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Salam O Allah Allahu Barakatuh smeller hora Haman hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah amin am about. So every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we're going to be doing the signs of the hour at this exact time in sha Allah and I want to begin by saying Ramadan Mubarak to all of you and to your families melas hottel accept all your good deeds and your efforts, especially since this is going to be you know, a very different Ramadan. So shall Allah May Allah grant his success in good worship, you know, quality worship of him, soprano Tada.

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Alright, so we're just continuing basically what we started before of doing the songs, we've got the Day of Judgment, if you remember, we spent a good while on what are the guidelines how to deal with the signs of the hour, we did one of the minor signs already. And what we're going to do is, for at least eight classes, we're going to or eight episodes, if you want to call it we're going to go through some of the minor signs. And we're trying to also put some focus on the signs that are to come the minor signs, and then for four of the episodes, we're going to be just talking about the major signs before the day of judgment, the top or the 10 major signs before the day of judgment.

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Okay, let's move on to through some of the

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minor signs that the prophet SAW Selim mentioned, the ones I'm going to do today are ones that are happening as we speak,

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about loving them. Or they lo and behold, this is narrated by balani, he narrated that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said from the signs of the hour is the moon expanding from the signs of the hour, is the moon expanding. And we don't mean the moon, you know, at different times, when you look at it, and it looks bigger than others, we mean, the moon actually expanding, and the scholars didn't really comment on this too much. They said, We will leave this as it is, and we don't give it much interpretation. But today, if you actually Google the moon expanding, you will find that as we speak, the moon is actually getting bigger. And some argue that from just one side, it's getting

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bigger. But the point is the process Allah mentioned this 1400 years ago, he also mentioned narratives I Buhari, and there's the Bible hora de la on who that they are will not be established until knowledge is taken. And there are many earthquakes knowledge is taken. And there are many earthquakes. Now, this Hadeeth or this, this minor sign can be increasing or can increase towards the end of time. But there is no doubt that we are seeing this right now. So the President mentioned two things in it. One, that knowledge will be taken. And in other places, we know how knowledge is taken. It's not like someone is knowledgeable, and suddenly, knowledge is removed from their their

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heart and they just are ignorant. But knowledge is taken by taking the souls of the scholars. So that of course, is happening, but it will get more pronounced towards the end of time. And there will be many earthquakes. So actually,

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earthquakes are increasing in frequency, not in the last 20 years. But since the you know, 1000 years ago until now, since the Prophet Adam spoke this hadith until now, earthquakes are increasing and becoming more and more frequent. And what's amazing is that we we get worldwide, somewhere from 13 to 15, about 15 or so major earthquakes per year over seven on the Richter scale, which is really major, you know, we get about 13 to 15 of those every single year. And that's no joke. Anyways, but that shows you the earthquakes becoming more frequent. And they're also at a larger scale.

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For those who are interested in Chile in 1960, this was the largest earthquake to strike in recent years. And it's it was 9.5 on the Richter scale, which is something else. Now look at this one. This next one is very interesting. It is it is in the book of Muslim by Abu hora de la No, he never heard that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said the hour will not be established and many of these Hadith start by saying the hour will not be established meaning the day of judgment will not happen until wealth is plentiful to the extent that a person will want to give this account of their wealth but will not find anyone to accept it. All right, that's kind of clear, doesn't need much explanation.

