Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #61

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The Bible is a source of comfort for those facing weakness and confusion, as it teaches the holy grail and holy water. The use of"the water" to signal weakness and confusion is also discussed, as it can lead to feelings of weakness and confusion. The importance of protecting one's behavior and reputation is emphasized, along with the use of religious tags to make people feel secure and secure their religious affiliation. The discussion also touches on the struggles of women in their roles as mothers and their struggles as mothers in marriage.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Holly he while he was seldom the Steven Kaziranga, Sierra Nevada, my brothers and sisters, we finished the story of Musashi Salomon around.

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And today we start we start the story of Maasai Salaam and his own people, the bunnies, right?

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The story of Musa is,

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as I mentioned many times before, is one of the richest stories in the Quran, in terms of the content and the beautiful lessons that it presents for us to learn from it, which we can and we should apply in our lives. That's the purpose of all the narratives of the Quran, and especially the story of Moses when Israel because this is the oma which came just before us. And therefore, our resemblance in terms of, of conditions in terms of situations in terms of challenges. In terms of pitfalls,

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there is much to be learnt from the story of the Bani Israel and Musashi Salah we split for the sake of teaching and learning we split this story into two parts which is most Ali Salaam and we're out and muscle is around but it's right.

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Because there is so much of richness and the and the value of learning that it's best to learn it in this way. Musashi Solomon musalman around refers to from the birth of Musashi Salaam until the movement of Bani Israel out of Egypt, which is in biblical terms it's called the Exodus and then from then onwards, it comes to the issue of Bani Israel and Masai Salaam which is the later part of Masada Salaam life as it Nabil Of course he's he's also a ravine that I have of Iran, but his dealings directly with his people because there are and his people by then are finished.

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Now very interesting to

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reflect on that the money is right while they saw the miracle of masala Salaam before there is not just one miracle that from the beading bizarre the very fact that masala Salam survived and grew up as a prince in the court of Iran was a miracle

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the miracles of masala Salaam don't start at the time of this of the stick turning into a snake. His life itself is a miracle the very fact that he did not meet the fate of 1000s of other innocent children or monies right and he was not slaughtered because by the order of your own the fact that he was able to survive and thrive and not just survive and thrive but at the expense of Iran if Iran is the one who's who was paying for it this itself is a is a huge miracle very Seiler witness to all of this because they know what's going on.

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Then we have the miracles of moosari salaam the stick turning into a snake

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the other visa is his hand drawing you know silver in color, and the magician's accepting Islam. And then of course we have the all the seven or nine plagues that came to the people of,

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of Iran.

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And the money side were saved from these and these were removed one by one by the duar. Masada Sarah, all of these are miracles everywhere every single one of them is a miracle, which Allah subhanaw taala gave massage right? And then they saw but he's right he saw the, the sort of the peak of it, where by the hokum of Allah subhanaw taala by the order of Allah tala Musa musalla is struck the water

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of the Red Sea, and the water parted and 12 passages were made. The baseline saw the water standing vertically in walls, and they walked on those on the dry land in the bottom of the sea, and they crossed over, and then they saw the sea close over Farah

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And their enemy and oppressor for generations and all his people and his army were completely submerged and drowned and removed from the life of an Israel when Israel were delivered from Iran so they saw all of this dissolved the

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this all but then in very strangely The first thing they did when they were free is that they saw some people worshipping idols and they asked masala Salaam to make for them and idol like the idea is of those people and I lost around that I said I will be live in a showdown or redeem my job was Nobby Bunny is Isla Hara for Otto Allah call me Kahuna Allah Asana Mila home, Carlo yamasa Alana Isla and Kamala whom Allah Allah in common die alone. In the HA Ola a mobile ma home fee or by de Lune ma con we are maroon color avoid a lie of a vehicle.

