Prohibition of Eating Pork in the Bible

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Hi Dr. Zakir My name is sinto. JOHN, I work for rk ceramics as a sales executive. I'm a Christian and a strong believer in Jesus Christ as my God. I am well aware that all Muslims do consider Jesus Christ to higher regard as a prophet.

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My question is regarding the issue on prohibition of pork in Islam. My first question is, do you consider all the words of Jesus and the medicals performed by Jesus as mentioned in the Bible? And if so, let me explain to you one thing, the premise in which Christians believe that both are no predict prohibited is from the Gospel when Jesus says that whatever comes into you goes out of you, but what comes from your heart is what is what makes a man pure and pure. So if you consider that then why do you think and if you consider Jesus as a prophet, then why do you say that Parker's rather than Islam? And if not, what do you think Jesus meant by what when he said that, before I

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answer the question, I'd like to welcome the chairman of the Dubai International Holy Quran award, Mr. brandboom Allah and also the deputy chairman, Dr. Sade for giving us a wonderful opportunity and making us available this hall so late also Mashallah. I like to thank him and I pray to Almighty God that He gives more opportunity for people of Dubai to hear such lectures and so that more and more people get hidayah and inshallah inshallah the of the people accepting Islam and also go to the domain national Quran award in sha Allah to the table mo mala and also to check mama inshallah.

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There will ask the question that do I believe in the miracles of jesus guys mentioned in the Bible,

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brother, I believe whatever is mentioned the Bible, if it matches with the Quran, I believe in it. If it goes against the Quran, I does believe in it. If it does not go against does not match it is ambiguous. Whatever is matching with the Quran, I believe in it. As far as the second part of the question is concerned, that you say regarding the prohibition of pork, it has been nullified because Jesus Christ peace be upon him says whatever comes in to you goes out and mean things from your heart. How does this nullify you fail to realize that means you are not reading the Bible. Jesus guys peace be upon him said in the Gospel of Matthew chapter number five was number 17. To 20. It

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says, Think not that I have come to destroy the law, the profits, I have come not to destroy, but to fulfill.

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I have come not to disturb the fulfill, Whosoever shall break one jot or tittle from the law, he will be called least in the kingdom of heaven. That means you cannot break one jot or tittle from the law that for Jesus guestspy viewpoint. Now you pick up another one senses, what comes into you goes out what is from your heart, you can ask, Where does it mean you can have

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to contradicting your God, Jesus case peace be upon him, it feels Think not that I have come to destroy the law, the profit, I've come not to destroy, but to fulfill and let the heavens and the earth pass away. Not one jot or tittle can pass away from the law until they're fulfilled. And whosoever shall break one law till he shall be called lift in the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever shall keep it and teach men the same, they shall be called Get in the kingdom of heaven, unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees. In no way shall you enter the kingdom of heaven. So if you want to go to jhana, you have to be in the juice, you have to

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follow each and every commandment of Moses peace be upon him. This is the teachings of Jesus guys, Gospel of Matthew chapter number five, verse number 17 to 20. Okay, if that is so the What do you think he meant when he said that? Whatever you eat comes in, and whatever comes out and goes out of you? What is from your heart is what decides what is pure or impure? sinful, what comes in goes out? What is the problem in that?

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Is there any problem in that? No, it was asked in relevance when Jesus disciples were questioned by the Jews that why are they not following the traditional ceremony of washing the hands before eating food? That's when Jesus replied, that, don't you understand that what you eat doesn't matter if it is pure or impure? Or what do you eat? It comes it goes into you and comes in. He didn't say, it doesn't matter what you're eating is pure and impure. That's your thing. It's not mentioned in the Bible that way. It is mentioned in the Bible that what you say that whether what you're eating is pure or impure doesn't matter. They say that no, it doesn't say I'm sorry. Please, please don't put

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your words in the Bible, please. Fine, fine, fine, but what I am quoting his verbatim fine grain checkup I'm quoting from my memory I read the Bible in front of me but what you're saying you're putting your words into the Bible. No, but he definitely said that what you eat comes out of you.

