How to renew worn out Eemaan (Faith)

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the issue of email addresses being used to contact worship. They suggest that people should be aware of the weight of their actions and that it is important to avoid wasting time on it. The speaker also mentions a hadith against wearing a mask and advises against singling out Friday night.

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Nobody's Obama you know, suddenly he says so you can understand why we're supposed to keep in contact with worship.

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He says in an email a local visual via How do you come up with phone? How do you say? Let me say I send them he says that an email

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in a person's head player luck, luck meaning it wears any tears and it weakens.

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fijo fear hajikko. inside one of you

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come up with thought, just like a dress would wear and take your individual and send them in this hadith is comparing email address you in

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the disaster is this, that if I was to wear this away, if I was to wear it for the next year straight everyday, what happens? It's gonna get ripped from here. This coloring from here down the bottom.

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Let's say I never wash the

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bottom is going to rip surely that's not going to stay in the same fashion. It'll be on day one. By the end of the day, it's gone. People would look at you now what an embarrassment? Did they are still wearing the same clothes to change them?

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Let me know have you seen that lie man. The same thing happens to it the same thing that happens to clothing that's worn very exactly is what is happening with email. But you know where the design stays. And the reason I send them says fee show for a honeycomb. It was and it is inside of one of you. Even you cannot see it with your eyes. If people can see it, at least they would have warned you. If you can see it outside at least you would have known that your Eman is dying. That your Eman is weakening. You're supposed to do something about it. Taking masiva that disaster is inside the weekends inside.

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No one is going to point it out to you. You're the only one that's going to know about it. What's the solution? Maybe some tomorrow? I don't know Sunday he says at the end of the first I will not unusual didn't even if he

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asked the last question that he renews that he replenishes this email inside of you

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ask a lot of sources that he renews it. Now what does that mean?

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It means you're constantly supposed to be monitoring an email and looking for ways in how you're going to renew an email.

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You only once a week memorize at a of the airfields that he does. Then the world's origin he says what

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are the two heavy Man in the Moon in la vida para la

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la vida to that Tony Manor and I had an increase in email. It renews and refreshes event. There's one path and one avenue. How many out Have you memorized? Since Ramadan finished during Ramadan

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is not only for schools that go overseas and study of people that go into CS and study that wrong understanding the Quran is for all of us. Memorize.

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Memorize an aim intention that Allah would renew this email that he's beginning to weaken and wear and tear in the heart.

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memorize it in this intention and a week.

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Give us all pre something of the night during the week and avoid singling out Friday night slander. There's a hadith against this, which is our Thursday night.

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Attend the lesson. Attend the lesson A week later the lessons they do they actually reduce the amount in the heart