Karim Abuzaid – Beware of pleasing people at expense of Allah’s pleasure

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses false accusations against Islam, including a woman who talks about being a praying woman and a man who claims to be a praying woman. They emphasize the importance of not allowing fear control one's behavior and not letting culture of conflict affect one's behavior. The segment also touches on the idea of praying with one's heart and the need to maintain a strong stance in Islam.
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In Islam,

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in our circle of relations,

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we strive so hard just to make people happy with us.

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You try to please people so much so that they become impressed by you say, Oh man, this guy is really this is the guy.

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And sometimes we actually end up showing off

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in front of them in order to gain their acceptance in order to maintain their bleisure with us. Sometimes actually, we'll need this obey Allah subhana wa tada in order to make them happy.

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While we're at nabee Sophia as well as officially tirmidhi muawiya nabee sufian

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sent a letter to Ayesha while he was Amir momineen. Yeah.

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Oh, my mother, give me an Aussie.

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And if it can be short,

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gives me an A C has advised me.

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I shall have a loved one to him.

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As for what to follow, in nice ammirato Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kakou I record the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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Allahu Allah Enos.

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If you showed, with an S, if you seek seek suit, if you strive to earn the pleasure of the people at the expense of the displeasure of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will make those people angry at you.

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And I always give that scenario,

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you're working in a place. And there is a lot of slammer folks around you. Specially your boss.

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He knows, you know, you know that he's really anti Islam and Muslims. And now you're supposed to pray five times, especially in these winter, winter days, sure days, when us normally hits while you're working. Now you know if you're gonna pray in front of your boss.

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So now you're gonna leave the salon to make him happy.

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That's an example.

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You know what the Hadith tells you, this man will fire you for another reason.

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There will be another reason that this man will fire you for it. Look at the end of this woman as often as the law and if you do the right thing, if you stand for what is right, if you stand for the truth Finally,

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but this will make you go head to head with the people the anger of the people who will be upon you Kapha

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Kapha Allah will protect you from the people

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cavagna Malik Ravi, Allah one,

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one of the three who did not join the battle of taboo.

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We know that there are three companions, they did not drawing the book.

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And we know Jihad

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fighting in the cause of Allah was mandatory like the Salah like desica, like the Hajj during the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So hi al al jihad, like Haryana Sala,

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Haryana, Salah equals hireology you cannot abandon unless you have an excuse. Ladies, Allah Allah, Allah. Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah you must be limping, you must be sick, you must be blind, or you don't have the means to go

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over your loved one has Zoo execuse

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and he knew it.

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So he learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is coming back tomorrow. He said how in the world I'm going to come out of that situation. I have no other result. But to do like the hypocrites come up with a lie.

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lie to the Messenger of Allah.

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When he stood in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, listen what he said,

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Allah by Allah O Messenger of Allah.

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And the best one to speak. Cat, by the way, used to be a point chair in January. And you know, people who say they are very eloquent, they speak a lot. I am the best to make up a lie. He's telling him I'm not sure of that. I'm not sure of this. But I know

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if I tell you something right now, which is a lie, and I will disrupt that relationship with Allah because I'm lying to you, you're human, you're gonna believe me, you're gonna be pleased with me. But I ignored that later on Allah subhanho wa Taala will turn your heart against me

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look at the understanding.

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Look at the understanding brothers and sisters in Islam. You need to realize that the limb with which we love and Islam, which is the heart is in the hands of Allah subhana wa tada call us Allah.

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a coup.

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De in

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the hearts of the children of Adam, or in between two fingers of Allah, and we say fingers and Allah knows.

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We affirm the attribute, but we don't

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resemblance to that created being Allah has fingers in a way that suits His Majesty, should I try to find out how his fingers look like no, I'm not commanded to do this. And if I turn plays my head with my head, so I ended up making up a picture of a lot of finger

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lines above that. This is how we deal with the names and the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Rahim Allah has a statement out of this world, what did he say? He's addressing the person who shows up for the table in order to impress them.

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So in my salon, I'm showing off I'm perfecting my Salah to impress you. You know what he said,

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Man to

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be a demon athlete. The heart of the one to whom you're showing off is in the hands of the one you're disobeying. If you want him to love, you'll be sincere in your Salah should

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look at the rest of the statement of garbled nomadic brothers and sisters in Islam.

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But I know messenger of Allah,

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that's there as well I can do

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that. If I tell you the truth is

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I made a mistake. I had no excuse not

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to Allah, yada.

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yada, that turns you against me.

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But I know because of me maintaining that relationship with a law

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focusing on that relationship with a law that I told you the truth, Allah will turn your hearts towards me later on.

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This is brothers and sisters in Islam, that dilemma that a lot of Muslims are not paying attention to when it comes to relationships, whether it be an active fi that relationship with a law, one law, a law is dictator of your life. A law will take care of your kids. Allah will take care of your children. Imagine, imagine our brother, our brother two days before his death,

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asking me and I can tell that he was in the medication is getting to him and beginning to abandon the Salah. The connection with Allah

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what should they do?

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Can you advise me I told him to come and pray when you you're not in that state. Maybe you can combine the Salah, but don't leave the Salah don't have to face the medicals you cannot leave. You know just praying with your eyes you will have so I told him Salah Sahaba he was so happy

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he was so

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Allah manages his life for him. Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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One of the spoilers of relationships.

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If I love you and you love me for the sake of Allah,

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if we separate one of us committed a sin,

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call us aloha this

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Buddha would call us on Aloha, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, matter.

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for over

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a decade or

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two individuals love one another for the sake of Allah and they begin having conflict, rest assured that one of them committed a sin. That is why if you hang around someone that you want to you love and you love dearly, you love his brotherhood. You love his sister, you love you love, make sure that he doesn't sin because the sin will get to that relationship. Make sure that hey, did you make your Salah today? What are you doing? Oh, come on, you can do it because I want to maintain I love my brother. I don't want to lose. Friday brothers and sisters in Islam right here.

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