Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan Reminders – Day 23

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Hello Al Hamdulillah alameen wa salatu salam ala filmbay when muscley Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah he was he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira kathira. From Battle of other sisters in a hadith which is in Muslim Sharif. Say the Ayesha Siddiqa. delana, our mother, Omar uomini. She said that Rasulullah samsara used to strive more in worship in ibadah, during Ramadan, than he did in any other time of the year.

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She said that he used to strive

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more in ibadah, in worship during Ramadan, than he did in any other time of the year. And he would devote himself more to worship,

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to rebuy that in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, than he did in the earlier part of the month.

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And this isn't Muslim, I just read the

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And she says the wrestlers are seldom used to strive more, in Avada, in worship during Ramadan, than he did during any other time

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of the year. And he would devote himself more to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala, and the last 10 nights of Ramadan than he did in the earlier part

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of the month,

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I remind myself renew,

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that is a very important thing for us to think about, and to emulate that we do more, right, it's not just a matter of doing whatever we normally do, but that we do more. Obviously, it makes a lot of sense. If you think about what Allah subhanaw taala promised in terms of reward, that when the

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when the odds are in your favor, then the more you put on that the bigger the reward, right, obviously, because if you're if you're getting some in some place, you're waiting, what is the one another place you're getting one is to 10 another place already one is 270. And then Allah gives as much as he wants, then obviously, if you invest the same amount in the one is to one, as you invest in one is 270, then makes no sense. If you are having if the odds are wanted to 70, then you would say well, you know, put everything that they are do the maximum investment because you're going to get the huge award, the result of it and the the yield of it is going to be far, far higher.

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And that is why it's very important for us to think about that rasulillah salam used to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala

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very much and in the last 10 days, he would worship Allah subhanaw taala even more, and he always made it a gaffe in the last 10 days, we'll come to that in Shell. Now.

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As I said, it is important to make a timetable for yourself and to better make a schedule. And to keep track of that schedule. Right? Very important to get rid of your social media. Please at least have mercy on yourself. At least during Ramadan. Think about this, you know people sometimes complain Oh, I don't have time is that when you talk about God? If you say oh, well, my point is, if you have are leading a guide of life where you cannot take out 10 days out of 365 days,

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then this is not a matter of busy it just means that you are a lousy time manager you have no clue what you're doing your life is getting wasted. As simple as that. If you cannot take out 10 days, for the sake of ethnographer to be in the masjid out of 365 days something is seriously wrong with the way you are structuring your time. So it is a good opportunity to learn to structure your time so that you will have time to do the right things to do things which are really beneficial to do things which are

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worth doing.

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So please understand, it's very important.

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Now, the question is that

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when you make this timetable now, the

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planet and

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also, as I said, ensure that you're doing more so for example, if you were not praying to Hadoop, then start praying together inshallah we'll make the new year to continue this throughout throughout your life. If you were reading less than one Jews of the Quran that in Ramadan get into the habit of

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Reading at least one juice in order, ideally, you should read much more than one juice. But if you weren't reading one juice, then at least try to get to that position where you are reading one juice. It's only 20 pages. It's not. It's not a huge, you know, huge section of the Koran, just 20 pages. That's it. Right?

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How, question or how long does it take? Well, it obviously depends on if you're reading, that's the reason why you read if you do this every day, then your fluency increases.

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And you can also finish it in a reasonable amount of time, it won't take you a long time to finish. And again, don't be focused on on reading it in the shortest possible time, and so on and so forth. It's the read the hora in a way, where you show apart from anything else, you show up to Allah subhanaw taala that you love what you're doing. If you are going to try to finish it in the shortest possible time, it's like meat eating gorillas, you know, eating something, which is bitter, you have to eat it. So I'll try and do it as quickly as possible and finish. Don't Don't give this impression too. In order in your reading, I say don't don't give this impression in your reading of what Allah

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knows what's in our hearts. But in our behavior, let us not give this impression that this is an imposition and I'm just while I'm doing it, you know, somehow, I'm trying to finish it as fast as possible. I've seen a lot of people, they spend a lot of time on this. How long does it take you takes me 10 minutes 15 minutes, it takes me 20 minutes takes me 45 minutes, don't worry about all that. Don't keep a timer there to see how you are read properly, proper Tajweed. And if you're reading silently then do that. But whatever it is, and then ensure that you read it properly and finish one then another opportunity which is there in the in this month of Ramadan. For those who do

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not understand the Arabic of the Quran, as you read it is to also read a translation. So read your one Jesus and then in the during the day, also read a translation of this, then there is an opportunity also to listen to her. So for example, if you're driving or something you're going to work, and so on so forth. Instead of sub radio, some talk thing going on, listen to the horror, this is very, very nice. I'm gonna do that. The only important thing when listening to the Koran is to maintain the other words of Allah. The Quran is not background music. So when you're listening to the Quran, don't be talking to people and this and that. It's okay to listen to the Quran while you

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are doing something else. For example, if you are cooking in your house, and then you you know in the you are in the kitchen, by all means, put on the car or listen to the car while you're cooking. If you're driving, you're driving and listening to the horror This is okay. But because you can still pay attention to the car and listen to it with respect. But don't do it while you are talking on the phone. The parent is playing in the background or you're talking to somebody else or something make sure that the other of the forearm al Karim is maintained. Another thing to do another a very good habit to inculcate is to always be in a state of Voodoo right now that it will

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be easier also because you are doing more about that. So you there is this.

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There is is this incentive to make widow but make this into a habit every time Mojo goes immediately make with you you finish your job with the bathroom immediately. Make widow So always be in a state of Voodoo and this is also something which is good for your provision for your for your risk. As soon as I

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said is a man came with

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anxiety as well I am in strange circumstances I'm having financial difficulties. Russell Russell Russell told him make widow and always be in a state of widow, Allah subhanaw taala will

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will give you a risk and he will increase or so make Ramadan into a time where you inculcate this good habit of always being in a state of Voodoo and then of course inshallah

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apart from listening to the Quran reading the Quran, then do just zeker and hamdulillah. One of the best is to send salatu salam ala rasulillah durood read a lot of the road, read a lot of the road and read a lot of is different. This is another very important thing. Make lot of is defer. seek Allah's forgiveness in Ramadan Allah especially forgives Allah subhanaw taala frees us from the Hellfire Allah subhanaw taala covers us in our in his mercy. So let us seek that the Lord is the Fire Lord of the road, read much more around than you normally read. Read read the meaning of the Quran as well and pray the hedges and of course I have not mentioned in the first hour because this

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is understandable. It's like saying I don't have to tell you to breathe because this is you know it is

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necessary to live there for the first hour.

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And as far as possible in the masjid inshallah, what's Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was avid manga had to get one

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