My Number one advise to Muslims now

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Looking into the zero for some masasa lumps of Halloween, you find a very incredible thing that he did

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during the show as soon as he migrated from Mecca to Medina, and he arrived to Medina and he arrived to pervert the first thing he did was build Masood COVID and then six days after that when he headed towards in Medina, he built a another Muslim Muslim. And so you'd ask why within a matter of six days with the process and a build that most of the animals should they, this is in the reception and teaching us the importance of a Masjid in the life of a believer in the life of a Muslim. And so the advice is for the Muslim youth to attach themselves to the masjid. Always keep connected with your salette as many as your prayers you can pray in the masjid pray attach yourself to the to the

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scholars to the Imams to knowledge our Deen, the first word that was revealed from either our dinos club is not a big another, and it was repeated.

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Twice it came as a commandment in a few seconds that these eight were revealed. So our religion is a religion that teaches us to educate ourselves learn and the first and foremost thing you learn about is your Creator. Almost subhanho wa Taala you learned through the Quran you learn through the soul of massage, ob if Mila if you're upon that path, you will only see success and righteousness in your life. That is what I've lost panatela promise for a promise to amendment up over the course of the first century acetylcholine you saw that anyone who gives that is like yelling he gives from his time to the Dean of a law he gives in charity he gives in helping others with DACA and he was God

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conscious and feeder most panatela Hilbert is the suburban hustler. The third thing is he confirmed the truth in the ultimate good which is Islam. Almost promised to such a person first son we assume a hole in your soul will make it easy for him in this life so he'll find the worship easy. The path to the paradise easy. Even though there's hardships around him and Lost Planet Allah will allow him to navigate until he reaches