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out of alignment shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala SureFit modesetting Sydenham Hamad no other early he was Sophia Germain and beloved brothers and sisters in Islam As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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all Praise to Allah subhanaw taala now Sharia, Allah, Allah and Allah will be witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, we declare our faith, our sugar, thanks and gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala who is countless blessings upon us. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us for our shortcomings. To have mercy upon us for our mistakes, to guide us into righteousness, may the week to come be better than the weaker this past May this Joomla be a forgiveness for all the mistakes that we've made in the last week of May Allah grant and send our greetings and salutations to beloved Debbie Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his pious and pure family to the Sahaba and all

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those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be steadfast and the sooner we Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in this life, and in his companionship in the after. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. We continue with our series that we started last week on on the history of Islam in the subcontinent. And it's a bit of a history lesson, and some people have asked is irrelevant. And it's important for us to know these things, and why it's important, I want to remind you remind us that you will not feel anything for the situation of the Muslims in Kashmir. We don't understand how it got there. And if you don't feel something of sadness, or you feel something of

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just to make dua for them, then that's really a question mark on our iman. And we know the lowest form of Eman as a prophet Saddam tells us is when we see something wrong. And we don't even feel bad about it, the lowest form is to feel bad and to make dua, and most of the time is we maybe don't know, and we're not.

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We're not aware of it. So therefore, we need to be aware. Also, as we mentioned, that this area, the subcontinent really is the heartland, almost one, one or 1/3 of the Muslim ummah, is from this area. And many of you here, if not all of you here, even if you think you're Malay, you've got some hay to teach to those lands. So this is really your history. And, you know, a scholar was saying that your identity as a person is based on a number of things. One is your language. Now we already speak a colonial language, we speak a language that is, but it's our own now, but it's coming from a colonial power, English. And secondly, it is your culture. And we know our culture is constantly

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being threatened or being westernized. You know, the way you dress the way you eat, you know, your preferences, and we know it's shifting away from our traditional culture. And that's why this issue of the Blue cup is so important to us our heritage, and then of course, your history, and what every ruling class does, they try to make you forget your history. Forget your prominence you strength and you begin to feel that this is where you belong on the knees, that the Ummah in its current weak state are in a bad state.

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To the point where we forgot that there was a time of Issa and Granger of greatness, something to take proud, good positive pride in. And that's why it's important to remind ourselves. So last week was speaking about how Islam into this region, we said Subhanallah, it was the Sahaba themselves that they reached this area of Pakistan first. And it's amazing to think, well, I want us to think about this. Within 3020 20 years after the death of the Prophet SAW Salem, the people of Arabia, those same Sahaba who a few years ago, all they had were few camels and goats fighting over a piece of sand in the middle of nowhere. We're now ruling kingdoms empires. The idea is not that we should

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rule empires Allah did not seem to deem to become a great Islamic empire. But what Satan Ahmed said to his to his generals, remember, he said to his generals, when they conquered the world, remember where we were before Islam, we can stay, they could still remember, they were just a bunch of Camel herders fighting with each other over a few dates. Now look where we are, we are the most powerful people on Earth. We just held Islam and he took us up. And he said to them, the minute you let go of that Allah is going to put you back down where you are. So this Deen will give you is not only in the AF era, it will give you strength and success in the dunya as well. So the Sahaba already

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reached this far, and that's where the Ummah ended. Then the roommates came a few years later, about 70 years later, and they wanted to expand. And there's great general young men humbly because him and until today, a hero in Islam very young, within three years was on the verge of conquering all of India, when unfortunately politics cut, cut his reign short politics because the management changed on top the Khalifa changed so the new Khalifa wanted to get rid of all all those aligned to the old Califa so it is a new, maybe CEO comes in and he fires all those managers that were aligned with the old manager. And the same with the Khalifa because this was and that's what Angela stopped

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us Subhanallah from going further into Paris.

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In Europe, stopped us entering further into China. We're entering into India, just because of politics and so is the, whenever we see Allah to leave some for us to do some work has to be left for us to do as well.

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And that's what Han Allah, the Muslim, had stood still in India and the land of India that time. And I want you to imagine how India looks like I don't know, if you've studied geography. India, the subcontinent is like a slice of pizza, slice of pizza, a triangle that goes down, and on top, you have the crust that crosses the mountains. So the rest of Asia is behind this mountain area that Himalayas and India is on the other side. So it kind of separated India, from and when I say India, remember, some people say when I'm Pakistani, there was no place called Pakistan. Until about 6070 years ago, there was no such place as Pakistan or Bangladesh, but just one big country called India.

