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salatu salam Sud when he was with his companions,

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and have you ever heard of all the Allahu anhu when he was in the cemetery, he sits alongside them or did to an hour in a wanna, I wish that I was able to meet my brothers. He was asked about law send them, aren't we your brothers? He said, You are my companions. My brothers are those who will come after my time. They will believe in me, but they never seen me. I've never met me.

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And I was asking myself for the profits all sutherlands wants yearning to yearning to meet us. What about us? There is no doubt that in the hearts of each and every one of us that love and passion and

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interest to meet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's part of loving Mohammed Hassan and Russia, Canada and America have been the result of a large movement and no who yet mnla acaba de la la Sallam were confused about that it's part of our belief in Mohammed ossola says lm is to love him Salas. I love him more than anything else. I'm part of loving him to love to be the love to be with him and you wish that you would spend time with him some Allah Salaam in this dunya but I we know that that's not possible. So this is the case we can we make sure that we do this and after we shoot, we make sure that this will happen for us and that's why it is one of the way to secure for

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yourself for yourself. An opportunity to be with Muhammad sallahu wa sallam in the Hereafter is to make that and to ask Allah Subhana Allah to be with the company of Mohammed Sall Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam, no doubt, and inner be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as an image Mohammed reported that it will miss Rudra the Allahu Allah. One night he was in the masjid praying that in Ibiza Southern came and abubaker and they were sitting on the sides of him so it will miss Ruth Kenya para para Nisa in Kenya I recited about 100 verses and salted Nisa and he noticed that in the visa asylum there sir carlina visa sanlam band mokara karate Muay Thai after he finished about 180 verses from

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Surah Nisa in Nevis asylum, karlova Massoud and he was so moved by presentation he loved it is so nice to sell to Santa you have asked whatever you wish you will be giving, pray for whatever you wish right now. In the basis of them encouraging so it would much rather have the Allahu Allah. Allah do it when you suddenly stop that citation, and he was making you out? Because maybe some encouraged him now to ask. So he obeyed and he did. Then after he finished in the B salsa Lem said, Carl Massaro Anya corolle Khurana have been Cameroon's

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new map if you want to recite the Quran the same way I heard it from debris recited like this man of the lie. Mr. O'Donnell the alarm on hold on anyway. Then next day, Ababa Casa de came to an after that Mr. Road continued. So buckle up in the morning went to Massoud to tell him about what the process Alan said that your citation it's like gibreel the citation for you so when he gave him the guillotining and he abubaker said but I want to ask you a question when the prophets of Salaam told you make the outline now he interrupted him he said make draw right now ask and you will be given What did you ask for?

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It's tied to a scalpel surgery had a lava What did you ask for? So if a walker even how he cared for collagenous root can come along in Yes sir. Okay, a man in light of

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Your Life asked you a faith and a man and believe that I will never lose.

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And I will stay firm on it.

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When I am and I am fed and I asked you to give me a reward that there is no end for it. Which is

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one more I felt better Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to eternity

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and I will be with the company of Mohammed Salim ingen

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after well our homeowner came and he said to him I heard the prophets of Salaam said yes sir because of a buck on Omar and inhibition Salam all we're witnessing that last night. So Omar came in the morning next after work in love. And he said I have a news for you. He said what he said you remember last night in Ibiza Sallam said something about you? He said I knew Oh

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Walker told me before you called Nam conserva cabbie,

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para Amaro de la and your hammer Baba Baba, Masato

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la sacani de Mello, forgive me, every time I tried to compete him in anything good. He will basically when and he will do it first while they are Lahore and home, Jamia? So that's something that even Massoud prayed for, and we should pray for reusables in the company, Mohammed Salim, and he knows what that means. And we all looking forward for that. So one of the things I want you to increase is to increase your, that your lobby can make me with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you ask Allah Subhana Allah to be always in that mood to ask him to imagine that and to visualize it in your head in your mind, and you want to be there and the top of denona when one with

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Mohammed sobre la Hollywood it was him and around him in the Day of Judgment. Another thing that you can do, which it may be so solemn, said to a man who came to him and he said yeah, Rasul Allah, when I pray Isha with you, when I come to the daytime, I keep looking at you, I can even take my eyes off from your face. And when I go home after Asia, I can't wait until federal comes to see you again. Then when I think about the day of judgment and how far we will be from each others and and I'll be able to be even if I interject, now, I will not be even near your status and your level of gender. It makes me so sad, then in the base of our lives and then didn't know what to tell him. But Allah

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Subhana Allah revealed verses in the Quran that in abyssal Salaam called this men back and he recited these verses, or debrie reminded him of these verses. So the point is, in the basis of them call the person and he decided for him from saltiness at verse 69. What Allah tala said

