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smilla han Rahim al hamdu Lillah Allahu Allah subhanho wa Taala phocoena lamesa Molina, Maya de la palma de La Bella Hadid Allah, Masha Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika Lahore, Sharona Mohammed Abdullah. So yeah you Allah Deena I'm gonna taco la casa de tiempo de la on to Muslim Oh, yeah you Hannah suta horrible cola the cola Coca

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Cola caminhada de seminoma Jalan Cyrano de taco la la de de Luna de you will not have in the locker la cumbre de vida.

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de la colo Colin Sadie de la cama cama coup de la hora, sola who falls and Athena vena cava la salud honey honey Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Bashara lumada Matata Hakuna Matata fetching data for colavita. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah we'll move on to the next chapter which is Bob bourbon and Nyan in

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this chapter, Mr. Mandela, we mentioned it after a chapter of mohabbat Ellison

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taking care of the center of the room Salah Salah, and then he followed it with a chapter of submission to the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala and whatever he decides, and look at the good choice also and the selection, right after that, he followed with the chapter that discusses the provision of innovation, introducing new things in the religion of Allah, Allah, this is what the chapter will be all about.

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before I proceed, you know if you look at the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam

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how many ideas do you have from

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a lot?

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If you ask yourself

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those are hobbies that talks about the religion and then how many of them you you practice

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little, very little.

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So if you have not yet done

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with the whiteboard and the requirement, when do you have time to bring something new then

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you get my point. And if you look at those which are prescribed by the professor last summer, they are a lot will lie if you if you follow the Sunnah of the Prophet salla Salah

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I don't believe and I don't think that you will be able to do everything that was done by the prophet Sal sama in the seminar before death to never come across somebody who claimed that

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what does that mean? It is always better for you to restrict yourself to that line.

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And you know, you didn't have any question. On the day of judgment, you will never be in trouble, right?

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Allah will ask you in the green through the angels, about what do you know about the prophets Allah Allah himself?

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And in some of the narrations, your answer is very specific. You have to tell them that he's a Rasulullah

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Janabi by a natural Huda farm and Navajo Ivana

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look at the answer you you have to tell them for you to pass that test in the great how to turn them who are a pseudo law. He was the Messenger of Allah. Jan I will buy you natural Buddha and he brought us clear signs and evidence merges that

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he brought everything that is possible to confirm his prophecy for our nanny, and we have followed him what avana family we believed in Him what Ivana and we followed.

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Look at the statement and on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala says, yo ma Chico Luna

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to judge

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what two of our co Linux in March Matata. warmline.

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Allah subhanaw taala in other places, on that day, last month is going to ask you, mother Quintin tamela Mann iGEM, tune mursaleen

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How did you reply to the messenger that was sent to you?

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So there will be no question and you will never be in trouble as long as you restrict yourself to the center of the province of Lhasa. And that's the main hedge of all the scholars of Islam starting from the companions of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam down until the great scholars maximum Shafi, Monica, Mama, Abu hanifa, Jose authority and all of those great scholars that we venerate and respect they will like that. A person came to Ramallah de la Rhino, and he knocked on his door. He got it in our hands on the door. Mr. Vinod, said Salah no reply, sir, I get no reply, said I get no reply. He laughed Omar came out after

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He couldn't find him. He saw him there going.

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He went, or he sent somebody to bring him back. He came. He said, What you don't want, he knows him. Obama said Actually, he said, Are you the one who was who was calling me say yes. How come you call me and then he left?

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He said, Yes. Yeah. Because the professor last summer said way to permission three times and no reply is you go.

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So look at how how serious and sensitive is the issue of the sooner the professor Lhasa attribute insulting to the D.

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Now the issue is not him, bring it over and he ran away. Now the issue is, he said Kala Rasulullah overset. I don't know that.

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Go bring somebody to witness that. Yes. You heard that from the prophets, Allah some or else you'll be in trouble. He has his own small stick

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that he beat with it.

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I was the last year he has to go and meet some group of unsolved he met them he asked him he said definitely I'm in trouble. What happened? He told them that I told him about this. And he said he doesn't want to have to I have to bring somebody to confirm. They said no propose and the young youngest want to go and confirm with him. They said Mohammed will Muslim. And he went he Tomer he has definitely, he heard also the Prophet sallahu wa saying that, you know, this is who they are. Get it. So you want to purify your religion. You want to do something that you will not be in trouble, then stick with the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, make sure that whatever you do

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you have something to back it up in case the last question you about that you do, do have an answer to your questions. For law, he will never be in trouble. As long as you have something to back what you're doing. From this end of the process.

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You will never be in trouble. As long as you have something to back what you ever do. Get it concerning the matters of religion from the professor alive somehow.

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So Islam is divided into two types, two categories, two divisions can be classified into two classifications. Well, the offense and the religious matters, religious matters, this is what a moment Noah is talking about. This is where all of the highlights are talking about when they talk about beta beta beta, which is bringing something in, in the religion which is not part of it.

