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So the people that are most deserving of your kindness are your next door neighbors as a comfortable one. So I'm surprised when she asked him about two neighbors that she has which one is cheaper more generous? He said to her, how could

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that have been the one who is the closer door to you.

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So, so, it seems that the Muslims, the Muslims have

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this obligation to be good to the neighbor, and this neighbor is Muslim lovers the neighbor can then close off in circles. So that is the concept of patriotism. positive sense.

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So here observing, like as somebody said, 40 houses this way 40 houses

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and beyond, it is basically but you know, you ever have to be more beautiful to the one that next door than the one that's

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for you.

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Fighters when it comes into the liberation,

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right. I didn't say is, you know, in the parameters, except the scholars mentioned one of them, one of the greatest scholars part of the greatest stability scholars of Abilene. So, it is it gives you an indication gives you a hint when anything gets shorter before and assume that it's not used as

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a decisive definitive proof. Right. Yeah. But it does give you an indication you sent an sob

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so it's

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basically corroborated

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not decisive definitive.

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So it's a fairly open job.

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There are so many I certainly got a job that I you know, I would choose some for you.

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Why don't we think about the current job is famous and everybody knows that this is also important by echocardiogram listener.

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And also important, this one is important by a quieter Muslim farmer, the homeowner is already a little under the presence of a little sun upset. masala degree, you will see me The Doctor palenko NMC, what is depicted continued to exhort me about the good treatment of the neighbor, until I started, he would give him part of the inheritance that he would give a share of the inheritance. So he continued to exhort the federal government, you know, how important the cheating to the neighbor is, in the practical circumstances, that the next thing to be would say is that the neighbor went have a syrupy inheritance

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along with a family

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that that shows you how

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this is this is big, right? Who is thinking about this? This is really vague. So think about your neighbors and I to

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try to do something good for your neighbors tomorrow. Really, it could be you know, let's just do something I noticed I ground my way out here.

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So I actually approached us like a longer like,

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older guy.

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So he ended up being from India, he lived in Iraq, he thought he ended up being from India 11 records the time. So I approached them and I was, you know, hesitant. He is

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me, so I have plenty of caution. So I approached him and he said to me chaloner

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this is like a key part of interacting. So

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he took me by surprise. So he said, Thank you.

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And it's

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a very likable

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guy going off be nice. But the thing is, like we fear sometimes that you will not be able to see, but you're sure what is the most that you will lose? He will be a little, you know, unwelcoming that you try to walk away.

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Okay, so so I'm saying, Take this and do something with it right? And do something with it tomorrow and after tomorrow. We'll do something with it this week.

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should be your week of this having tried to do you know, a little bit of each

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particularly with regard to kindness to the neighbors, therapy efforts, you know, you guys are really lost, right? So

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building blocks to the organization. Let's get

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right listen chapter.

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The idea here is the prevalence of Santa Anita is really conservative 3d research, he said,

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important by hacking from another basket.

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He said, Lisa movimiento Levy, yes. Bow gyro bhujia laser movement, he's not a believer, olevia. He Who?

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You know, fills in his stomach.

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Well, john, who there while his neighbor, his country, while his neighbor is moving

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it Can you imagine the width of this country?

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Have you really thought of it? Have we really like as communities as Muslim communities, you know, we've been saddled with that, and we become neighbors of our community here, and so on and so forth. But I really solid going out to, you know,

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check a travel check out from the homeless in our neighborhood and give them stuff. For me this, you know, this family in Minnesota, which is

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it was a beautiful name.

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One time there were actually two times when we did something with

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Sonic relief, which doesn't believe we'll be able to work through, you know, the building blocks was their local agent.

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This stuff doesn't last

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several days, you know, dedicated for the homeless, you can imagine the first of all those homeless are not,

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are not necessarily slackers. And

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you know, some of them have have jobs, they just got laid off. And life is really hard here. When people don't really check on each other. There's no such thing here.

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The 75 days a week and so on, so you can be at home is a blink of an eye.

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You know, the effectiveness and you're not to proselytize in your approach. Basically, it's not going to be you know, we're Muslim, we came here to give you this. So, you know, just remember, we're Muslim.

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Because it will be obvious that's a Muslim, halen. And then you will say something there that will show that you are Muslim. He'll be asked and don't say that.

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But basically, reach out to them and show them that we care that we care about our people. So Lisa Nabina. Let me Yes, Bella Jabu, Jabu Jabu Jenna, he did not say is Muslim there. He said.

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They said mommy Naga, yes. Rizal believer, even COVID stomach, what is labor.

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And as far as you know, is that injure or harming your labor? This is something that you know, at least if you're not going to do something good, you don't do something bad because like an accident or medical vaccine, or first do no harm.

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You know, so first do no harm

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as, as individuals, as communities as an assassin,

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you should not find your neighbor freely. If you don't mow your lawn, you're harming your neighbor here isn't because you're depreciating the

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value of the properties around you. If you're not wrong, you're wrong. You're harming your neighbor, possibly.

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You're just being a nuisance for the neighbors. Because you you're depreciating the value of a property.

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There is so much to say about these things, you know harming your neighbor, how could I avoid harming the neighbor anyway?

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being too nosy, reckless and so this is horrible this so this can easily afford a document that will track it

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from everywhere.

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Hello So, I was asked about to remember you know, this reminds you of the prophet SAW Southern reset to the prophet SAW southern India poliana

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learning sword So,

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such such

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such a such a woman

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suddenly believe, focus on the heart suddenly later

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when I can see this and he has a

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ferula laferriere he here he's

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playing the piano

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to Sunday Times for the supernova with the sub to the alpha

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Lake Center has eaten away with

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what I can do with the JIRA

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Okay, so in Aquila, such and such a woman

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to suddenly lay she prays over overnight what

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she does during the day

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while I can see the sun he has he has something in her car, which means he is a little bit he is rule affects people like

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to the Geraci harms and

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so the profit loss or lack thereof here there is no good reason there is no business here for not to be an alpha. That's what

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she may be doing a lot for you.

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Because you're not procrastinating most of the days you are afraid most of the light.

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So you should be concerned because someone like this was actually sent to the airfryer because he was

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so someone like us

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should be should be quite concerned. Because we're not doing as much as he does. Or she did.

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And when they said to the prophet SAW said I'm gonna pass such and such.

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She praised the five obligatory prayers

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and she passed them alone.

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flourishing is charity, corporate cottage cheese of

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an apple. Apple is the cottage cheese. So typical setup will be a colony of the container. He said. He said to me, he said she doesn't have anything else to give her to give away. Put it as apart from our neighbors. So the prophet SAW some upside here. She will be done.

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So that puts things in perspective, but please stay that perspective for us.