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Isla Han wahoo for dollar como el amin, and we know we should allow a last round that I mentioned this in sort of the last and we brought the bunnies right the children of Israel with safety across the sea. And they came upon a people devoted to some of their idols in worship. They said oh Musa La Jolla make for us, a God as they have God's and he said Verily You are a people who do not know the majesty and greatness of Allah subhanaw taala alone is

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the muzzle is Allah madad Verily, these people will be destroyed for what for what they are engaged in, which is idol worship, and all that they are doing is in vain. And he said, shall I see for you, a god other than Allah, Allah,

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Allah, the way he has given you, superiority over the alemi over the people of your time. Now,

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think about this.

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This is such a strange thing. The money's right, the new Allah subhanaw taala, the new Allah subhanaw taala they believe in Allah surrender, that also they were Muslims, and they do not want to replace the religion is not as if they wanted to, you know, have some other religion and they wanted to reject Allah or they wanted to make to do Cofer.

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They were just not satisfied with what they had. Right.

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So they,

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they were they wanted some, you know, in our library visit or some masala the Pure religion was too dry for them.

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This is a sign off.

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It's a sign of weakness, it's a sign of a slavish mentality, that you want to imitate others, you have your own culture, you have your own,

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you know, your own, associate your own individuality, your own identity, but you want to leave that and you want to imitate others, that this is a sign of sign of weakness, and it's a sign of the of enslaved people throughout the world, you think about is the British ruled India for over 200 years, that one way or the other, if you take the role of the East India Company and

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then then the British

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the British king and queen,

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Victoria and Edward, it comes too close to almost realities. Yet in those 300 years, you will not see a single

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single British man or woman wearing Indian clothes, like you'll never see that do not see an Indian, a British one marry very Indian girls. But if you look at India today, the whole whole country wears trousers and shirts. Now I've got nothing against regular shirts I wear I wear them myself very convenient. But the point i'm saying is that who imitates who, who imitates who. And that's why in Arabic, they say up the eve yet I shop bajo belagavi he says the weak

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immediates the strong. So the one is right. Also probably they wanted to worship an idol. Because these are the excuses that people give all the time. They say no, you know, God has no farm and so on if we find it difficult to concentrate. So if I put this form in front of me and I say this is my God, that I find it easier to concentrate on some ideas. I mean, I'm giving an example of a phone

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What it can be anything so they say what we have in the industry they have a strong that's it you know there's no shape nothing is too strong. They put some

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Cuckoo Cuckoo the red powder on it and yellow powder on it and they wash it. The point is that people gives you the excuses so we can't concentrate without a farm. So therefore you as a farm, you we are not worshipping the idol. The idol only

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you know is getting as close to God, the idol only represent some aspect of God or all of this if you talk to idol worshipping people, this is what they say. This is also one of the most economical etc which they said no we don't worship these our idols are getting getting as close to God, Allah whatever happened somehow going to be so strong get too close to anything. Except for except getting close to insanity. I mean this is these are the usual excuses that that people

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give and May Allah protect as I said, and for us, this is what we do. And this is what the Muslims do today. You ask them why do you go to Why do you go and worship at graves? Why do you ask the the person who's supposedly buried in the grave? Why do you ask them? Why do you make dua to them? Why do you tell them to make that almost random?

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Right? Why do you make the grades Why do you make salutes on the graves? Why do you put flowers on the graves? Why do you have all these so called celebrations you know we're in India we have Gary bar we have all sorts of stuff conda ma ma ma Kira Kira Kira Karnataka Kira

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Kira booty biryani whatever you like why do you need to have a religious tag to that and spoil your deed and spoil your Connect connection with Allah subhanaw taala really seriously we think think about this nobody is against having you know a good time and eating good food now please go and read it I mean eat it every day. And we went to the animal hospital for that reason that's a different issue but you know, enjoy yourself, but why do you need to put a religious tag on it? transpile Your wrath and apama forward? What do you get from that? But this is the problem. People don't like to have the day they find the purity of Islam they find it dry

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to an oil a part of our nation. Okay, what are the one hour Well, I mean, what sort of thing is this, you know, we don't pray Salah, but you want to listen to some machine, you want to listen to somebody seeing with a with a guitar, and drums, because the religion is too dry. And this is this is a sign of the sickness of the heart. Right? And this is what the bunnies rallied, this is what they did. And this is what

