Lauren Booth – This Man Was The Answer To My Prayer

Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where he was struggling with his shopping baggage and felt lost. He was on a bus stop and was eventually helped by a man who gave good care for him. The man eventually gave back to the speaker and helped him finish his lunch break.
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But here is exactly where it hit me. That average high street in London

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I was struggling with my shopping. I put the bags down in Camden Town defeated. I asked Allah for someone to help me as I can't do this alone, before I could even pick the bags up. The hooded voice next to me said Salaam xante. Can I help you inshallah and he picked up my heavy bags of groceries and basically walked off in front of me, Bill out told me he was on his lunch break. And as I was lost, he would walk me all the way to the bus stop. He was so shy, he hardly looked at me. But at the same time, he was so polite. He was just on a mission to do a good deed. I'll wait for the bus to make sure you're okay. He said, As if I wasn't in a high street in daylight as if I was a woman

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and needed some kindness during her day. When the bus came and I went to take my bags from him on the steps. He shook his head, holding up the bus from leaving in order to put the bags in the correct spot. Then he told me the deep reason for him giving both his time and such a level of care. Excellent in nature, it was for the sake of Allah auntie, no need to thank me. I watched him walk away, and I had tears in my eyes. This small two are answered on a cold London St. instantly made me grateful on two levels, you and I are in permanent need of his help. And I was grateful to that my hijab once again, performed one of its silent duties, its assigned to Muslims and non Muslims, that

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a believer is wearing it. There was a good chance I wouldn't turn around and say How dare you aren't as strong as any man? Who do you think you are? Instead he saw a believing woman in need, providing him a blessing dropped into his hands in his lunch hour. And me. I saw a dua instantly answered by a person trying to do good. If sad, I'll miss my lunch break. I'll tell wait for the bus. I'll help her load on the bus. I won't ask anything because it's all from her. And these are the choices that we have. When we go out every day. The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him mentioned that one of the main purposes of his mission for humanity was to perfect good character. Allah bless

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you. Bless us all and give us good guidance. Insha Allah

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