Abu Bakr Zoud – Is life unfair? How do we understand worldly calamities?

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Lakan Allah subhanaw taala has names and attributes, and he wants to manifest His names and attributes in his creation. So, for example from the names of Allah and manna, the one who withholds so he created people and he withheld from them.

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What was his name is Al Manar. He wants to display his name in his creation. He's a motley, he's given people.

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He's the one who punishes so he punishes who he wants. He's a man. So He bestows His Mercy upon His creation, he has names. He wants to manifest these names in his creation, the way he wants. Legacy. If I go home alone, right? He withholds abilities from others. People are born disabled people are born chronically ill people are born healthy, what's it to people? Who does what he wants legacy?

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He created the creation, and he's displaying his name and his knowledge and his wisdom in his creation. And then you know, Jonnie, ominous question, people would come. And they would say, How is this fair, someone is born like this crippled an eel, and chronically ill, and disabled intellectually, and others are healthy, and they have a good life out of the houses, you know what I would have agreed with you,

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I would have said, true, this is unfair. But

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the end of this world is not the end of everything.

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The end of this world is not the end of everything. So as a result, I cannot agree with anyone who tries to say this is unfair and unjust. If you did a loss at the end of this world isn't. If it was, it would have been unjust. And it's not. It's not this is only a small life, it ends and then her way, you'll see over there, how the justice and the wisdom of Allah azza wa jal would be put for everyone to see, then you'll understand the disability of those who are disabled, then you'll understand the calamities that people went through how over there you'll understand, if people need to relax, wait, this is not the end of everything. So what led Yanni, as long as a person is upon

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the worship of Allah social, doing his obligations, fulfilling those responsibilities? How else is in good hands, and these doors that people open upon themselves? They're those that are shared with open for them. And if a person continues to go down these paths, trying to understand what's happening, why Allah do this? Why is Allah doing? How can this this calamity? Where should this happen? How can this if you try ABCs, a door of a shape or person needs to put the handbrake on these things? And Allah is in control? Let us Allah MegaFon he's not to be questioned who you ask him? Well, who knows? I don't actually you want that to go into the question on the Day of Judgment,

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fan, mind your business, go and focus on yourself and prepare some answers for the Day of Judgment. Focus on that. Don't worry about Allah subhanaw taala. Don't worry about this in the sense that everything he does, it's done upon knowledge upon wisdom. And he doesn't oppress anyone while I have the moral Buddha in this life and in the afterlife. So it's all good. These three things, if you always have them in your mind, and you think with these matters, towards any calamity, everything makes sense. When you look at something that doesn't make sense, remind yourself Allah has or knowledgeable. Allah has always and Allah does not oppress anyone, house. I don't understand. I

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can't see it. I don't understand it. If you want to understand everything Allah azza wa jal has done. If you want to understand the wisdom behind every calamity and every trial and tribulation.

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If you want to understand everything, then that means you're only just to be like most knowledge

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and no one is like this. Allah azza wa jal, his knowledge and his wisdom is perfect and complete. And you and I, our knowledge is very imperfect and very incomplete. For unless your knowledge was like Allah's knowledge, you understand everything you want to understand something to be the case. So the believer needs to put himself in his position and know that there are there are many things I don't have knowledge about. But I know he's the knowledgeable he only acts upon wisdom upon perfect knowledge and he doesn't oppress anyone or anything he has created finished up so I'm happy with that. Allahu Allah know any other question.

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By common law here are some Allah has to know about a cat and Avena Muhammad wa ala he also big marine

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