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they took the standard of the

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disbelievers the standard of the volunteers. They took that as their own standard in worship the how misguided and how terrible is that? Now

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now interesting Also, think about that, that even though to ask for a god other than Allah subhanaw taala is Cooper

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and ship, Moselle Islam did not call them gafford. Here don't call them usually he called them touch Oh, he said, he called them ignorant, right? He was teaching them he told them that these people are ID worshippers and they will be destroyed for what they do. If they don't make if they don't make tower. So why do you want to ask for something which is harmful? also teaches us sometimes some of us especially you know those who are new to Islam, they are too

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too much in a hurry to criticize people and to condemn people. So you know very easily you say oh, this Jones was a capital this school for and No, don't do that. Never, never never call somebody a Kaffir

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it's not your job. Right? And again, don't get into an argument about is the is the person like after whether the person is a caffeine or not. It is not your job to call him a coffee, never call anybody got it? We don't know first of all, what Allah subhanaw taala has destined for him. There are there is not one There are any number of people who are in covert, who are in shape, who are

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worthy enemies, declared enemies of Allah subhanaw taala and also Salah, who Allah subhanaw taala brought to Islam.

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If you go into the Syrah and that is why I keep on saying study, the Sera, Sera. sera is the best absolutely the best

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place to understand Islam and understand these principles. Think about people like

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Khalid bin Valley, Abu Sofia

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Sohail bin armor,

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you know, Allah was right.

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And many others, right people who were declared enemies or sources Allah, and who didn't just sit there I mean they took and they tried everything that they would do. I was various armies,

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or they learn how to fight or sources. And if they had a chance, they tried their best I mean the the reason they did not kill the source is not because they didn't try, right a lot of our data, wanted to protect his Navy. So he did the but they made they made every effort, however, a lot rantala had decreed. He died for them because there was something good in their hearts. Now is that good was very difficult to see for us to see. But also he's got a nose, and therefore almost martela gender arts, and then those people became the greatest champion Lucia. They became the greatest protectors of resources. They extended our little catalana. Right, he goes with a naked sword, to

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kill also a nice fella and turns from there and becomes

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one of the greatest Pillars of Islam and one of the greatest pillars, and one of the two.

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One of the two

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most eminent and the most important, as hub and companions and supporters of Russell's Salah, Abubakar Allah, Allahu Allah. So therefore, never call anybody government is not your job, then focus on yourself and see whether you are committing any go further, you are committing an issue, because we don't know this is very insidious, we think we are clean, but you don't know from where some piece of dirt will be on the fabric of our demand and our aqeedah and if Allah does not forgive us, then this can become a source of great problems. So therefore, Moser is now even though the Chinese right are asking, clearly openly asking for an idol and this is Cofer. He did not call them

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Caffery called a dojo.

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You are ignorant people, and he is teaching them he says co worship leads to destruction. So those people who are doing it, they are in the arena in a serious problem themselves. And if they don't turn away from that, if they do not

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make a step out on top, and they will get destroyed or you want to be like them, I mean what kind of centers

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now they

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massage man is right. They left Egypt and I loved that I wanted to settle them in the holy land near in Jerusalem, which Allah had promised them. So when they arrived near Jerusalem, so masala Salam told them let's enter the land as it has been promised to us.

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So much it is a lamp sandwich. Carla musala call me call me a guru Yamato Allah Allah is Jada fue Colombia.

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Allah. Allah kumarakom wa Humala beauty Allah mineralogy. Yeah, call me the whole

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lady Guatemala local.

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advisory come for 10 kalibo ha sirim alvia Musa in V. Coleman Jabari, we're in la nada Hola, hora Lumina for a year follow me for another film.