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And we'll we'll talk about how these countries emerged. Why are these Pakistan? Why is their Bangladesh? Why is the fighting between Muslims and Hindus. And it's very important if you're not following the news, these two countries are currently at the lowest point politically with each other, they're on the verge of a war last summer Harlem and not be the case. But what's dangerous, if these two countries go to war, it's to nuclear power is going to meaning the whole world is on the brink of, of this disaster. So I know when we read the news, we skip these top headlines, and we go to the sports section, or who got married to who in Hollywood. And that's what's important to us.

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This is important, because Subhanallah if anything happens in that region, it can it could impact the entire world could bring the whole world into a disaster. So why are these people fighting? As he studied it, inshallah will help explain. So India was basically separated from much of the Muslim lands to the North for a long time. And most of the Khalifa was in Baghdad at that time, they interest was not really to go into India, it's a very strong to at that time, it was a very strong country, militarily, so not to go in there was very difficult. The people there were very strong. And as we know, it's a massive country, even that day is in terms of population, huge population

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mean, if you want to, if you going in as an army 20,000 doesn't mean much. When you have a city of like a million people, then your armies are going to do much, even with a massive, you know, even if your army is very strong, to subdue a continent like that is difficult. And they were, of course, Hindu and Buddhist in the religion. So the Muslims, by and large, we're not so keen on permanently entering this land, but you have Subhanallah over the few. So now, after Mohammed bin Qasim had left, there were a few kingdoms Muslim Kingdom kingdoms in what we call Pakistan today. And what you had tribes in the north tribes in Afghanistan, so Palestine is beyond those mountains. I said,

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picture India, like a pizza slice of pizza. The crust is the Himalayan mountains of Afghanistan is on the other side of the pizza on the outside of the pizza and India's on the inside. And what you had was by now, Islam had entered a party Stan, Islam had entered the Kurdistan and many warlords in Afghanistan, started to see India as a place that we could read. I guess they were Muslim. And we shouldn't think that every person who has a Muslim title or professes to be Muslim or is Muslim and practicing that the reason is to spread Islam, rather than reason is like any king to spread His kingdom, and nothing to do with Islam. And so you had now in a photo from for the next few 100

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years, you had rulers that started to enter India simply for reading. They would come and they would attack a fortress, they would steal all the jewels and run back through Afghanistan. That's what they did. One one person Mahmud of Ghazni, for example, for he told the Khalifa in Baghdad, he was an ally of the Khalifa using COVID Afghanistan. And he told the Khalifa I promise you once a year, I will read India and I will send you some tribute. Also, there were some refugees that if you were not in favor with the Khalifa, you you were hiding in India, like there were certain Shia groups, they ran away and they hid in India. So this would be a reason we just go in, fight them or damage

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them, and then we leave. So the Muslims in reality, we're not interested in setting up a kingdom in India, then 1173. So now we're talking 1000 years ago, 1000 years ago, a warlord from Afghanistan. He comes into India with a big army, and he captures many lots of territory. And his intention is simply to plunder the spoils of war slaves and these kinds of things when he dies. So the the gender of the Emir the Soufan dies, and his army is stuck in India. Basically, his army now is stuck in India and his army. They took control of this of themselves. In fact, they called them Luke army. Ma'am Luke means a slave. So the slaves took control of

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The Army and they didn't want to go back to Afghanistan to say we stuck in India, we might as well establish our own thing here in Afghanistan in India, we're not gonna go back to be part of the Old Kingdom. So the Mamelukes or in India, this army takes control and they establish a city or they took control of the city of Delhi, Delhi, till now the capital of India is Delhi. So this was the central place. Now, for the first time you have a kingdom who's not ruling from Baghdad, in India or Kingdom ruling from Kabul in Afghanistan, in India, now you have a kingdom, its capital is in India, a Muslim kingdom. And this is the beginning of the first real established Muslim presence rule in

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India. It's called the Delhi Sultanate, the sopin the emirate if you want of Delhi and the first people to rule this is our record the Mamluks the are they will slaves, slaves who got their freedom. And now they will. And here are some things to know that they built a Minnaar. for about 500 years, this was the biggest monarchy in the world, just to until modern times, obviously, until modern mosques were made. And for many, many centuries, this Minnaar was the tallest monarchy in the world also. So this alternate route, what 300 years, and they were different sedans that came and went one of them famous lady Razia Sultana, but too much know about, but interesting that she's the

