Preferring what Allah wants over what you desire

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Listen to the story, the story of a judge and her judge was a ruler of the Muslims at a time pirate ruler. And once he imprisoned three men,

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and these three men were all related to one woman.

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One of them was her son. You can imagine the son, Jani. This is the closest person to her life. He sees the happiness in the coolness in the delight of her eye. That was one of them that was imprisoned. The other one was her husband, their husband, obviously, this is her life. She might love her son, more than her husband, but her husband is her future. So the husband will be more important. And the third one was her brother, you know, the brother, obviously, for a woman, her brother, they share the same parents. They live together until they grew up. However, in reality, from the three yonny, the responsibilities and so on, the husband and the son would be much closer

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than the brother for the judge prison in prison, these three people for her.

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So she went to her church to intercede and to beg him to release all three.

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So he promised that he will release only one four. And he gave a one day 24 hours to go and make a decision. We'll make up your mind. Who do you want released? me as though he is taking advantage of a weakness? Who is she going to choose that she's got three what a difficult choice.

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So she came the next day. And he said to her, did you make your mind up? Who do you want released? For? She said, Yes, I made my mind up. I want my brother released, blah, blah, blah. She was amazed by this answer. By this response. He was shocked. And it should be either your son or your husband. Why did he asked her? Why did you choose your brother? So she said, Listen to this answer. She said because if my mom and dad were alive, they would have chosen my brother, which is their son. And I wanted to be dutiful and show goodness to my parents,

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my deceased parents.

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In the same way I would show them goodness, when they were alive. A lot of options answer get the judge was amazed by her answer.

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And he released all three for her. But the amazing part of the story is that she choose what I love the photos over what she prefers. This is what we're talking about. She chose what Allah prefers over what she prefers. And as a result, Allah gave her more than what she wanted for herself. He gave her all three Jani. This is not only a story of Google validate, dutifulness and goodness to the parents. But this is a story that highlights what it means to prefer a love over what you desire.

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What Allah loves, should be more should be dearer to you than what you desire for yourself. And that's what she did. And a lot of soldiers gave her much more than what she desires would not tell you my mama he said, Man can Allah he can. He can Allahu Allahu Fuca marine. And he said, be to Allah as Allah wishes from you, as a loved one's from you, and He will be to you more than what you wish Allah