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Now was a little upset to them. And remember, Allah says I remember and Musa Elisa Lam said to his people, all my people remember the favor of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who to you, when he made profits among you, and He made you kings, and gave you what he had not given to any other among the alamy among the men, mankind engines of the past and he said, Oh my people enter the holy holy land, which is Palestine. He said, enter the Holy Land, which Allah has assigned to you and Allah has promised you and do not turn back in flight Don't run away for them, you will be returned as losers, right here is this gift almost rather than a do not reject a ticket.

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They said no, there is an in this holy land our people have great strength and we will never enter it till they leave it and when they leave, then we will enter.

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Now, this is the issue which we have to understand.

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Just because you have been promised something does not mean that it will be given to you on a platter. Right? So you've been promised something and there is the understood thing there is that you will make the effort that is required in order to acquire that thing.

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Ultra marathoner may have written for you great things in your in your mocha, going forward in your color in your destiny, ultra marathoner would have written good things for you, but along with the good things, Allah would have also returned the effort that you need to make in order to benefit from those good things in order to acquire those good things. What is the effort you need to make this also? This we forget, right? And we think oh, but you know, this is what I should get because Allah, Allah promised me Allah, Allah promises Jana, for example, but what did others want to say Allah said you will get to Jana

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in exchange for your life and wealth.

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In the last hurrah, Mommy, Nina, and photo one bolo, we unloaded a lot rather than real gorgeous, we've given the woman in July in exchange for the life and work now if you are not going to spend your life in the bath of Allah subhanaw taala if you're not going to make effort, if you're not going to spend your wealth in the bath, and it's up to Allah, all our life and all our wealth, both are required, but it's up to Allah, Allah how much he wants to take. And then Allah will give Jenna so this is very important. Now money's right had been promised by the state, I gave it, you gave it to them, but there was somebody else who are living there, there are people who are living in in

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that area. And

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those people now obviously, if you are, if you want the landless, there's a rat, go fight, I will give you victory.

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But the manager said, No, no, no, we're not gonna fight. Because this is to raise.

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So they ran away the term they turned their backs. As you turn your backs, what does it mean? It means that you have refused that gift.

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I believe as a gift is no longer yours. And you can't come back and say no, but that was why No, it was yours. He told me you do but you refuse it. So now it's given to somebody else.

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turning your back or your battle, or turning your back in battle is a major sin. It's one of the kabyle and it can destroy all your good deeds. But the money is Ryle refuse to fight in the first place. Now this is again one of the signs of a defeated nation, that they refuse to do anything to help themselves. People who are humiliated and enslaved in their minds, and not willing to pay the price for the freedom and we'll reverse slavery, over the risk of fighting for freedom is so critically important today to understand and see

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the sign of slavery is complaining. People will constantly complain those etc, what they are doing to me see what is happening. You know, one of the places one of this very sad and tragic places you see this is in the cases of women who are the victims of domestic abuse. Women were beaten up by their by their husbands, you know, the mimic is the husband gets drunk comes in the evening and beats up his wife. And now you as his ladies as Why are you still with the man? Why don't you divorce him a while and it's possible for you to divorce him. Even in Islam, it's possible for the woman to divorce her husband to get to get away from him, right? To get a hold up. And of course,

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it's possible everywhere. Now they don't do that.

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They will continue to bear the abuse. Or you might, I'm not talking about a woman who is so is in such desperate need that she will starve if she leaves asthma. First of all, nobody will stop. But even if she is that I am talking about women who are educated, who are capable of taking care of themselves and so on. But they will not they will still remain in the abusive marriage. And this is because people seek familiarity. So there's something which is they're familiar with their own lives that that they want to stay with that even though it is ugly, it is horrible, it is miserable. They are being oppressed, they're being beaten up, they want to stay still stay that instead of leaving

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it, and this and this is a sign of the slavish mentality. Now this man is right, had come out from Egypt, but they had suffered generations of slavery. So the man the whole psyche had been completely ruined and,

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and enslaved. And that's why loss. rantala is in his Hackman, his wisdom. Allah made them wander the desert for 40 years, so that an entire generation went into the earth and a new generation came into being and the new generation was born into freedom. And that's what gave them strength. And in the time after muscle is allowed, they were able to conquer yourself, but until them, they were not able to go there because the whole month they didn't even want to touch it because they were so frightened and so afraid of others. So I was reading that I said Carla