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When it comes to the dunya dunya affairs, again, it's dinner, worldly affairs, innovation is recommended here.

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Again, innovation is recommended. It shouldn't stay with the lowest level it should always upgrade yourself.

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Why religion innovation is not because or cold.

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You arkell is not different is not the same as mine. Mine is not the same as yours. If I am going to use my Achilles heels, everyone's going to use his imagine their life. How many types of Salah you're going to have in in having one Masjid a lot of times.

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Why? Because everyone is using his own artwork.

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Right? That's why we have to have a unity. And that unity is what the prophet said a lot is when he does does the religion of Allah spot. Why did you not do that means it is not a requirement. You're not allowed to do it. You are not allowed to attribute it to the sharing of a lot smarter, even if you do it, but don't say it is part of the Sharia. You might do it. Because Allah did not say don't do but don't attribute it to the Sharia. If you do that, then he will be somebody who is innovating in the religion of Allah subhanaw taala how conclude this introduction would have had if and that happens all the time of the Prophet sallallahu Salah they slept in a place and they couldn't wake up

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until the sunrise. The sun was a thing actually that woke them up.

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So when they woke up the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said,

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let's move from this place can have an aphasia.

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In some narration, it says Monica and Elena, I will further he said who is going to monitor the parents of budget for us. It means who can guarantee us that he will not sleep where was live and he will stay and guide us and make sure that he work week as alpha budget. Bilal said Dr. sola I will do the job for you.

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He was doing the job nicely. But then unfortunately he slept.

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Get it. These are competitive two problems. The last column the son woke them up. The first thing the professor la sama did he says when are we done? Come on. You said you tell asleep relax. I work here.

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You know what he says? He says jasola the one who took your soul to mind also.

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And promise Alaska is not like what isn't like one of us has to go away if you know you cannot do

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for like 30 of the profit selasa is very interesting. And I said, he never told me why imagine Tobia like that

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leave you with your consciousness. That's why all of those 30 of the profits are summer they're responsible people. That's how the promises are trained them. And that's why they're alive. Because they are afraid or afraid of being punished by the prophets that Allahu alayhi salam

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get it if somebody comes to you and he told me he made a mistake and the mistake is so big, how many files are you going to open for him? A lot. And the privacy laws and so like that, look at that aradia who came to the processor last summer they say fat Eros is to do the data. From the time he reached the prophets, Allah Allah Salah even before that he was in jasola hallak to collect

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he himself he made the thing so big because the family now the family, the community where he lived, they told him this is a very big issue. You better rushed to the professor last summer we don't even know your situation.

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Is that people right? He went to the professor last Salah when he reached him the he told him jasola am in a big trouble. And I put somebody in trouble. He kept on saying hello to Alex, the professor lots of asset.

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Mother Alec. What is the thing that puts you into trouble? Look at him in the question. He said What is that? I want to know.

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The man says workato Allah Marathi fino Hari Rama. He says I have sexual intercourse with my wife in the day of Ramadan.

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Is it big issue? Yes. Very big issue.

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But yeah, he the thing already happened right? Is not he is going to do for you to give him one calf. No, he already. Now he is looking for a solution and guidance how to protect himself in the future.

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He says jasola workato Allah marotti shinohara ma? He says jasola I did this with my wife in the day of Ramadan. No blame. No. Why? No. How come? What happened to your ankle? Yeah, it is. Ramadan comes once in a year, you can be patient and is only a day taken from you. The night is not even included. You can do whatever you want. Yeah, he cannot be patient. Why didn't you go out of the house, I mean, your point for him 1000s of files.

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The MA will be.

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That's why sometimes when they go from you, they might think maybe if they repent, the target will not be accepted because you already make it so big for them. So if you tell them just say, Allah, He will think How come he's so big and that I just asked for a lie and it's finished. He will keep on coming back to

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the look at the method of the province alasa. He says jasola this is what I did. And by Allah is a very big issue. Very big issue is the thing that by the concerns of the scholars, if you do that, your sin is so great, so big, you're violating one of the pillars in Islam.

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As such, you have to do confira for the plugin forgiveness to be completed.

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For your Toba to be completed, you must do kuffaar.

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But look at how the promise of somebody with the issue he said helped us today. One of the scholars have told me I says, Look how the promises are jumped immediately from the problem to solution

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will lie and that's what you should do. When something already happens. If you ask question, just ask about the cause. So that you can advise him how to stay away from the cause so that he will not go back to it again. But don't open a new file for him. He says can you do this? The man says no.

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Can you free a slave? He says no errors. When a funny person. He says no errors. Voila. Yaki from the beginning. You say hello. If you are the one What would you say? That means Brother, you are not serious? If you are serious, you would tell me Alhamdulillah Thank you very much. I will go and do it. That's enough. But the problem is the last one the man says no, I can do that.

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Carla Helton said

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can you free a slave Cordillera Sula, he says you have a soul I cannot do that.