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Come out, but it has to come out here human beings he wouldn't he wouldn't simply state that for I don't know for

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you eat comes out simple. Your heart means it is from your heart. That means your heart should follow the commandment. Number jeevika. Peace be upon him said earlier. Don't be one jot or tittle. So if your heart

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In it, you will not make a single, simple explanation fine. You don't have to be a doctor of divinity. He was trying to prove the Jews wrong by saying that it is not him. No, not at all. He wasn't trying to do that. Therefore, you think that what the church tells you is plain black and white? No, he they said you cannot break one jot or tittle from the law, telling the Jews to break the law of Judaism. He's not telling that he's not giving any indication for the Jews to break the laws of Judaism. He's telling them to obey. It is your understanding of the Bible, no matter what the Bible says that he did think that the Jews are not completely obeying the laws, they agree with

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you. They were not completely open because they did not believe in the fulfillment of the Messiah. Because the Jewish Scripture says they're the Messiah to come. We Muslims, we believe in it. The Jews don't believe so. He was trying to explain to them I am the Messiah. But that doesn't mean you're trying to break the laws of the Jews.

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He was trying to fulfill things not that I have come to destroy the law the prophets have come not to disturb or to fulfill simple. I'm asking you do you have for brother? Sorry, do you have

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Yeah, I occasionally that means you're on a good kitchen.

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You're on the good Christian. Even occasionally you Bregman Laura tittle You shall not go to Jenna. Not Quran says that. Bible says that. Even if you have pogon you break one Nora tittle You shall not go to Paradise. You shall not enter eternal life. And you said that you are a practicing Christian. You said you believe Jesus Christ is God. I don't believe Jesus is God but I follow his teachings. I love him more than you. This is what Jesus said it from the heart. This is explanation of your worth. And from my heart, I love him. I love Jesus Christ. Peace be upon him, do you? I don't think so. It is theoretical. Not from your heart verbally. You know, I do very strongly. So if you

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strongly believe in Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. Why you disobeying him? Why? Why are you disobeying him? I don't I didn't think I don't think I am disavowing him until now. But I'm quoting from the Bible Gospel of Matthew chapter five, verse 17, things do not have come to destroy the Lord the prophets. And I've given you a quotation from Leviticus chapter 11, verse seven to eight, Deuteronomy chapter 14, verse number eight book of Isaiah chapter 65, was number two to five references. Okay, if that's the case, in the Old Testament, it is said that an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, but what did Jesus Christ say? If somebody slaps you show him the other side. Now

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what is Isn't that like a defining of the law? No.

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I will give you what you're quoting his references from the Gospel of Matthew chapter number five, verse number 30. Okay, I will give the quotation No, I don't want the quotation I want the answer for the question. But first, I give the quotation different men I give the answer now Fine, fine. I always give it prove you believe without proof you can do that. I am a man of proof with references from your scripture, okay.

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Gospel of Matthew chapter number five, verse number 38. It has been said in the old times, that an eye for an eye tooth for a tooth But I say unto you, Whosoever takes a shot, give him the cloak. Whoever walks with you one mile walk with Him Twain, who saw for the one cheek offering the other.

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That's it. It doesn't mean that we're against it. But he's doing it has been said of the old times. But those two laws don't correspond. They're totally different. They're totally against each other. But those things were genius guys, peace be upon him said it's time to get remedy people misunderstood. They misunderstood the law. An eye for an eye tooth for a tooth means there should be just in that doesn't mean someone by mistake. A child is playing cricket. And if the ball hits the eye, that doesn't mean you break it. People misunderstood the message. He was correcting it. Samia, you misunderstood the message that Jesus said our folk when he says

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it means that people misunderstood they are following the law by the letter not by the Spirit.