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only Muslim lady, you don't have a female Khalifa, or female Empress in our tradition, but this lady actually ruled the Sultanate in Delhi, the only Muslim lady to do that. And she was better than her brothers and her uncles moving on. So now you have a Muslim kingdom, in the north of India, separated from the rest of the Muslim world by the Himalayan Mountains. And then in the 13th century, a cry a cataclysm, a disaster befalls the whole world, something which the Obama at that time believed was the end of was Qiyamah. They believe Qiyamah had come. We live in a very low point in our history. But we were many points lower than we were. And this is perhaps the lowest point in

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our history, the biggest disaster to befall the Ummah, the biggest calamity to before the OMA after the death of the province of Salem was this event, the Mongolian invasion and the promises I'm actually spoke about this, the promises and says, The Kiama will not come until you find a group of people

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that are non Arabs, their faces will be read and flat like like hammers being hit, and they will be they will have shoes that are made a fool. And these are the Mongolians. Mongolia is a country next to China. And Jingis Khan

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got together a big, big army and he basically conquered the world. He conquered the whole world. And in that he invaded many of the Muslim countries going from China, all the way into Iran, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, but now the capital of the Muslim world was Baghdad in Iraq. That is where the Khalifa was. And this army of the Mongolians they didn't only conquer what they did was they destroyed everything. So for example, when they entered Iran, Iran is a Muslim country. And the people of Iran fought against him. So they offer you a choice. You either surrender and we take over your country. If you don't sit in the you don't let us in. Then we're not only going to conquer you,

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we will completely destroy you. And many kings of course, they don't give up willingly when they lost. The Mongolians would every man woman child, donkey, horse, cat, dog everything and burn every book and they move on to the next city. So this is the Mongolian disaster

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within one so now they come these people have come all the way from China, destroying an unstoppable they beat the Russians. They beat the Chinese they beat the Afghans they beat everyone no one can stop them. And now they're on the door of Baghdad, our capital the center of the Muslim world. In fact, at that time, the most advanced city on Earth. This army of Mongolians are the metabo Khalifa same story. You saw what we did you either surrender or Oh, we will destroy you. Khalifa of course didn't surrender. So they did what they did, and they completely massacred but one week 1 million people killed by sewed they would line them up Subhanallah the story is the norm obviously to do

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alive. They said we were so weak that they would line us up a lady of the Mongolians would line us up been hundreds of us and she would we will send and she will cut our heads off until the knife became blunt. She would say wait, yeah, I'm gonna feature a new knife and we didn't have the courage to even run.

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That when they threw the grandness of the biggest library in the world was in Baghdad at that time. And obviously these Mongolians went up there to build a civilization. They dumped all those books in the Tigris River very there and black for a long time the ink. So now when you find for example, you'll say Imam Shafi it out

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30 books, we only have 10 of them what happened to the other 20 Completely lost because of the Mongolian so this was a disaster many of us many of the scholars believe this was chiama this is your agenda which no one can stop them. No kingdom on earth can stop them, Allah and they were just waiting for Kiana. But of course this was not Kiana because as this army continued pushing, and as they conquered that killed the Khalifa you know, they killed the Khalifa Subhanallah they're active, they found you know, the Khalifa and his family. They put them in a in a carpet, and they rolled over the carpet with the horses. So they killed the Khalifa because they believe that some strange

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believes that the blood of a monarch shouldn't touch the ground, doesn't mean we'll spare your life Subhanallah anyway, so now they've moved beyond Baghdad, Syria. What's next? Jerusalem and Makkah Medina. That's basically it. Nothing left and if they conquer these areas, well, what's gonna happen to the Ummah, the last group of people the last the only the one kingdom that was still standing was again a slave Mameluke a slave kingdom in Egypt slaves group of slaves, the Emir is dead. And they the last line of defense, Mongolian sent them a letter, surrender, and you will survive. Or if you if you fight on, we will do to you what we did to everyone else, no one has ever stood against us.