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Finish the process and move to the second solution. It says can you fast for two minutes in some direction. You said Dr. Silla, come on. Everyone went I couldn't be patient and now.

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Now you make it do what

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best means I'm going to come back to you again. Right.

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So the problem is Allah subhanaw taala. Can you ask for two months? He said no, Allah cannot.

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The promises are moved to the third one.

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He says can you feed sis 16 miskeen. He said no.

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There was no option given to him. So it means he doesn't come for a solution. Then

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he rejects all of the solutions given to him by the professor last but he was honest because he can't

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Can you feed them? He said, No.

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I told me he is so funny. This person won't be alone. So the professor last summer kept quiet and the man kept quiet. I have already presented my case to the professor last summer because it's up to him to find a solution for me.

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So while he was waiting, the professor last summer got some dates come up. It was well, where was the person? Where is the person who was in trouble? He says Coronavirus lambda still here. The province of Lhasa said Al Hamdulillah Lisa tomorrow, take it and go and feed the miskeen with it. He says jasola Academy it says You mean I should go and give it to somebody who is poorer than me. The professor Lazarus said yes, he said no errors Hola Hola, de Botha.

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McBain Allah but a baiting of kalamunda he said well la Hara sola from the beginning of Medina until the end there is no house which is poorer than us. And I see the food and you tell me go and give it to somebody else? No way.

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So the professor last summer said look at the mercy He said take it and go and feed your family with it.

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That's the shadow of a lot smarter very lenient. Look for that alternative right and be very simple. That's why people love the religion I'm telling you from the big and the kids they love the Sharia. Why because the teacher was who have Marsala Marsala no compromise you know, by the way, the professor of summer knows no compromise. The Dean has to be established. But the way the professor send the message is different from from our way. It will send it with a beautiful manners, good manners, good approaches, you will make the person be interested. To get idea. Imagine a person say Sierra Sula that has no face that I hate in this life more than yours.

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But then after a few days, he was with the professor some Sal sola, there is no face on Earth.

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That is better than yours. And we will ask, said if you asked me to describe the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I can't. He says, Well, I since accepted Islam. I couldn't manage to look at him straightforward. Whenever I see my future of him.

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He says So to give you the clear description of the prophets, Allah sama, he said, I'm going to miss a lot.

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This is who they are surrounding the province that Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So the province of summer told me that, why didn't you wake us up, he says, he also was the one who took your soul to mine. Oh,

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he took mine also. So the prophets that Allahu alayhi Salaam told them to move from that place, he said for cut habarana Fie Shabbat. And the scholar said, we shouldn't apply this. This is only for the prophets, Allah. So again, if you cannot see whenever you miss pleasure, prayer is a man's didn't have any vision, you move to another man's, then you will never live.

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How many times you may schedule in your house a lot, then you move to the next house shed that also kept moving to the next house. By the time you before you realize you reach the last part of the world

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where to go. So they said this is only for the prophets of Allah, Allah Himself. You get it you when it happens, you just look for what to prepare yourself to use in the preparation for the prayer and pray to Allah subhanaw taala. So they move some people this is the reason why I've heard the story. Some people they satisfy and this is negligence. How is it possible for us to mishpacha prayer?

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Right. And the news comes to the professor Lhasa, the professor last summer got angry with him. He says, as long as I'm with you, what ever happened to deal with the religion? Leave it with me. alaqua he says any matter of the religion, leave it with me. What does that mean? You can say other than that, which is set by the professor. So these are the religious matters. If you look at the life like that, you relax. This is a system given to us by Allah smart Allah it means we have to take you from those whom Allah appointed as those who will represent him to convey the message and Who are they? These are the messengers of Allah subhanaw taala His prophets

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when it comes to the dunya affairs, then we do it according to what benefits are dunya as long as it doesn't go against the Sharia of Allah.

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Say mama never we caught it bother. And I add here as usual. The first eye he quoted is a saint of Allah subhanaw taala Hamada, bad unhappy in Nevada,

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what is brought by the prophet sallallahu alayhi cemaes what is the ultimate truth?

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Other than that, attributed to the religion of Allah Sparta, which is not part of it is what is false code.

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Do you get it? Allah says from other bother hectic in the bar, there is nothing apart from the truth except that false

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Get it that's why

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making the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah sama alive is very important. It's very important and when you see other than the sun not taking position, you have to know that the Sunnah is absent.

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I will give you this description and then we close the lesson shall they said the religion of last month is completed and it is nothing but like a cup of water that you make it full.

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Get it, if you add one drop of water, that drop of water can never remain in that cup.

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Why because there is no space for it. There has to be a space. So when you put a drop of water, some water is going to are going to come out which one will go the old one to make space for the new one.

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Take an idea that's how dangerous that is. That is bringing something which is not part of the Sharia because Allah says we have already completed the religion. So inshallah next week if Allah smart Allah

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decreed that we are going to meet these in light Allah we will continue from where we stopped barakallahu li comes along morbihan de casa de la ilaha illa and a circle right here. We like