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ECAM Allah Deena Anoma la

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Anoma long Juan

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de nos, deity now,

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Allahu Akbar, those who follow Allah, the commands of Allah, and those who follow Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be among or with those who Allah bestowed his favor upon them. Who are they the messengers, the prophets, the murderers, the trustworthy the Sabine,

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Buddha, he cut off here, and this is the best company you can be ever with. A man also came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and this holiness said, Yeah, so the second thing. The second thing is, make sure that you do your best to practice what a last minute data and to follow the orders of Allah and what Mohammed solum told you to do. Number three, in every salon is a lab. As an NSF numatic reported that a man said jasola When is the day of judgment? He said, What did you prepare for it? He said, I didn't prepare for it so much, except one thing I'm sure of. He said, What is it? And I'm not sure if I'm doing everything correct. Everything needs to be done. For those who are on

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cell phone, you can be in cell phone while you listen to the whole talk. Okay?

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That just invalidate the tomorrow.

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So and

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during the interviews, also, lesser demands that I'm not sure if I'm fulfilling everything that needs to be done. Okay, so any what I'm sure for your solo one thing he said What is it? He said anyway? Bula How was that I love Allah has messaged us on him so much.

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I love Allah has messaged us a loss on someone. That's something I did.

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Then individuals on said and I hope you will be with those who you love.

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You will be with those who you love. So loving Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will cause that another tip I can give you which is today and a great opportunity for you to practice which is COSATU salata, Allah Nabi sallallahu Sallam that you say as many times as you can, along with some data, Mohammed, Mohammed day and nights and Salam outside the Saba in Juma is highly more recommended than any other day. But please make it a habit. And the minimum you can do 10 times every day in the morning and every day's in the night. And Nevis also recommended that obviously he Muslim and in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when a man said jasola I want to be with you in

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Wouldn't it be so loud Iranian Salim said that Ola ness Viola piano UK Pharaoh Maria salata, the one who will be the closest near to me in the Day of Judgment, those who increase their salatu salam, ala EDC Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah masala Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ibrahim

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lama vaticana Mohammed Mohammed catabolic da da, da he may nikka Jaime de Majeed, whatever format the long one short one It's okay. Also another thing in the B cell A lot is a language that can be tip number five foreign, yes. So,

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then you follow the prophet SAW celebs and the command of Allah, they follow the Sharia, you practice the religion. You love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you increase your Salah, Salah masala and number five would be Salalah Salaam Salaam Muslim turabian I have encountered eslami he said Yasser Allah I want to be with you in general. How can I do that? How can we in your company engine for Canon Law visa law sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aloe vera Derek Do you wish Anything else? He said no, that's enough for me to be with you in general. That's the that's the only thing I would love. If you can guarantee me that I don't care about anything else. caught

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out later that was part of a neon NFC can be customized to suit, increase your suit, increase your suit what that means increase your security and increase your salon. Because it's only in the salon. So every locker has to test. So increase that. So that means you increase the salon, the salon, the regular Salawat the regular size is five daily prayers, the minimum sunon that we pray after that you're aware of 12 Records, okay, so that basically you have that as an you need to increase above that you go above and beyond that, to increase your schedule. The more you increase the closer you get closer to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I asked a las panatela to grant us the

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company of Mohammed selasa lemon and Jenna Ordonez ma Tomas toda la do to convince

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him to rely on osato Samarra, Marana de vida Hobart, also Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the closest among you, to me in the Day of Judgment, the one on haciendo kumala, the one who possess the best of manners, the one who possess the best of manners, the more you work on yourself to, to have a better manner, a better way of speaking, talking, behaving,

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you know, advising, listening,

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you know, interacting with people, the better the way you write the way you you're interacting with social media with others, you know, the better manner with your family, with your parents with your neighbors, the better manners you have, the better chance or the closer you are to the Prophet sallallahu and he was setting them And don't forget, two things I will end with and maybe saw some of them said I know a cafeteria team can attain me and the one who take care of the orphans like this. And he joined his two fingers of a lot isn't that's make you so close to the Prophet Solomon. And also nobody saw some of them said whoever Allah tested him that he has to take care of, or

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whoever and never saw them said whoever lost my thought I gave him both Danny O'Brien 10 two daughters are two sisters, two daughters or two sisters for aksana era him and Masai betta and he was so good to them, as long as they are with him living with him until they get married and they have their own life two sisters or two daughters on an obese asylum come to an hour who have intended

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I'll be like this with that person in general.