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And obviously, if you don't, we're gonna make an example out of you will do even worse to you. And the Mamelukes, they made a decision to stand and they fought and they beat the Mongolians at a place called Angel loot. The eye of Goliath the same place that beat out beat Goliath in Palestine. And this is the end they stopped and this is the very first time in like 100 years, the Mongolians were stopped, and they never came again. And that's how the Mongolians were, you know, the OMA survived so we were that was a very bad time in our history. But we came back well hamdulillah how does this fit into India, as the Mongolians are pushing over? They didn't really into India seriously. And

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lots of these refugees from all over the world now comes into India as a safe place many of them Muslim rulers, Muslim rulers and the Delhi Sultanate remember the kingdom of Delhi in India Muslim kingdom, they are accepting many of these refugees and they are resisting the Mongolians from coming in the they are resisting the Mongolians. So the Mongolians really never conquered India. And it was therefore seen as a safe place for people to live

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as time would go by that same Mongolian

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disaster, how were they defeated? Many of them embraced Islam. So after they had conquered our lands and killed off the top of the hole, most of the population and they lived in the area they got to know about Islam. They embraced Islam and they left the religion Subhan Allah and that's why many of the following kingdoms that came actually have Mongolian blood. And that's brings us to the next kingdom in India. Now you must have heard I hope you've heard about the moguls of India. The moguls even out today you say he's a financial mogul, and he's like a foodie someone experience right? And this image of the moguls is what the Western world always imagined when we Muslims were so we

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watched Aladdin, Aladdin the cartoon, you see people with turbans and snakes and riding magic carpets and elephants. The western world thought that's what a Muslim does. That's how a Muslim looks like. In fact, that was our image for a long time. Until Taylorism came in at a better image for us, you know, it was image for us, but better for them. It's a new version of what Muslims look like. It's based on these people. These people that set up a kingdom in India Muslim rulers, this is basically who they were.

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how did this kingdom evolve and how why is it important for us?

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Once again, we have the descendants of Gen Z scan those same people that destroyed the Mongolians that destroyed the Muslim world. They became Muslim and one of his great great grandsons he was the ruler of Afghanistan

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and when he's his own family took his power from him his own uncle's took his kingdom from him. He ran away from Afghanistan with a small army and he comes to India and he's able to conquer the Delhi Sultanate the kingdom in Delhi is able to conquer it and the Hindu kings of India they still a lot of Hindus they joined up an army they oppose him but he beats them this guy's this name of this guy is called Babu right? This name Babu is the founder. So Babu now is a Mongolian he's tradition is an Indian, even though this is an Indian Kingdom pictures we can talk about afterwards but if you look at his face,

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he's actually it looks Chinese almost. He looks very Asian. East Asian not sub

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The rulers of India, were not really Indian. And the Muslims are always seen as invaders coming in. So now this man, he conquers, and he sets up his own kingdom here in and they call the Mongolians, the moguls, the moguls. And they realize the richness of this land, they realize that this continent is so rich and so fertile. It is better than anything that we have up north, in Afghanistan and in Uzbekistan, and all these countries, this is a fertile land. And so now they begin to form their own dynasty and this family, the Mogul family, they would have a kingdom, a Muslim kingdom in India for about 200 years. It would be the richest Muslim kingdom on earth at that time. In fact, many of them

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were the richest people on earth 25% of the world's economy at that time under them was in India. So they really set up India and they really built its industry. You know, what, almost 20% of the world's population was under the control. Now, how a small Muslim family ruled a content ocean of Hindu people is a very interesting question. Very interesting question. Right, this continents are Hindu. How do they do this? And some interesting names in the history we said Babu is the founder. He comes in after his loses everything is uncle's take all this control over all his power and his wealth in Afghanistan. He comes to India and he's established his own kingdom, a massive battle

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between him and the Hindu kings, the Hindu kings get together to fight him. Now, many of these rulers what's some interesting tidbits here, many of these rulers were not very staunch Muslims, but part of slumps, we call them right.

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And Babu wrote his memoirs, he says when the when the Hindu kings all joined up against him, he saw to Allah after today, I won't drink hammer anymore. And he told his army, no Mohammed, we promise to Allah, we're not gonna drink wine. And they won the battle against all odds. They were outnumbered very severely 200,000, some books against 20,000. He had some advanced weapons, guns and these things, and he was able to win against this Raja, this Hindu coalition. And that was the beginning of His kingdom, His grandson, Akbar, Akbar is actually given the title Akbar the Great because he's the greatest king of the moguls. And what he did was, he managed to really bring in administration

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culture, set up new infrastructures, build huge monuments. If you go to India, the big monuments really is built by these people. And he was the wealthiest man in the world. When the Europeans heard about this man and they saw his keys, his, his,

