Yasir Qadhi – Ask Shaykh YQ – Episode 11 – Can We have Minute Quantities of Alcohol in Our Food (Vanilla)

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss "medicals and ingredients" that make up "medicals and ingredients" that can be considered "medicals and ingredients". They stress the importance of keeping alcohol off of one's mouth to prevent topics like sugar and sugar waste, as well as the Allied or Maxim's of Fiddler, which explains how actions are valued based on intentions. The principles of "any thing" and "any thing is just a thing," as well as "any thing is just a thing," and the "any thing is just a thing," are also discussed.
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The third question is also about Islamic film. And so the fifth question I chose I combined many questions in one, vanilla extract, alcohol and food, and Kombucha tea. Who knows what Kombucha tea is? Who has tasted Kombucha tea? Who has tasted Kombucha tea? Not a single person. Come on, okay. Is it tasting good or not?

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Sir? Ah, he doesn't like how it tastes Okay, now is it Hello? Hello.

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That's my question. Okay.

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Florida, he

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asked you how it tastes and I'm gonna ask you so I'm combining a lot of questions into one. And in this question is basically about having minute quantities of alcohol in One's Food. Now, realize this is a very complex topic. I'm going to try to summarize it in Sheldon five minutes. The basic rule our Profit System said Hadeeth is as soon as they say mascara Kathy ruffo kalu. How long this is the basic maximum principle that is coming from the tongue of our prophets of the La Jolla said memorize it, it is an idea and it is a rule of filk that which intoxicates in large quantities is how long in small quantities, this is a maximum effect. And it is a hadith that which intoxicates in

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large quantities is how long in small quantities. So whatever intoxicates in large quantities by large quantities, we don't mean if you drink a lake, you will die if you drink a lake, we mean that which a reasonable average person may consume in a short period of time 5678 glasses, okay, anything beyond this, you're talking about dying before you if something kills you before it intoxicates you that's not how long okay? water will kill you if you drink, you know, gallons and gallons in a very short period as has happened recently in a number of times. So, if something in toxic it's in a reasonably large quantity of very minute light beer for example, if you drink 10 glasses you'll

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become intoxicated. Therefore, a drop of that beer is how long? Because if 10 glasses and toxic it's 10 small glasses, a person can drink 10 glasses in an hour or two. If that will intoxicated then a drop of that beer if you put it on your tongue it is how long mascara Kathy Whoo hoo hoo hoo how long However, a number of points first and foremost, Hummer is not alcohol. Not every alcohol is common. Not every home is alcohol. The Islamic prohibition is on Hummer, not an alcohol. Alcohol is a class of chemical compounds. Anything that has an O h radical becomes an alcohol. Not every alcohol is common. methanol is not harmless, it will kill you before it intoxicates you methanol

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methanol does not have been the primary alcohol in our times that is common is ethanol or ethyl alcohol. That is what is found in beer and in other products. And there are other types of alcohol that also intoxicated but not every alcohol and toxic gates. And not every intoxicant is an alcohol. Therefore, when you pick up a food item, and you read all the ingredients, and you read something, so propylene glycol, whatever alcohol, don't just say, oh, how long you need to do your research, majority of those alcohols are chemical alcohols, not common. What is clearly intoxicating, or potentially intoxicating, is ethanol or ethyl alcohol, both the same thing. So

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not all ethyl alcohol is haram as well. Why? Because if the quantity of ethanol is so minuscule, that it will not intoxicate you, then it is not harmful, even if there's ethanol ethanol in there. And the classic example for this is vanilla. See, we need to look at what is the purpose of that ethanol as well. Vanilla is a chemical compound that is found in a particular substance, the vanilla fruit or nuts, it is extracted, that is a that is a taste. And in order to get that extraction from that extraction to your cake to your ice cream, there must be a mechanism to preserve the vanilla. And that mechanism is ethanol. Ethanol. As every chemist and every person who study chemistry knows

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ethanol is in innate and it does not interact with the substance. That's why it's so useful. You can put another substance in ethanol and preserve the substance from the production to your kitchen. So ethanol therefore becomes a solvent that has no actual role other than to preserve How can you extract this and then take it to the kitchen. It is via the mechanism of the ethanol. So vanilla extract. Vanilla Extract has a lot of ethanol, but the purpose of the ethanol is what

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it is to preserve the flavor of the vanilla and then how much do you add you will add half a teaspoon

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You will add a few drops. And that will then be to your whole cake or to your homemade ice cream which will invite me to taste essential if it's ice cream. So that amount of vanilla extract that you add, it will never be enough to intoxicate you. It will never you can eat lots of vanilla ice cream somebody has experienced doing that. I won't point any fingers. You can eat lots of vanilla ice cream, and you will not feel any intoxication mascara Kathy Ruffalo her on that which intoxicating large is hot almond small therefore, that which does not intoxicated enlarge, is halaal in large and small. You can eat vanilla ice cream, you can eat vanilla cake, you will not become

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intoxicated, therefore it is held because it does not intoxicated in large quantities as well. Some natural fermentation might occur. Actually, at the molecular level. Orange juice, apple juice might have some fermentation. If you were to do a very detailed chemical study of your orange juice at home, you might find some fermentation some ethanol produced does it make orange juice out on? No, because you can drink a lot of orange juice and what will happen? You might get sick but you won't become intoxicated. So small minuscule quantities are overlooked. Now. What if somebody says then therefore, why can't we go to a steak house Hello Steak House, we'll get to the meat issue in a few

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weeks. I've already been barred from a barter with meat that's on the agenda as well. Meat is always on the agenda. Don't worry hamdulillah so you go to a halal steakhouse, and they add wine.