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And that shows you the importance of taking care of the family members being with the profits of solemn in general doesn't mean that you are in the exact same level because in the case of Solomon a status of gender and a station or an A level internet call Allah see that which is the highest ever level and gender and then there is a subset that's only for one person which is me. So that top is only four that doesn't mean that you will be like in that lucila which is that we pray for after every event. Okay, that's for a Navy so saddam alone so without even Oh, but Qatar Oman, even musang Isa and all the problem, no one. So what that means I will be with the prophets of Salaam, Allah

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Allah said that this person will be closed, you know, we don't know how this gender actually function 100% You know, when it comes to how we visit each other, but for sure those people are closer to the person and have the ability to see him he sees them. They interact with each other they talk to each other without necessarily to be in the same exact level. You know, you might have your own house, but I see you a lot we have access to each other. We talked to each other. You know, it's I'm still having my own house, but it doesn't mean that you know, we are in the same exact house or place that we living in. So nobody should understand that. We still know that the person is

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the top and above everybody.

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I just want to make a comment on the issue of you know, being distracted with dajin lots of drama. If this was a class, I wouldn't make any comments. I only did this because I love my brothers and sisters who come to the mustard being the

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distracted with something during the holidays is a sin. And I hate to see my friends and brothers and sisters sending. This is not a it's not just, oh, took a minute to listen to the hobo, you must listen to hope it's a sin to be distracted from it. But if this was a class or something like that, this will be something just recommended for you to do. I can I will not ever say it publicly. But when it comes to public, when it comes to sending no that's because you care about people. And we all here as a family to learn from one another. That's why nobody's alone when he saw a person crossing people's shoulders and making inimical he does sit down, you have harmed your brothers

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because that's what something wrong and a person doesn't want him to commit a sin by keep doing that on harming people. So with this been said, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us all agenda and to forgive our sins and to increase our knowledge. And I asked Hannah to Allah to help us all to be blessed in this dunya and Aha, and to give you the ability to do what it takes to make us with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to always be inspired by him to follow his footsteps. Sal, Allahu Allahu Allah wa sallam We ask Allah to put in our heart that love that care, to be with Mohammed zasada that love and care to be like the prophets of Allah azza wa jal to peruviana hobo

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salatu salam, Medina herbison Nettie obituary it will open up the database of a lot is on you. When you're in an IRA IRA. I know you're the law and now

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you're Jana nada hygena Bina salatu salam had tenemos la mina silken tofu le Dina. Dina, Dina,

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Mark, me Nina. Minato. Muslim, Muslim, you're beautiful no harm no often often, so no awesome and I'm incredibly shallow. Hold on. I mean clearly shortly. Nakula hapa, akula, Marino Colima, the other gentlemen economic an argument about Iran Allina fever Eugenia one Pacino's hachinohe Arena Lino Ahmad and other general economic without me I know I know and Jamie yamawaki mean law he could carry law me know that we can move with jack you know, magic with raffia tick

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which I mean it's a hot cocoa and Nadia I mean, a law firm in Minnesota can react you know, and to in an editor big mercenary iotium will never

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know about if you haven't yet you know, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah. Allahu

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Allahu Allah Jelani from Yamaha he mean yeah the general economic judgment I can imitate me and I'll have to wait and shadow fitness and for Katia binomial General

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McCabe hualian mustafina Viva la mina said okay other developmental Hama Hama, Anton sola, until Salam yada yada ecofys ma Pahlavi inositol Houma Kesava Xin Omaha ne homea European alarming initiative Kayla Jelani economia a human to a

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vehicle you are Sala da da da da da da da da

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da da da da da da da da gerado will the arena Fiorano. I'm not sure on either generally from a law firm in any sort of contest I mean, a few particular robotic going to meet and we can I mean, or suddenly lahoma Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad rather early he was so happy with me luminous even carrier ah

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before we pray because we still have a large number of people online watching the hoopla just the announcement first please remember to always donate to the mustard online or on site minimalism the prophetic lessons on way

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on why less can be more shallow with me tonight and the class will be at 7pm not 730 it's going to be 7pm. inshallah, to add

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useful knowledge with shift command will be live streamed in Charlotte data tomorrow, Saturday at 7pm sr, Ron mm Luke will have his journey with the Koran on Sunday 2pm

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voting reminder for all voters who are 65 or older or going to be out of town during the elections or sick handicap. Please apply for male and balance. Now. You can get the applications from your county clerk website. So this is a reminder for anyone who's 65 or older or going to be out of town during the elections. Please make sure that you vote and I can't emphasize enough on the importance of voting this every time but this elections also it's very, very interesting time and we asked how

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Lost Planet Allah to make those who leads us the best among us and to protect us from the evil of those who leads us, our country, good, good leaders and unfortunately bad leaders are elected when good people like you guys. Don't go vote. Thank you.