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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a busy night in the UK where people are praying for peace and good deeds. The night is a blessing night for those who lost their father and will receive forgiveness. The night is a time for everyone to say hello to their father and receive forgiveness.
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Many questions I receive in regard to labor to cut. What is little powder and is it true it is the 27th as we see, all the massages are filled up in the 27 they say this little,

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little powder is a night that it is repeated every Ramadan. Isn't hustle and bustle Rahim Allah has asked, Is it tonight that took place at one time in the history or something happened every year? He said no, this is something happened every year. And that something something also had been a model of the law and what law have said and what it speaks about this night and give it very interesting descriptions. It is Laila to cut in Anza now feel a little

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under any minute mechanic had an odd run out the mechanic and it is a distinguished night it is a very elevated in high status. So that's what I did in Lima. Lima and the lies urgent. It is something so honorable on the last part as I also Lost Planet Allah said about it in Anza no fee let him mubaraka he called that night a blessed night Nayla to Mubarak. Also last minute I said about this night fee how you frog aku embrun Hakeem and that night

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all precious matter are decided in that night and sort of 44 years for

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and and Nabi sallallahu Sallam told us man combinative Eman and YT sub and warfare Allahu Matta put them in them be whoever stand up and pray that night. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and he did this for the sake of Allah seeking dirty work all his or hers and her previous sins will be forgiven. Can we use a moon and lay little humbled and humbled because the hope to do it is the night that wash out and wash away all your sins and why it is a blessed night. Because there is so much goodness happen during this night. A lot of people come close to Las hot Allah there's so much good deeds are offered and that night and also the coming up to a loss Medina and in return there is so much

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goodness coming down to earth. So anything that you do in that night it will be home in alpha shot, it is better than more than 1000 month of fortune. So that means read up on it that night will be better than 1000 months of freedom. praying and that night will be better than 1000 months of freedom karate a sadhaka in that night, it is better than 1000 month of soda at something huge. That's why it was Rahim Allah said man karma later till Patterson awaba we look at an ash, Mata Medina, those who lost father bless them to witness lilit of Qatar many years as of the lives centuries and centuries, because every year will be equal to

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1000 months and 83 years.

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That's that's more than 83 years actually. Can you imagine this is like you add every year 83 years and more to your life.

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That's why this is such a blessed night. Also, Allah said ceremony at The Motley Fool fed. So it's the night of Suriname, the night of peace the night where people will be saved from the harm of the Shabbat and the harm of the sense. It is the night where Allah Subhana Allah sent Peace and blessings upon the people at that night.

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Tennis is a little meta akin to a roof via the inner beam in Cooley. ceram when he had the multiplier effect, it's the night where the angel will descend down

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my brother and sisters debris out of his cell and only come down to the earth when there is a very major thing happening. He bring the way or on he came to destroy the own loot he come to give a lactating to Ibrahim and interbreed achieve the angels only come down to earth when something so great. So when a lot telling us that debris will keep coming to the earth even after the death of after the death of the prophets of Salaam tenez aroma akin to abortion at the end is at a loss which is the breed come down into this earth every single year during this night because it's something very special in Nabi sallallahu Sallam been reported in hereditary Hosanna emphysema, sorry and

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Muslim reported that the act thermen added the loss of more than the stones and in the face of the earth at that night. Why? Why debris or the low annual solo ad they achieved with the angels and all

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These angels down into the earth sent down to their, to make it still hard for us to ask a lot to accept October to say I mean for all i

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can imagine this is something like really give me goosebumps when I think about it that will last forever neither one who need for us since these great sinless creatures for us just to intercede for us to pray for us to pray for you and me.

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That last part Allah accept from us. It is a day and night where it was hard to Allah

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decreed things upon people free how you for poku embrun hacking, precious matter will be decided that night. That's why it's been reported that bathroom which I had way creemos pseudomyxoma in Cairo in this night in Las panatela decide who will go to Hajj this year. And this night is who will live who will die without what so it's at the center we it's a sort of the the predestiny is basically decided in a yearly base and it's been decided for all humanity but for that year in particular a lot till the end of what will take place and the end will write down what would happen during this year.

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Now lawmakers among those who are law free them from Hellfire this year, last month Allah make us among those who accepted during this year.

What is Laylatul Qadr? When does it occur? How should one observe Laylatul Qadr? Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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