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And you will say chef, you just said that if it doesn't and toxic in large quantities head out head on in small quantities. I can eat 234 of these steaks. I don't know what type of stomach you have, but okay, and I will not become intoxicated. Does that make the steak halaal

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we say there is another principle. And this is one of the principles of the Shetty. muro, Bhima Casa de her actions are judged by their intentions. This is actually the first principle in science called the Allied or the Maxim's of Fiddler is a branch of Islamic Studies called the Maxim's of Islamic law. The number one Maxim the first Maxim is you judge actions by the intention. So, we do not say the ruling of vanilla extract is the same as the ruling of meat in which vodka or rum has been added. Why? Because what is the purpose of the ethanol in the vanilla extract? It is to preserve the flavor of the vanilla and to make the ethanol irrelevant what is the purpose of adding

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wine into the meet

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to get the taste of the wine

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omorovicza Casa de we do not say the same ruling applies and so we say the one is hella vanilla and the other is haram because the goal there is to taste the vodka or the rum or the wine whereas the goal here actually ethanol is inert you don't even taste the ethanol The point is to taste the what the vanilla So to conclude this, we say number one first thing you look at first thing is it hammer and hammer is that which and toxic gets the mind if it's not calmer. It's hella so we look at the ingredients not every alcohol is Hummer not every Hummer is alcohol there are certain combos that are non alcoholic right number two does consuming it in a reasonable quantity intoxicated if it does

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then it is how long so if you eat whatever you know marijuana cake you know you have these marijuana you know cookies right? You have the cookies oh sorry brownies somebody people know better than I do. I don't know this as well as some of our brothers do. Okay, so the hubby knows as much as Mashallah his products better so our brother knows his brownies and not chocolate chip cookies. My mind went to cookies, but it says no, it is sold only only as brownies but how do you know maybe somebody who sells does it have cookies? But anyway? So brownies if you have these brownies that will make you high? And if you have to eat six or seven brownies to get high? Can you eat a piece of

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brownie? Yes or no? No based on what? mascara? Kathy Ruffalo, how long clear. Okay, now, vanilla cake. You can eat and eat and eat? Will you get high? No. Then you can eat cake. Okay, that's the second principle. The third principle, even if it doesn't intoxicate you, you then go to the rule number three. Why was it added mocassin? What was the goal of adding if it was added to be a secondary product to preserve the flavor of the vanilla? We say it's overlooked because a tablet or tablet there's another principle that which is anyway there it is basically you look at it, but if it was added for the taste, we say no that was the intention. So we then say it is not allowed. Is

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that clear? Therefore whenever is it halal or haram? Yes or no? halal, Kombucha tea. What did I say?

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about it

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I didn't say anything very good. Why didn't I say anything? Because some varieties of Kombucha tea, especially the homemade root brews are actually intoxicating. However, the kombucha teas that are sold in the market by law, because they are marked because they are sold as non alcoholic products by law, they are not allowed to be intoxicating. Therefore, we can say that those teas and what is Kombucha tea it is essentially for the henna here. It is like the beef that is similar to Naveed where you allow something to be fermented only for a little bit and then you stop it right and the beat is a classical drink that the Hanafi is allowed and the others did not allow and the Kombucha

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tea is something similar to natural fermentation that is stopped it's not allowed to go all the way just a little bit is done. And its main purpose is probiotics they say they say I have not tasted it You guys are much more experienced in cookies and vandalism what not? No, no vanilla sorry. I am experienced a villain no problem. I am the Hobbit and venom. I am the chef of ice cream. No problem. Yes, but other things. I'll leave it to you guys. No problem. So kombucha insha. Allah it is hella if it is sold in the marketplace. As for the one who makes it at home, I cannot give a verdict because sometimes those who brew it at home, they allow it to ferment more than it should be. As for

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the one that is holding the market in Sharla, it is Helen. Nonetheless, the level of Hummer, or sorry the level of ethanol needs to be just monitored, even though according to our government's laws, it is not allowed to sell Kombucha tea, unless the amount of ethanol is insignificant, in which case it would be allowed to invest

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in a feed

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fe with

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers the pertinent question – is minute quantities of alcohol permitted in one’s food?

The basic rule for this with reference to the Hadith is that applies is that which intoxicates in large quantities is Haram in small quantities. 

Not every alcohol is Khamar and vice versa is also true. Vanilla extract has a lot of ethanol in it but it serves only as a solvent. So even if we eat food that has lots of vanilla incorporated into it, it does not become Haram and does not intoxicate us.

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