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his lifestyle, his lavishness, they couldn't imagine that someone could be so rich. Obviously, with that came, luxury became excessive. Many of the Islamic traditions got lost. But he was very successful, because he married in a way, a new Indian Muslim culture as something for us to be to think about here. He didn't come and bring now he's from his ancestry is from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan. His turkeys are what we call a turkey tribesmen. When he came to when they came to India, they said, This is our home, and we will sit up, we'll take the best of our cultures and the good things of their cultures and our religion. And we'll establish a new kind of a kind of Islam, a

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new identity, which is permissible. And that's why it was seen for the first time. These are not Muslim invaders. This is actually an Indian kingdom. This is an Indian kingdom. Yes, it's ruled by Muslims. And he was very, you know, he's celebrated for being tolerant, perhaps too tolerant from an Islamic perspective, he went overboard and what was allowed, but he was very successful in establishing a unified India with him as the ruler and the brought the Hindus in on terms on equal terms. And he Subhanallah you know, established the Hanafi madhhab as the the authority of India. So today we know many of our brothers and sisters who are from the Indian subcontinent, Hanafy why

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Hanafi because these people brought the Hanafi madhhab. The why the Hanafi madhhab. In reality today, when we see the Hanafis, we think they are but strict, Shafi is a bit more liberal, it's the other way around the Hanafi. madhhab is actually the most lenient broad view, whereas the others are very rigid and strict, and to rule, a non Muslim country. A country which is basically 99% 95% non Muslim, you need to bring a law that is flexible, and the Hanafi madhhab is the most flexible, and that's why you have Hanafis from India, you know, it's called this guy called Akbar the Great he wrote for 50 years, and he's grandson is the famous Shajahan who built the Taj Mahal. Right. So if

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you again, I'm giving you some points here, Taj Mahal, this very famous structure, what is really a climax actually Hara?

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Um, shouldn't be built. It's haram Shajahan love this very much even though the Haram these guys had lots of wives as panela they went beyond the limit of four which is haram.

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But he had a wife which he loves very much

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Subhan Allah they have married for 20 years and she dies giving birth to the 14 child. So every year she was pregnant basically with this man, right and when she dies, he builds this monument to her she's very big in the Taj Mahal now obviously haram for us to do these kinds of things haram to build monuments and crumpets we're not allowed to build these things. When you die, you have a very simplistic, very simple video. And

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as many as, as the you see, writes that when his wife died, he became a lot more pious, stopped waiting gold and jewelry,

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stopped using gold utensils haram and he started to become more into Quran and and worshipping Allah both masajid Allah, Allah Subhan Allah guides, and then his son was a very staunch Muslim is an interesting character. He son WinZip, difficult name. He was of all the mobile rulers, the most pious of them. Most pious didn't drink wine, didn't have music. They didn't have dancing girls are constantly reciting Quran, almost like a saint died in a Juma but also, unfortunately, not very successful as being a ruler, because his staunch Islam, put him in conflict with the Hindus. So he managed to he was constantly fighting and fighting, which gives us an interesting thing to think

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about. But the liberal ones were successful and the pious ones from a dunya perspective, were not successful. And this gives you the hikma of Nabil salaam when the prophets of salaam comes to Medina and he now becomes the ruler. What was his first speech? The first thing he said now look you come in you write in you the Conqueror you're the winner. What do you say the very first thing the prophecy has said a few said what happened with bomb was so luminous in em was Silverhand that agenda to be Saddam, that the first thing he said, people what's your when you come on as you've now conquered us what must we do? He said make peace make Salam peace, everyone and feed people if

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someone is hungry, feed them and be good to your family unit your friends, your neighbors and make Salah when everyone else is sleeping. So we do live

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we live in a non Muslim country and we surrounded by non Muslims, we need to maintain our devious, we cannot give in to the temptations. At the same time. Our religiosity and sometimes we find this contradiction when a man becomes Sally becomes really sour also doesn't smile anymore. It's hard to become you know you don't want to be his friend anymore. Right? It's difficult being a friend with a stylish person shouldn't be the way should be the other way around. That along with your Masjid piety must increase your HELOC you shouldn't get to the point where you separate yourself from all the sinners these bad people and I don't spend time with him. Beautiful example is Nabil Brahim,

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now we brought him he's informed the angels visit him and they tell him that you have a son a new son is Hawk Masha Allah and they tell him we on our way to destroy the people I'm gonna be loot. Now we know what not we lose. People did what certainly did. And they are now going to be punished destroyed. Let me Abraham is making dua for them. Yeah, Allah give them a chance forgive them. Now if it was us who say yeah, there's three people who make we do make dua against them. Yeah. And Abraham is saying as bad as they are, besides the sin they commit, and they're harming and killing people, they love the worst of the worst. And he's making dua for them have mercy upon them. So it's