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There'll be so much wealth

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You won't find a poor person to accept as a cover your wealth. But that's not the part we want from the hudy. We want the second part, and until the Arabian Peninsula returns to gardens and rivers, until the Arabian Peninsula, returns to gardens and rivers. So this is something that you can see has started to happen in our lifetime, but will get more pronounced as time progresses. But it's beautiful. I mean, the prophet SAW Selim spoke this hadith 1400 years ago. Now, what's interesting is that some scholars mentioned there were some parts of the Arabian Peninsula at the time of the pasta lamp, there were some parts of the Arabian Peninsula were like forests, because there was just

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had such thick vegetation. But for the most part, you know, it's sand it sand and it's sand dunes, and it's desert. And it's amazing that someone will be living in this desert 1400 years ago, and he will say that this place is going to return to become green, that means it was green. There's just no way someone would know that back then, unless he was a genuine Prophet sallallahu sallam. So if you now if you explore this issue was the Arabian Peninsula green,

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you will find some good evidence to that. And actually some very clear evidence. Well, the clearest one is right in our face. I mean, there's archaeological evidence, there's an elephant tusks that was found that was like fossilized found in the middle of the desert. And everyone knows elephants don't live in the desert. So that must have been an indication that a long time ago, these elephants were living in this area that later on became a desert. So it must have been green, and a jungle and full of rivers. That's archaeological evidence. But the scientists argue the simplest evidence of all and something that that area is famous for oil. You know, what is the oldest oil that is in

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Arabia, it's some point things that are, you know, carbon based life forms. And, you know, over time, this is what happened to them. But that's the biggest proof that there were living things that so we don't really, you know, need to go too deep into that. I remember one of the one of the scientists said that it is a scientific fact that it will turn green again. And maybe you've seen some videos, just a few months ago, someone sent me a video of a man driving by he's on the highway, and he's just has his phone at the window. And he's just filming, you know, mountain after mountain look small mountains, and he's just passing by them and they're just all yellow, Sandy, Rocky, dry.

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And then he's on the same highway after the rainy season. And it just green from from the base all the way to the tip completely green, and the car is just flying by. And every one of those mountains is completely green, every inch of it is green, and it just filming it. So and then there are other videos. And this is something that's been known for a while that there are rivers under the deserts. And sometimes people will like dig and find water sources that will just flow and become like rivers in the desert. There are many interesting videos online if you look them up, but it's just amazing that 1400 years ago, and nobody saw Selim said that, that our will not be established until Arabia

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returns to gardens and rivers and this is proof that he was a genuine Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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But also scientists mentioned that the climate in Arabia is getting cooler, they are getting a lot more rainfall each year. So that is a known issue and it's happening and it will continue to get more pronounced as time progresses. All right, this next one, and again, if you're confused, we're trying to go through a good number of them every day. So by the time you know the month is over, inshallah we've covered a good number of the minor signs and all the major signs before the day of judgment. All right, this one here, narrated by Bukhari and Muslim Rahim Allah and Bible Harada Allahu anhu. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that time will become close. That's what we want

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from this Hadith, but let's read all of it, time will become close actions will decrease stinginess will be the norm and killing will become prevalent. Alright. So the scholars discussed and the main reason I mentioned it is because of the time or due to that time will become close. So some scholars said they took it literally that the day and night will have 24 hours, but it will be like a shorter 24 hours or it will feel short. Okay.

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And they mentioned that it will be literally here because Allah subhanaw taala has the power and the capacity, the capability to expand and narrow time, then that's interesting is I mentioned a hadith narrated by Abu huraira. And this is narrated by Timothy as well, and Mr. Mohammed Ramallah that the prophet SAW Selim said the hour will not begin until time passes more quickly. Thus, a year will be like a month and a month, like a week and a week, like a day, a day, like an hour an hour, like a flash of fire, meaning it just flares quickly and dies out. So some of them then took this explanation, that's the first explanation that literally time will either will look will get

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shorter, get narrow, then the other group of scholars said, the closeness of time means there will be lack of blessing in time that people will get less done in the same amount of time. And then, as I say that some of you probably experienced that in your lifetime, that you get less done in the same amount of time, how much can you get done in an hour, you know, versus how much you used to get done in an hour, Allah subhanaw taala.