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now the the in those people of course they were they were good people. So

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are lots of colors relating to people Mina Laguna hapuna annum Allahu Allah He must follow Allah him la mujer Baba for either how to move in negombo Hollywood. Allah Allah for taco in kung fu money all yamasa in la nada hula Abba damn ma movie. Fans have an tawaran buka cartella in hamanaka Elune

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two men of those who had taqwa to Mata Hoon among the Bani Israel, on whom Allah had bestowed His grace and this was, You shall be known.

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And Caleb, in Bible, the Bible, they're called Joshua and Caleb, they said assault them through the gate for when you are in victory will be yours and put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala. If you are believers, they said oh Rosa, Elisa, we will never enter this as long as they are there. So you go with your rub, and fight you too. And we are going to sit here, Lola hotevilla. How disrespectful is that? You're saying you go with your era, you're saying is that Oh, he's only the rub of the of the of the heavy, the Hall of water level. But this is the problem. Knowledge rather described two qualities in these two men the fear of Allah and His grace and his alleged Zubin Abdi Sarah went to

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meet the leader of the king of the of the

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I think it was a label and spoke to him in a loud voice.

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He's been and he pointed.

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And he pointed a finger

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at his face, and he threatened him with the Hellfire and the punishment of Allah. And he made against him. Right so he went to meet him. Nice students who accompanied him they started to wrap their cloaks, clothes around them, fearing that the teacher would be killed instantly and his blood would spill on their clothes.

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But the king did nothing to him volevo did nothing to him. Now all others everybody expected and it's been updated Salaam do we kill but nothing happened. And he came away from the safely now they asked him how he could speak like that.

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To the king, when he said when I'm when I thought of the majesty of Allah subhanaw taala, this van appeared to me like a small cat, like a small kid, right?

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He said, so what is there to be what is there to fear Him, there's nothing to be learned.

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How can I feel this is the thing you know, it's like, I sometimes give this example, if you look into a halogen light 1000 1000 watt halogen light, please don't do that. It will destroy your eyes. But I'm saying if you look into that into a powerful light, and then turn away, you see that light in this place. When you look into the light and you turn away, you're blind to actually what is in that place. The light is blinded you and any anywhere you turn, you see that white flash you see that like this is what happens to those who

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who have the A's and the jela and the and the hope and the hotshot all in their hearts, right? And they have the people who have the the the the the strength and power and glory and majesty of all those words are in their hearts, everything else loses

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any value for them. They don't care about anything else. They are their souls so the so overpowered and so and so completely immersed in the glory of Allah, that the glory of anyone and anything else or whether Allah has no meaning they don't see that, that they only see the glory of Allah Subhana Allah gland to gratis that that is what happened to a lesbian Abdul Salam

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah when he went to into the court of

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afolu, who was besieging that USIA been known for the Llano and Caleb, they settle when it's right. Just go through the great of Jerusalem and you will win and Allah subhanho wa Taala has promised to but they refused. And they said to Salah Salah, go with your Lord go with your up and fight and you'll see and we'll wait here and see the outcome. Then it was Alison had one then they would have entered Jerusalem right so they want someone else to do their work. And this is today, the state of the Muslims in the oma now May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from

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from ourselves seriously because

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this is our This is our foundation.

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Where we don't want to work for our own benefit. We want someone else to come and do do the work for us. We are suffering but we want someone else to come and save us all we do is we moan and groan and we complain more about is inshallah in next class but just give this some thought and keep this thought in your mind that these are the similarities that's why we talk we talking about the story of Musa salah and Ben Israel because these similarities are there and we want to make sure that we learn from this and we get out of the trap that we are already in I want to assume you don't fall into the trap because we already in the trap, but at least we can get out of this trap. If we make

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the effort. inshallah We ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us was Allah Allah Allah we carry while he was I remember Attica Rama Rama Rama Kumara Mandala

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