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something for us to think about in terms of how our clock and how we treat those, anyway, this pious man. And, you know, at Hamdulillah, for him, we die, he didn't build any monument, his grave is the most simplest of all the graves. But when he left, he had so much worse with the Hindu people than the kingdom now almost on the verge of collapse. And that was just the perfect timing for the British to write in the British people, the same people that conquered South Africa, the colonized half the world, 1/3 of the world, they arrive in India at that time when the Muslim mogul empire of the 200 years is on the verge of collapse. And that's the ideal opportunity for the colonial powers

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to come in and take over and bring the rule and make India a colony of in fact, it's called the jewel the crown of the jewel, the jewel of the crown jewel in the crown of the Queen of England. And that's why, you see, they would rule for we'll talk next week about the colonial power. How did Islam survive in colonial power? What happened to the deen you'll find idealism arose when the English came why? And you'll find that the Jama geometric web came out of that to revive Islam. So this period of colonial power, the Muslim world as the Muslims in Indonesia our ancestors were being destroyed by

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The Dutch, the British were doing the same thing in India, the Portuguese were doing the same in the Philippines, all these Muslim lands Subhanallah by these colonial powers, because we became weak. So this kingdom Subhanallah, this mogul kingdom, at some at one point was really the strongest Muslim empire. On Earth, the wealthiest without a doubt the wealthiest Empire understand the wealth of this country,

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the king of Persia, or the one of the chars, he invades the moguls, and he steals the Treasury. When he goes back to Iran for three years. No, Texas, no country doesn't have to pay tax anymore. That's how rich these people were the thrones, you know, people wear jewelry, as decorations, they set on thrones, the walls had jewelry inside it. And I was right given them a lot. But also, what you realize when you read this history, which is new for me, Allah, that same king that ruled the world that was winning gold, as a gift, you know how people give him a gift, they would weigh him. And for his birthday, they would give him gold equal to his weight. Where did he end up same hole, you and I

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are going to end up same hole that you and I are going to end up that's where he's going to end up. All of this is of no benefit. And what's left is your deeds. But 200 300 years later, someone in South Africa will talk about what you did what you didn't do. And that's how life is Subhan Allah. We also when we look at this, we are sad to think that we were dominant in India for 1000 years. But we failed to spread Islam correctly. When we were in more, you know, when the when the desire was to rule and control over swinging the Diem is no success. In fact, many of these kings prefer them to stay Hindu. Why? Because we can tax the Hindus more. There is a Jizya there's a tax we give. So if

00:31:44--> 00:32:27

you become Muslim, we can tax you will only take Zakah from you. So now it's better for us to keep them as Hindu. And that's why the deen unfortunately didn't flourish as it should have. We also see that when we become arrogant, lazy, they also became relaxed. They were at one point very advanced in terms of technology, very advanced in systems. But when you stop becoming, you know, you stopped working. There's always someone around the corner to take what you have the Muslim ummah, we are in the Dark Ages, when it comes to science and technology. Allah subhanho wa Taala is not going to allow for us just to make dua and the situation will come right. situation just come right. So when

00:32:27--> 00:33:09

we talk about these kingdoms, we learn a lesson, we learned something important, not that we should have one grand caliphate one day that rules the world, but to build something that is of greatness for the Ummah, to bring the hack to the world, and it begins to ally, as weak as we are. The turning point begins with a few people, few people working hard for something beyond themselves for you, for me to go beyond just my life, eating, drinking, going to work, to aspire to something bigger, that bigger could be your machine in the area. That bigger thing could be the school that you kids go to, but I want to make something of worth when I leave the dunya I lift some kind of legacy behind that

00:33:09--> 00:33:53

is your challenge my challenge, you know the prophets of salaam when he came, his objective wasn't to bring and change the world was to change people and those people will change other people and that's how Islam came to eight Easterday. So when we stop having that mindset of moving forward, moving the Ummah forward, we have we end up in a time that we live now No, not even spinal or not even a leader that we can look up look at the kings of today. The input is this presidents of the of today is the see is a really anyone that you can say Mashallah. That's someone I want to follow. Sad, sad reality. sad reality. We need leadership. Same problems of the past is here. And while we

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can't fix the OMA the big