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So that's one thing. And what's interesting is, as someone put it, it says we are now we're inventing and creating all these devices that save you time, you know, the washing machine saves you time, the dishwasher saves you time, all these things are faster and save you a lot more time and you don't have to stand there, they're automated, they'll do it for you. But he says at the end, we have less than less time, just getting so so busy. So that's the second explanation that there will be less blessing in time. So you will get less done. It's the same 60 minutes, but you're getting less done in it, there's less blessing, then other said that

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time will get close here. Meaning lifespans will get shorter. And realistically, so far, all three of these explanations are very probable that they will make sense very plausible. So time will get closer meaning your lifespan or people's lifespans will get shorter. And we saw the example of no Heidi Sarah, who lived for 1000 years. And now you know, people, a very few people who survive or make it past 100 years. So lifespans went from 1000 years all the way to 100. And that's an explanation of time getting closer. That's the third one, the fourth one.

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The scholar said, another explanation of this hadith is that there will be faster modes of transportation and communication. How What does that have to do with time, getting closer, time will become close, faster means of communication and transportation. So, for example, you know, people used to measure distance by time, you know, in the old days, so they would say, you know, this place is two days, you know, is a distance of two days away two days journey, this place is a day a distance of one day's journey. And now, you know, you don't do that anymore. The end. And these distances they used to take a month, or two or a week, we can now cover in a few hours. And so isn't

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that time becoming closer means of transportation, making time closer, it used to take me two months to get to this place. Now it takes me an hour and a half to get to that place. Isn't that time getting closer? That's one and the other than, you know, means of communication, as well. You know, if you look at how long a letter would take, you know, if you're going to send the letter 1000 years ago from books about two web pages, versus now an email, and no matter how far it's just there in a split second, so closeness of time. And this is a beautiful example of one of the signs before the day of judgment, that can have four possible that at least here in this case has four possible and

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plausible explanations. And just a reminder, again of that rule, when someone says for sure this is that this is what that means. He could have more than one possible explanation because we're talking about issues of the unseen

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Next one.

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This is inside Bahar is a very famous one hadith of gibreel Allah Salam Alaikum. I was asked about the signs of the hour, and he replied, that you and this is the famous hadith of gibreel. So jabril asked them, when is the day of judgment? All right, and then the person responded that the one being asked is not any more knowledgeable than the one asking. And then he said then what are the signs of the hour and the pasilla mentioned that you see the naked barefoot shepherds competing in the construction of tall buildings?

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Okay, so, again, this has spoken 1400 years ago and the problem would not know this unless he definitely was a genuine prophet. And of course, he was sort of lauricella. He's saying you will see the naked and barefoot shepherds competing in the construction of tall buildings. Now, what does that mean? So this guy, he owns a multibillion dollar structure, this skyscraper, but he's a shepherd, and he's barefoot. Like, he'll be like, sir, once you get some shoes, you own this whole building, you can afford shoes. What does it mean? naked and barefoot? It means they were recently poor. It's just a beautiful way of describing them. As recently, there were just shepherds who were

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naked and barefoot. And now suddenly, they have all this wealth, and they're competing. And this is not like out of need here, but just out of whatever it is competing in the construction of tall buildings.

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A good reminder that the Hadith never said it was haram to compete in the UN, or that tall buildings are haram or disliked, or macro or anything, or even negatively saying they're a waste of wealth now, nothing like that. But it's just interesting how recently they were poor. And then suddenly, you know, it's interesting. And now when you think of a place with a lot of toll like skyscrapers,

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you know, most people will probably think of, I think of Hong Kong, honestly. But most people think of Dubai, right, very popular, tallest building, Burj Khalifa and all that. But it's interesting, just, you know, sometimes on these groups, people send you pictures, someone sent a black and white picture of Dubai. You know, obviously, this is after cameras were invented. It's just a black and white photo, I forget what year it was. But you just never believe how quickly and how recently, they came into a lot of wealth, you know, because it was just a destroyed, busted up town, you know, small little roads and small little houses and donkeys everywhere. And then you would not believe

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that in just such a short period of time, it looks the way it does. And that's exactly what the problem hinted to here when he said they're naked and barefoot, meaning recently, they were naked and barefoot, and then suddenly, they're competing in the construction of the tallest buildings, and the tallest buildings in the world at that.

