Our honor is in our soul not our body

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The speaker discusses the importance of the rule of Islam, which is to make a search of honor and respect for Adam Allah. The rule is designed to ensure that individuals are not punished for their actions, and is designed to ensure that individuals are not punished for their actions. The rule is designed to ensure that individuals are not punished for their actions, and is designed to ensure that individuals are not punished for their actions.

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And they are commanded to make a search that of honor and respect to Adam Allah is set up. Why? What is so precious about Adam? What is so honorable about Adam alayhis salam, for this creation to the audit to make a search the team, listen, the answers to things and pay attention because this is what gives us our honor

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to hammer home Allah they see as a lot of social mentions in the Quran, as a way to one or two female ruhi when I create Adam, and I blew in sight of him from a created soul, Allah azza wa jal created a soul. And he blew it inside of Adam alayhis salam, as a result of the most honored you know what you learn from this, that what honors us is

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not our body, not our body, our honor, you see now,

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this is why when the person dies, his body goes to Earth, put it in, doesn't matter. Let it rot and let the worms eat. It doesn't matter, no matter who it goes back up to Allah subhanho wa Taala because it's what honored mankind. This is why the angels were commanded to make us such that the Adam alayhis salam, because of our rule. Now, how horrible does it sound when people dedicate so much time looking after the body, and they didn't neglect the needs of the rule? My brothers in Islam of war has needs. And the greatest needs of a rule is the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This rule yearns to reach a law so this rule house wants to fast, it wants to pray. It wants to

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worship Allah, because ultimately it came from Allah. When Luna can rule only room in the lobby. Allah azzawajal created the rule doesn't die because it's special. law so I shall give it to Adam alayhis salam, his body when he was body, he went he was a body a body flesh and skin when he was that the angels weren't commanded to make a soldier. But the second the rule when it didn't make us because this rule is from Allah, the rule he, Allah created special and designed it for himself this rule. How does it make sense that we neglect the needs of a router? a router needs to feed on this, it needs to feed on the plan, because the plan came from wherever it came from. So how does it make

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sense a person neglects the needs of his law and looks after his body. Our autos in our room, not our buddy, Pamela, people today they travel. They travel for four weeks to go and plant a hair in his head.

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This is how much we look after our body. While in the past people used to travel months and months Did you seek one Hadith and comeback something that would feed the room like a fan of an urban household? The Allahu anhu he's praying in a pipe and he cannot concentrate in a solid. So he leaves and he goes to El Medina, six days to get there six days to come back. Just to ask an abyssal Allahu alayhi wa sallam that a shakedown is affecting my salaat. How do I increase my hookah in solid? Whenever I sell him gives him an answer in two words, just turn to your left and spill three times and say I overlay him in a shape on the regime. 12 days of travel just for this little piece of

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information. People back in the past used to look after the law then or today, people indulge in looking after their bodies. This is the questions now. Is it allowed to do this to my teeth or not? Is it allowed to do this in my cheek or is it allowed to do this in my eyes or not in my hair in my 40s

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when the thing that honored us was not our body