Abu Bakr Zoud – Reasons for why we are deprived of Rain

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the reasons behind the rainy weather in Australia, which has caused droughts and inflation. They also talk about the importance of animals and their law making laws. The speakers emphasize the need for forgiveness and practice for human rights.
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Want to send them in a survey a man and move out? Okay. Now Mubarak, under this regime has reasons for why it stops. And it has reasons and causes for why it comes down. It doesn't work, honey, according to the Weather Bureau, what they give us a report today forecast the terrain. It's not all because of a southerly wind. That's why the clouds were diverted to somewhere else and it didn't rain.

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This is not the reason and the cause for why rain comes down in the polarity more than one place. A lot tells us what are the reasons for him to come down. She's really something

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that we understand the value of today. But everyone wants to three Muslim, non Muslim, the animals everyone wants really begging for him. Because Australia has been in a drought. So everyone is looking forward to it. The dadless level is dropping. And the Australian government is trying to put precautionary measures in place so as to what's going to happen if it rains, if it runs out. So they're making new dams, it's costing millions of dollars. One blessing a lot of Zoysia holds withholds. Look at the millions and millions of dollars. It's going to cost you know to the point and it just so you can understand how much of a blessing is one lucky if a large portion was to

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command the sky to shower upon us gold, silver, and Paul's no one would want to go gold. If the sky was the rain gold. No one would want it as a replacement for a understand how precious rain is. You see how precious rabies was to read Paul's family. We don't want this give us rain water. This is the line this is what we live upon. Which is a condition in height but there are reasons for wanting to sell them. This isn't the hobby.

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Once upon a second in

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the nation, the people that we hold a second to get the man and don't give zakat. What happens in their money or aplomb in a center? A lot would deprive them from rain. It would deprive

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them if you say to you, if there are people that still don't pay zakat allows social since they are in how does that work? The haviv continues to say what oh well bear in leather.

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And if it wasn't for the animals, a lot wouldn't send anything down. But it's because of the animals. The animal alphabet in the animal was called a EMA because but he he doesn't have an intellect. He doesn't understand because of them a lot of sois unison's down there in what Like what? Getting you guys to come along, if it wasn't for animals, Allah would say nothing down in the mankind, of course, corruption on earth. And we have filled the earth corruption. We not only committing the sins, the major and the minor, but we have made the sins laws.

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We've made the sin a law

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that says, if people were to see and continuously seek forgiveness, and continuously make over and record their sins, Mr. Sahil would send and shower them with his blessings. But when people take a sin, and they make a law, they make a sin law.

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This is where now you're trespassing. Now you're stepping the boundaries. Now you're not only happy with the scene, but you have made it a law so that people cannot talk against it. And so whoever wants to practice it can practice it freely. You know, what it

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seems all over the wall has become a whole have become written in constitutions. This is this is a human right it's become.

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So how is really not going to be withheld and declined from the people

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