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I have another one that I've mentioned before, but let's go through it quickly. promiseland said, the hour will not be established until wealth becomes plentiful, to the extent that a person will have to gather his wealth, while waiting for someone to accept his charity. And he will call to a man who will say I have no need of this wealth. And another narration, there's another howdy that the owl will not be established hotteok Thor Fie, come and man until wealth increases amongst you. So some scholars said increases amongst you, who is a proxy I'm speaking to at this point, he's speaking to the companions. So amongst you, and others said no is speaking to the oma. Anyways, they

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mentioned four different points, where this same minor sign can be manifested number one, they said during the time of Omar mahatama, on who wealth became very plentiful. So that could be the first manifestation or the first, you know, yani, this idea of being prophesized the first one, the first example, too, they said during a time of disease, and I mentioned this before, that there was so much wealth, that they couldn't find poor people in Africa to give this money to third, during the time of the malady so now in the future, when the malady comes. And because there's in the Hadith also describes that he will scoop up gold and silver and give to people without counting. So wealth

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will increase at the time of the malady. And then the fourth one, wealth will increase during the time of aisa added ceremony returns, there will actually not even be need for wealth, although just be fair, and goodness all over. So these are four different times or possible and plausible times of this hadith

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are manifestations of this hadith.

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With that being said, it's important to mention that,

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you know, it's one of the one of the show, he's still also always say something interesting, he would say, there are two things that Muslims misunderstand. They always misunderstand, fun, and wealth, you know.

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And it's so true. Like when it comes to wealth, everybody wants it. Everybody wants to be a millionaire. Everybody wants to have the next app, or the next business that will make him so much money. But when we're together in public, we pretend like

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something dirty and filthy. And obviously we learned a lot and we don't want it. I know this multimillionaire Allah blesses wealth. And he pulled the plug on this major deal, this business deal that he was gonna sign a contract. And he countered it the last moment. So when he asked me when he was asked why he said, I went to the masjid to pressure, and the Imam got up. And he said, he gave a talk. And he said, If you already have a lot of wealth, you shouldn't be working to get more wealth.

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And I don't know what that is based on. But you will see companions who were extremely wealthy, and they were millionaires by, you know, our standards. And we're talking about rithmetic not found when they're low on who we're talking about,

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you know, some of the those who are given glad tidings of dramatic mouth, you know, extremely wealthy abubaker himself in Abu hanifa himolla was very wealthy, but they never said, Oh, I have enough money, let me stop working. They kept working. And they kept helping and they kept spending in the sake of for the sake of Allah azza wa jal. But anyways, what we just have this thing where when it comes to wealth, we pretend that it's dirty and it's bad and you shouldn't have a lot of it, but deep down we want to have a lot of it and we plan to do a lot of good and hair if we get a lot of money. So anyways, just important to mention that there's nothing bad or dirty, about wealth so

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long as it's from Hara halaal earnings and you spend it on the holiday, then there's nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

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You know, not man, man solid, Roger solid, right? It's like what a good thing is good wealth for a good person, a righteous person, because they're going to spend it in the obedience of a law they're gonna use it to help them make it to Jenna. Okay.

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So that was wealth becoming plentiful. Let's see how many more signs we can do in this half hour here.

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This is inside Buhari and Muslim as well narrated by Abu hurayrah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, time will become close. Okay, so it's the same Hadith, but we're just looking at a different angle, time will become close actions will decrease stinginess will be the norm, and killing will become prevalent.

