule of law. And if you didn't, these people ever asked a loss option for protection, and to cure them and to rectify their status state and their manners and their affairs. And in the use of a Bob Marley he was a little more surprised. And he was asking this rhetorical question that these people, how can they still How can they still be interested? How can they still in their sickness? Didn't they ever used to ask a question here in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam is teaching us that one of the greatest reasons for why a loss aversion would remove burdens and

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hardships and difficulties from your life is and what better than the diet on the day of out of law as well. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, number one, fasting, number two, a draft for yourself first and foremost, first and foremost to yourself before anyone else like Musa alayhis salaam when he made the draft, and he said, Oh bill feel really, really ugly. Forgive me and my brother in law took from this, that you make dua for yourself first and foremost before anyone and then you make to help for your for your family, for the home at large and for anything else that you want for Allah subhanho wa Taala whether the goodness is of this worldly life or the Hereafter, and the third thing

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that is prescribed to be done on this day is a daily to recite a daily in abundance. These are three things that lead to c'est la ilaha illallah wa Dasha de ganar la Mancha Laval hamdulillah hawala coalition, imperdiet, Allahu Akbar, this is this is the entire purpose for why we exist. This is the entire purpose for why we exist. It is just to repeat this word, and to implement and to adhere to the conditions of this word. Allahu Akbar. Kadima to tauheed this is the greatest word, it was only for this word of Allah azza wa jal created the heavens in the earth. And he created the paradise in the hellfire. And he created mankind just because of this word so it can be established on earth.

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And what better day than the day of alpha to see this word, Allahu Akbar. And these interviews on the law while he was sending me he said, the best words I ever uttered, and the prophets before me ever said was La Ilaha Illa La

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La sharika lahu mukalla han hound wahala.

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When you come to this word wonder who the who means alone him no one else. This one law is worldwide who is like a sharp knife that cuts everything in the heart besides Allah subhanho wa Taala it cuts the desires, the evil desires, the temptations, the sins, the addictions that a person has upon the harm, the evil and the bad habits and the treats in the heart of envy and jealousy and hatred, and animosity and so on. All of that is cut with the word wider who, when you see this word wider who, which means that only Allah is worthy of worship alone by himself. It cuts everything that the heart is attached to other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. So reflect over this word when you come to it and

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say it.

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To Him belongs everything.

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You're going to realize at this word, how insignificant you are, how how pathetic, of a human being, we are all that we don't own anything, our social owns everything. He owns us all subhanho wa Taala even the heart that's within us, our social owns it and he turns it the way he wants. So at that moment, ask him Allah keep my heart steadfast and firm upon your deen blah, Holy moly, what happened? To Him belongs all praise or who are

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included, and he is capable over all things Allahu Akbar. When you say this part of the diet, well who I wish I could

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reflect and remember your problems and remember your difficulties and remind yourself that alone is capable over all things. He's capable to remove everything he's capable to return and to give you that peace and tranquility in your life. That at least you're able to remain

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conscious and focused in this life upon the, upon the worship of Allah until you meet him subhanho wa Taala because problems that are in life, they come and they go, they come and they go, there's no problem. But the issue is, if these problems come and they begin to test us in our Deen and we leave our Deen altogether, we leave and we neglect our select altogether. Actually, the problem is, so when you see Allah keep me steadfast upon my deep remove my difficulty is removed my worries, then you're asking Allah subhanho wa Taala that, that he made these difficulties easy upon you, that he makes you able to pass these tests that you earn enormous reward on the day of judgments parabola.

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So these are the three main things to be done fasting, with thicker La ilaha illAllah. You see it, you keep seeing it, see it, see it, see it until the heart is filled with the meanings of a towhead in your heart, then stop and make. Keep making. Keep making. Keep making blah until you sit everything that's in your mind for that moment. Then switch back to advocate Lang, la, la La, La La,

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La La coalition COVID, say at 50 100 times 200 times. Once you feel that the heart is full, and it's charged with the door, he'd have a law, move on now to address and make to have once again and then move from a drive back to a thicket and spend the entire day like this alternating between drive between utterly and that's it. That's it for the entire day. And if you start getting bored, what are however otter 11 level, this is the reality we begin to get bored you know why? Because we have not experienced the sweetness and the beauty of seclusion with Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why we get bored. So if that feeling begins to ride and take the take over your your any take over you then

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switch pray, get up and pray between both and also is a time where you can pray after so it's not allowed to pray. So pray after will hope to select the last to pray some like this is a permissible time to make extra effort to pray, read some code and do some do some general of care and Vicar any alternate give us all our code remember the poor remember the needy? Do something good for your parents if they're still alive if they're not making to either a loss or just forgive them and why didn't they agree even illuminate the grief with light and not a loss shower His mercy and His blessing upon them do something move move from one worship to another this is one of the best

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solutions for someone that becomes bored and it gets bored of a certain worship or a certain routine. So mix up and move around in these worships my brothers and sisters in Islam This is the message I don't want to take up too much of your time. Maybe too I taught last session Don't forget this is very very very important. This is the day in which allows origin frees the most people from the fire. So that should be the greatest and the first on your list that a lot of soldiers and frees you from the fire. If nilay Tyler if you do all this with a sincere heart with truth with honesty, in terms of your relationship with Allah azza wa jal then congratulations all while he

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congratulations. Tomorrow the day of eight you will be you'll actually be celebrating there will actually be something for you to celebrate. Like about We ask Allah to forgive us and to free us from the fire and we asked him subhanho wa Taala to accept us and that we we asked him subhanho wa Taala to admitted to the highest levels in the paradise in harmony with helical, otherworldly or solid love. Most of them are Bella kalenna you know Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine