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In Alhamdulillah Hina Hamid who want to stay you know who want to stop futile when are all the Willa human should already and fusina are see it? Marlena? Me Yeah, the healer who fella moldy Lala wanna use little fella ha de Allah. Wa shadow Allah ilaha illallah Hua hula Cherie Keller one no Mohammed and Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, and mobilego for inner Hiral Hadith Nikita Wallahi to Allah wa Hiral had he had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or Sharon Ohmori Mahathir to her aku llamada 13 vida. Con la vie the RTM Allah Allahu Allahu Allah that infinite

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and my bad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the Zulu koderma Abdeen yo multi Amati Hatha use Allah and

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Ohmori he FEMA of na were Le me Hema that I mean maybe he were MaryLu home in a inaccessible who were FEMA and *a would you smooth FEMA Allah

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He said Alayhi Salatu was Salam that a person on the Day of Judgment, feet will not be moved from their place until he's asked about the following about his life, how did he spend it? And about what he knew? But he did do with it?

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And about his money? How did he get it? And how did he spend it? And about his body? In what did he wear it out?

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So in this hadith, as we will be asked about our money, you have money with you, and you spend it. And Allah will ask you not only how did you get it, but how you spend it? Was it halal? Was it haram? Was it for the sake of Allah or for the sake of shaytaan? Was it permissible or not? Allah will also similarly ask us about our bodies, the body that Allah had given us,

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how did we spend the days and nights using it, until we wore it out until it become older and sicker.

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But while we had it, how we used it.

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And so it is important for a Muslim to have a proper understanding and relationship with his body.

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And though this may seem something simple enough, it's really not that simple.

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Especially when you look at the world today and how the world looks at our bodies, and human bodies. In modern culture, there is an obsession with the material.

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And because of that there is an obsession with the body.

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And that obsession, by the way, comes as an extreme reaction to how the body was looked at before.

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In Europe's Dark Ages, the body was devalued because the body was looked at as the source of temptation and evil.

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So in order for you to expel spiritually, what you needed to do is to punish and to deprive the body because that's the source of temptation.

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And so, if you want to understand what they did look at celibacy

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and monasticism and you will understand some of the reflections of that punishment for the body. So, they went from degrading the body into the opposite of celebrating the body and forgetting about the soul altogether. So, now, they may not even admit that there is a soul.

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But the culture modern global culture focuses on the pleasures of the body itself. Look at advertisement, what is it catered to the food, the fashion, the drink, the travel, the entertainment, all of that is directed at the body, and ironically it has in it contradictions.

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If you have not seen them look again to see the contradictions. On the one hand there is an excessive attention to food

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and an injection to make food more popular, more tasty, and injection of unhealthy ingredients in it that makes us fatter and sicker.

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At the same time as they are making profit for all of that.

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The opposite is that there's another industry as you're getting fatter because of the culture. There is that fitness and exercise industry that wants to slim you down and makes all

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saw a lot of money from you.

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As he becomes sicker because of what you eat, because of the things that they put in, and the things that they take out of it, it makes you sicker.

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And you have the pharmaceutical industry, that intervenes to try to treat that, and makes a lot of money. But all of that the focus is on the body exclusively.

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what emerges from that also, and you see that more among the young,

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the pre adolescence, the adolescence, but even though even among adults, there's this idealized image of what a body should look like,

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the beautiful body that everybody should aspire to be like. And that creates negative critical feelings in the hearts of many men and women young and old when they look at themselves, because I'm not as beautiful, I'm not as attractive. So not only do they become critical, they also develop that negative feelings about the body and they try to change it to look like somebody else. And they would pay a lot of money for that. And continuously feel that they are behind and ugly, and it affects the rest of their personality, because they're always holding themselves

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in comparison to somebody else that they see in the media whose glare reminds who's glamorized, who's idealized, not realizing that these images are manufactured and not real. And not that everybody is supposed to look like that.

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In Islam, on the other hand,

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the body occupies a middle position.

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It is not something to be degraded and derided. It is not the source of evil. At the same time, Muslims have to avoid the obsessions of the body that they see in modern culture.

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One of them for instance,

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that when you look at that modern tendency to strip people of their clothes,

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to look and appear more naked,

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and that is modern and civilized. Understand that early on the shaytaan was trying to do the same thing.

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by refocusing people on their bodies and stripping them of their clothes. When Allah azza wa jal says And here Allah is speaking to humanity yeah bunny Adam Allah if Tina no como che Athan hookah Raja away, communal Jana en zero and Houma de Bursa, Houma Lee Rehema, so to Hema, he says, Oh Children of Adam, do not be tempted by the shaytaan as he did with your parents to expel them from Jana. He strips them of their clothes, so that he would show them their nakedness. Meaning that one of the attempts of the shaytaan that was early on with Adam Alayhis Salam and his wife is to remove their clothing that covered them and honor them so that they would be naked.

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So modern culture, or modern obsession, material obsession with the body that seeks to strip people have their clothes men and women and have them rather than focus on their heart and their minds. Focus on their body is a plot as old as the plot of the shaped lung, and it continues to aid and try to accomplish the goals of the shaytaan. Because when you do this, when you strip and you become naked, the shaytaan expels you from the Rama of Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah azza wa jal when he gave us our bodies, he gave us something to take care of.

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He said Allah He is Salatu was Salam ala in Delhi Jessa dika Anika haka, you're right has a right to your body has a right upon you. As your family has a right upon you, as yourself has arrived upon you your soul has a right upon you. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or ineligibility can indeed your body also has a right upon you.

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And the rights of the body in Islam exist as we said in the middle, you will look at the body as the vehicle that carries you to Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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And as the vehicle you need to take care of it not to neglect it. Because if you think about it, can you pray, standing, if the body cannot carry you, could you fast if the body cannot tolerate fasting? Could you go to Hajj and Umrah if the body cannot do this? Could you engage in Jihad and defend yourself and the helpless around you? If your body cannot do that, in order for you to fulfill the commands of Allah azza wa jal, your body has to be what strong and capable you have to take care of it. As you also take

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care of your soul, but not to obsess over it until it becomes the dominant thing that you think about. So when young men and young women in particular, but all of us when you look at yourself and you want to assess yourself, how do you assess yourself by looking at how tall or short or thin or fat or fair or dark you are? Or is there something beyond all of that

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your body has a right upon you.

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And some of these rights

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as it's mentioned in the Quran,

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he said Subhanahu wa Taala

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you have any Adam who's in the masjid, the walk

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234 in the hula, you have been most of the thing.

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He said, Oh children of Adam. And again, the call to the Children of Adam is significant because everybody needs to hear this and need to listen to this so that they understand Allah's wisdom.

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Are children of Adam. Dress well when you come to the houses of Allah azza wa jal.

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Now there is a background to this. And the background to this is because the pre Islamic Arabs when they would go to Hajj and Umrah they would strip if they are not from Mecca if they're not Metcons they would strip and they would circulate or circle the Kaaba naked.

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And they thought that this is virtue and piety.

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Like there are today people who think that being naked is virtuous or admirable. They're around you.

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Yet Allah azza wa jal tells them that that is neither good nor pleasing to Him. And if you want to come to the house of Allah azza wa jal, Hodo Xena taco meaning dress,

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and in addition to lit dress, well,

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how do you come to meet Allah azza wa jal in the house of Allah azza wa jal, it should be better than how you dress when you want to meet an important human being. Especially when you come to a gathering like Joomla you do your best to dress well because you're meeting Allah azza wa jal and you're honoring gem i because of it. Then Allah says, We're Kulu wash Prabhu wala to sleep or eat and drink and do not transgress.

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And this is slotrank Russian has multiple meanings in $1 important one do not make the halal haram.

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That's the initial meaning that you will find in the books of Tafseer. But also do not be excessive, when you want to eat and drink. And the scholars of Islam have said

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that Allah has zoton in this area, had encapsulated medicine. And they said that in the following Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there has to be Adam and I imagine you have now sold for in Canada with the ADA for a full liter army he was filled with only Sharabi he was filled with on the nfsa. He said it's sufficient for the child of Adam to eat enough to keep him up. But if he has to eat more than 1/3 for his food 1/3 for his drink and 1/3 to remain empty. They said that this hadith and that idea, encapsulate medicine in it because they command you to eat and drink to stay alive and to stay healthy. But they also direct you not to be excessive with eating

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and drinking so that you would make yourself sick. So you're walking a middle path. You don't think that depriving yourself of food is virtuous? That's not it.

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Allah azza wa jal had given you this body as an Amana, you're a caretaker of it. And as an Amana, Allah will ask you about it. What did you do with it? How did you spend it? For what purpose so you have to feed it and you have to keep it strong and healthy. At the same time, don't be excessive, don't be too materialistic, so that you're always interested in food

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because that will make you sick.

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And he said Alayhi Salatu was Salam as indication as a difference between the attitude

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between the believers and the disbelievers.

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He said in a moment, I Akula fimea and Wahid were in our cafeteria could officer RTM Oka marcada allihies Salatu was Salam. He said that the believer eats for one stomach and the disbeliever eats for seven stomachs

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indicating Alayhi Salatu was Salam, the avarice of the non believer because they're only thinking about the here and now.

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And the contentment of the believer who eats enough and knows to keep enough of his stomach empty so that he could worship Allah azza wa jal and remain healthy. While Kulu wash Prabhu wala to sniffle

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that's one way of taking care of your body

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Another way of taking care of your body is to keep it clean.

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And he said, Allah He is Salatu was Salam in a hadith that is in Buhari in the Sahara. How could a Muslim if you call it a yam and Yatta? Silla Houma? Yes, Rafi here So who would you smell? It says if it's incumbent, it is necessary for every Muslim that every seven days that he would bathe once, at least, where he would wash his hair and his body.

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There are people today and this is because of lack of guidance. There will be non Muslims today who think that non bathing is best. You shouldn't wash your body and they believe that to be so. And a person listening to this may think to themselves is it true? Until he hears the suit of Allah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam telling him though No, it's not true.

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That if you're male or female, every seven days he said sal Allahu Allah, He will send them You at least need to bathe once where you wash your hair and wash your body. And if you add to it, how many times we make will do you understand the importance of keeping your body clean?

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In fact, early on, when Allah azza wa jal was speaking to His Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam in Surah, Al Mudassir. On one there are a black Africa bear with the burqa Fatah here, when he's giving instructions to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to warn people and to glorify and exalt Allah azza wa jal and to cleanse your clothing. You understand that in Islam, there is no such duality between the inside and the outside, or between body and spirit, but both of them feed each other. Your soul needs your body and your body needs your soul and you understand that when your body is suffering, your soul suffers as well. And when your soul is suffering, your body is suffering as

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well. There is no tension between them as we said, Allah Zota had given you your body as a vehicle to carry you to the hereafter. So you have to take care of that vehicle and not to neglect it. A whole okoli Heather was the hula li Walakum festa.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra on Pavan Obara can fee. Also li wa salam, O Allah Rasool e Muhammad wa ala Alihi, wa Sahbihi, wa salam, a My bad.

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It's also good to keep in mind that

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the obedience of Allah subhanahu eye to Allah itself adds to the strength of the body.

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When you listen to him when you do what Allah wants from you, the string that you have increases and multiplies.

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While your call Mr. Ferrara confirm Matobo Illa you see this summer Aliko Mirada, why is it kumquat and Isla

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Houde alayhi salam when he was speaking to his people, and they were mighty and strong, and he told them that if you obey Allah azza wa jal ask for his forgiveness. And if you repent, Allah will send grain dropping continuously upon you, meaning bless you with rain, and he will add you in strength, that you become stronger because of your obedience to Allah azza wa jal

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and in the Hadith

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when Fawlty model the Allahu anhu, the daughter of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked Rasul Allah He for us for a servant to help her with daily housework. What did he tell say? I'll tell her it he salatu salam.

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He said to her and to Ali are all the Allahu Anhu Ummah,

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to sit behind a lesson with a theme with a hammer to Hamidi and a telethon with a theme, which you can beat in the Latin word by 1000 word buy in or bandwidth Allah theme

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hirundo Mammon heard him, it says if you before you go to bed, you see Subhan Allah 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar 34 times which is a total of 100

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that is better than a servant for you.

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So if anyone

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suffers from weakness, tiredness, or other days say I can't do my work, whatever work you're doing, I feel tired, I feel exhausted. And you may be thinking to yourself, maybe I need vitamins and minerals and more food and more this, we say go and consult specialists for that. But don't forget to add to this, the prophetic medicine of this thicker before you go to bed. Something as simple as that. 33 SubhanAllah 33 Alhamdulillah 34 Allahu Akbar

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work every single night before you go to bed and you will see the effect of that and the energy that you have. And that again tells you that when you are pleasing to Allah azza wa jal, Allah preserves your mind for you. Allah preserves your strength for you, when you fast and you listen to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and you will fast, Allah strengthens your body.

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See people now talk about intermittent fasting. And that when you go through that your body actually because of that stress actually becomes healthier. It fights disease, your immunity increases. Before all of that Allah azza wa jal had made an obligation on all Muslims to fast. There's when you add a stress like that to your body, your body becomes strong. So imagine if somebody does that, and if somebody does PM, and if somebody Subhanallah is active in their life, and Allah azza wa jal will preserve their strength for them. But why do we want to preserve our strength? If we tell people preserve your strength and exercise? Why should we exercise it's not exercising is not being fit for

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the sake of showing off showing your body or feeling that you're superior to others. When he says Allah, Allah, he was selling them in the Hadith Kulu wash of water so the whole theory is sloughing Allah Mahila. He says, Eat and drink and donate, but avoid is slough, excessive this and Mahila arrogance.

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You don't want to become thin so that you feel better because you simply are thin, so people could see and praise your thickness.

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You don't want to become strong so people could praise your muscles. You want to do these things because you want to strengthen a body for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, so it could carry you more and could do more. So you can preserve the name of Allah azza wa jal and not wasted. So you have an answer to the questions that you will be asked.

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And if you happen, to lose your strength, because of age, because of sickness, remember also that it says by the will of Allah azza wa jal and this is not something to be saddened by.

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Because a it is natural and it has to happen to every single person, the mightiest will be the weakest one day. So it has to happen. But more importantly it is because this is a message from Allah azza wa jal that you are coming closer to me so wake up.

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And if a message is gonna wake us up, that is a beautiful message to receive. If a sickness is going to wake us up, if gray hair is going to wake us up, if our inability loss of vitality is going to wake us up, this is something beautiful not to be sad for, but something that is beautiful, because anything that brings you closer to Allah azza wa jal is beautiful.

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Now, when you look at your body,

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and you look at people's bodies, you'll find out that people don't look the same and they're not supposed to.

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And you're not supposed to compare yourself to others or others to you.

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And you understand that Allah had varied His creation, Lucky had varied everything else that he did. Allah made some people richer, and some people poor, some people strong and some people weak, some people more attractive, and some people less. And that is not a sign of Allah's fever. That's first of all. Second, it's a test for everybody. As Allah test the rich and poor with the money that he gives, He tests that tractive and not so with what he had given them, the strong and the weak, what would he had given them so that he sees those who receive these gifts? What do they do with them, and it increases them in rebellion and disbelief. This is not a gift.

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If it tempts them so that they would show their nakedness and their bodies in ways that are displeasing to Allah, this was not a gift. So if you're someone who's beautiful,

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and Allah had blessed you with that, understand that revealing your skin, squanders that gift that Allah had given to you. And that every inch that you remove from your body is a degeneration and a listening to the shaytaan. And understand that you have become a fitna to men and women alike. And understand that Allah will ask you about these things. So if you're beautiful, it's not a fever necessarily, but a test. And if you not so, it's not a favor or a test necessarily, but maybe an advantage so that you instead of focusing on your body, on your skin, on your muscle, you look beyond because how long will your body last? How long will you remain beautiful? How long will you

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remain? muscular? And if you lose all of these things, what are you then empty?

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

admiring a body is nothing. Allah azza wa jal in the Quran when he is speaking about the hypocrites. What does he say about them?

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either right the Home Tour de Bucharest, some of whom were here who looters magically him can know Him who SHABOOM was a ninja. He said about the hypocrites who are around Muhammad sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He says, when you look at them, you admire their bodies. Why do you admire their bodies? They said, because of how rich, luxurious or beautiful or attractive they are. Simply you look at them, you admire what you see why he or Kulu test smartly told him that when they speak, you really listen to what they're saying. Why? Because they're really eloquent, they really know how to speak, then Allah immediately after that, what does he say about them, getting the home horrible,

00:25:40--> 00:25:44

moosend Niddah, as if they are pieces of wood resting against the wall.