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Okay, so we're looking at it from a number of different angles this time, we said stinginess will be the norm, people will get more and more stingy. Whereas people especially amongst in our oma were a lot more generous before. And they would give from having very, very little, right, someone has very little and they give, they're actually giving more as far as percentage, or, you know, if you have like, let's just make it easy. If you have $2, and you give $1, you get 50% of what you own. But if someone has, you know, a billion dollars, and he gives 500,000 away, that's a very small percentage of what they have. Anyways, the companions were extremely, extremely generous, and no one can really

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match them in generosity. But that was their situation, and then people start to get more and more stingy. Then what's interesting, the Hadith says killing will become prevalent, killing will become prevalent people killing each other. And that could be due to a lot of things that could be due to people more or less becoming more and more, let's say bank bankrupt, or it could also be due to devices that make it easier to kill people, you know.

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I'm not anti gun or anything, at least not anymore. And

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but but you know, how much easier is it to kill someone now, in our days in our lifetime, then let's say 1000 years ago, and if you even if you look at the death rates that will be in a major battle, like butter and 100 and it's really a small number by comparison, you know, as as one person said, one device now can kill more than 70 people and that's how many people died at birth and it was a huge loss for the kurush 70 Muslims died or hurt you know, and that was like a major battle of three have 1000 versus 3070 people were killed and today the death rate would be much much higher than that any of you looked at the the numbers of people or or images graphics of those who died in World

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War One and Two unbelievable numbers anyways, but killing becoming more prevalent could be due to the type of technology and the type of you know creative ways and how easy it is to kill people or it could be that people morally are just getting worse and worse, and it's not a big so much of a big deal to kill someone anymore.

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Okay, I like this one. This is narrated by Muhammad Rahim Allah sallallahu alayhi wa cos rodilla. On Whoa, he narrated that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, there will be people who eat through their speech or earn through their speech just as a cow earns from

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The Earth, okay, so they said the scholar is explained, it doesn't mean that if you're going to become a motivational speaker or a public speaker, and that's how you're going to make money, then it's haram for you. But they're saying, it's referring to false speech, people who lie and give false testimony, false praises false oath, they're saying these things, and then they get money for that, even if it's, you know, making a testimonial for a product in their falsely advertising a product or lying on behalf of that company, because they're going to get paid, and so on and so forth. So that's, that's what the Hadith is talking about. And what's interesting is that the

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narrative side of Nebula cos he had an incident with his son. So.

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So basically, in this incident here, Omar, this is the son of Saudi Arabia, of course, he needed something from his father. So he comes to him. Now, in the old days, you if you needed something from the halifa, you'd go and you'd praise Him and poetry and rhyming words, and then you ask for what you need. So Omar is the son of this great companion, he needed something from him. So he starts with some poetry using eloquent words, and, and then when he was done, he asked for what he wanted. So his father or the law tells him, my son, have you finished speaking. And you know, when you when you read that you see how much the companions like were respectful to their children, like,

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you know, his son is doing something that he doesn't approve of, but he doesn't like cut him off. He doesn't stop him doesn't tell him to zip it or Be quiet. He just waits. And when he's done, he says that my son, have you finished speaking, his son said, Yes. Then he said, You have never been further away from reaching your need than now. And I have never been more uninterested in you, than when I heard these words of yours. I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say this is a companion father, he's ending with a according a Hadith, he says, I heard the President say there will be people who will earn through their living through earn their living through their tongues as a cow

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eats from the ground. And so it doesn't mean that they're, you know, motivational speakers or their instructors or, you know, these other people who travel and tell companies how to make more money. It's not talking about any of that is talking about someone who will give false praise, false testimony, or I mean, testimonial, I guess, false. Oh, tell lies, and you know, all of that to get paid. That's what it's talking about. Okay, great. So we were able to cover a number of, of the minor signs, and we'll do so again tomorrow and Sharla. And the day after that, I got some interesting ones for you. And then like I said, we're going to focus on the minor signs to come and

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then do all the 10 major signs before the day of judgment, talking to her for tuning in, and stay tuned.