This is how the companions would prepare for Ramadan

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been assumed that all the Allahu anhu he was asked, he forgotten to start with Luna Ramadan. Someone asked him and Massoud you know I've been Massoud was a companion of the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Someone asked him, How did you companions How did you use to welcome Ramadan? How would you welcome Ramadan? Listen to what he said. He said, Mac and I had una usual and you're stuck Villa Hillel Ramadan. What can be Hiva to heck then Allah He was the most rude he said we would welcome Rama bomb and none of us would dare to hold an atom's weight of hatred or enmity or jealousy towards each other.

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We would not hold any animosity or hatred towards each other, so pion Allah Subhana Allah. This is how pure their hearts work towards the Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam. This is how pure their hearts work. sought out your issues right now I say to my brothers and sisters in Islam saw them out now.

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In order to earn the forgiveness of Allah