00:25:45--> 00:25:48

That is that they are empty.

00:25:49--> 00:26:29

They lack substance, meaning when they sit around Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they were they are as good as a piece of wood resting against a wall, they understand nothing, and there is no substance to them. So you can choose to be such a person with no substance. Or you can choose to focus on something that is greater than Allah had given to you, without at the same time neglecting your body. And we have to pay special attention. Special attention to two things before I conclude one to our young, especially when they go on social media. They're receiving constant messages of what is beautiful and what is not. And that will be reflected in how they see themselves how they

00:26:29--> 00:27:11

dress. And you see pre adolescence today and how they dress and how short the clothes are. It's all a reflection of trying to look older, and be beautiful. And it's a reflection of a culture that only values nakedness, and beauty and flesh, beauty And the beauty of the soul. Because they almost do not admit that there is something called a soul. So pay attention to that. But it doesn't stop with pre adolescents, adolescents and even adults who constantly are checking their images to understand their value. It says you are much better than that. And you are much greater than that. And when your body is going to perish in the grave, what remains is your soul. Work on your soul at least as

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much as you work on your body, if not even more. The second thing is the way that we choose to evaluate our body. Whether we embrace body positive body neutrality or similar fads. And I call them fads, because they're always a reaction to

00:27:28--> 00:27:49

some people may say being body positive is good, and it's Islamic. And then others will come and say no, body neutrality is better. Because when your body positive, yes, you're trying to be positive about all types of body, but you're still obsessed with the body. You're still in the body, rather than being content with whatever you've been given.

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You want to say that rather than import understandings from left and right, you want to understand how to live, how to look at your body, how to look at your soul, how to look at your society, you need a native Islamic understanding and slam as an SINDING that comes out from the Quran and Sunnah. Not something that we borrow from other ideologies, other cultures, and then you bring it into Islam and you call it Islamic. You want to understand how to look at the body. See what Allah has said about it. See how the prophets of Allah hottie was an upset about it and see how the AST is to live and maintain that balance. If you do this, you don't need to follow one fat only to be contradicted

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by another fat and suffer the consequences. Because you ask Allah Allah Allah mean to bless his body and soul was Allah azza wa jal to give us the balance in this life so that we would live to the way that he is pleasing to Him. And according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Allah he was setting him under the way of the Sahaba were asking Rabbil Alameen hiya Allah, I've asked you for a laughable Afia for dunya we were asked you for a laugh well if you if it dunya will earthhero was asked you for a laugh or will ask you if it dunya will ask you forgive us all of our sins and the rest of the Muslims era will Allah mean we as Europe for Jana and everything that brings us closest

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to it and will seek your refuge from hellfire and anything that brings us closer to it. Whereas you herbal Allah mean for all the good in this life and in the Hereafter, and we seek Your protection from all evil in this life and in the hereafter. We ask you your bill Allah meaning to make us of those who remember you often who read the Quran often who read the Sunnah of your Prophet often who make his default constantly and make us of those who repeatedly repent to Euro bill Alameen Allah cleanse our hearts and filled them with Eman yeah Allah soften our hearts so that when they hear your thicker and the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal they respond to it your bill Allah mean, You

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Allah fill our hearts with iman fill our hearts with Dakhla fill our hearts with your love and the love of your messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam LaMattina for dunya Hassan Ophelia FIRA de hacer un Okinawa na la Maya liberal Pulo visa bit Kuba Anna Anna DNA. Oh my almost

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have wrestled colobus or Fluvanna adatta Arctic Aloha Minister Luca Jin Neto Makarova, Illa Hammond, Colino Amman, we're not all to becoming a nerdy Omar kurabe him and Colin what I meant when I said local higher Akula who are Jia Hua Ji the Houma allemande I mean who am alumna alum? We're not all to become an usher equally ideally, julius malema I mean who am I I'm not alum yeah how you you have a young will be automatic and Esther leave. Ursula Helena shenana kula Walla tech in the unforeseen out of time wealthy Missoula