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What do you have to realize that it means that if by mistake someone is playing cricket, and suppose the ball hit vi that doesn't mean that you have to take the eye of the boy

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to you have to follow the law in the spirit. Man you have to see the meaning of it. That's important. That's what these escapees before and tried to explain. I'm asking the question, will you follow Jesus Caspian lot today? If someone says to you on one cheek video for the other? There are many people waiting in the queue. Will you do that? I'm sorry. There are many people waiting in the queue. Okay, will you follow Jesus Christ someone's left a video for the other? No, that is wrong then what do you do meet is wrong. When do you disconnect now?

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You believe Jesus Christ is your God peace be upon him. If someone slaps a video for the others, you can come on the stage here. We'll have many people slapping you.

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I didn't understand actually. That verse of the Bible also says someone slaps you on one cheek offer the other. Yeah. Do you believe in that law? I do. Yes. Someone slapped a video for the other cheek. Exactly. If I don't that means I'm

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disobeying is lost. That's okay. Suppose if I tell you that from today, everyone will come and hit you on the cheek, maybe once or twice, you know, for video for always. Well, that depends on my depth of the faith. I mean, if I'm really strong believer then I would definitely offer any Christian what the name bond today will keep on offering his cheek. I have not met anyone. Do you agree that 30,000 people or 30,000 staff when you take but believe me, they're not really true believers for what I'm asking you Will you leave us others will you? I don't know. That we know a believer that

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I don't know what we realize that every prophet came and for remedy today masala Salam has come. And he said depending upon the situation, if it by mistake, an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth is wrong. If it is required, sometimes you can offer your cheek but not always. If always if you offer the cheek marriage justice.

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If that way someone gives you you allow them to kill again, is this justice. It's not just us at all, depending upon the situation, you have to keep on changing. Therefore I say that I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ peace be upon him which match with the Quran.

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If it doesn't match with the Quran, what I say it's an interpolation, it's a concoction. It's the fabrication because everything written in the Bible is not the word of God. According to scholars of Christianity, they say there are many interpolations in the Bible, there are many concoctions, there are many fabrications. According to Christian journals, they say there are 50,000 errors in the Bible, how many 50,000 so therefore I don't consider Bible to be the Word of God. There are many unscientific things mentioned in the Bible. If you read the book of Genesis,

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you know, I can give a lecture only on the contradictions on unscientific things. I don't consider what do you consider Bible to be the Word of God? Yes. Okay. Now doing the book of Genesis chapter number one. Yes. Verse number 16. It says, Almighty God created to lights, the greater light the sun, to rule the day, the lesser light the moon to rule the night. Bible says the light of the moon is its own light. Do you believe in that?

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The light of the moon is its own light. Do you believe in that? No. That we don't believe in the Bible.

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Bible says in the book of Genesis, chapter number one was number 14. Almighty God, he created the earth on the third day, creating the sun on the fourth day. That means the earth and vegetables came before and sun came later on. Do you know science weather? Sorry, do you know science? Yes, the Bible says Earth came first and then came sun. Is that correct? I don't know. No, scientifically, is that correct?

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The Earth came first and then the sun came Earth came on the third day sun came on the fourth Ray that possible?

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We know the sun is the parent body in the solar system. All the planets that revolve around the sun. They are the body from the sun. You know the Big Bang? Yes. So it is created simultaneously. But the Bible says out on the third day along with vegetables son on the fourth day How can the vegetable survive without sunlight? Is it possible? If God can make it that way? Why not? But do you believe in that? See what God can do but we'll go on to something which is wrong, illogical thing God will do reasoning with god i don't i don't think it is in our scope. It is beyond us. It is not in your scope it in the scope of human beings like me. God has to be logical. You can't be illogical. Then

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if you say logical then you believe every monkey any turn any trees God. But what what our brothers in India do? Everything is God for them. And then you said don't argue with God. Don't even with God. So then you start worshipping this tone also.

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Whether you can be logical.

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See the truth, the truth shall free you.

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Thank you. So hope you see the show.