Legal Rights of Women in Islam

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Let's discuss

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the legal rights of women in Islam.

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Legally, men and women are equal.

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If for the crime they commit, they get the same punishment.

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For example, if a man kills the woman, the man is put to death. If a woman kills a man, she's put to death over a lot of cases mentioned sort of baccarat chapter number two, what's the 171 79

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And furthermore,

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if any organ of the body is damaged, irrespective of their disease, I the year the hand, irrespective whether it's of man or woman, male or female, the punishment is the same.

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And if suppose someone murders someone, and at the family members want to forgive but taking the money, it doesn't make a difference. Who is forgiving with a family member is a man or woman. Both of them are equal, they have the right to forgive.

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The punishment

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for the men and women in Islam for the same crime, it is the same.

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Allah says in the Quran for him either chapter number five was promoted yet, as to the thief, beat a man or woman chopped off his or her hand, as a punishment one last minute Allah when someone drops, irrespective whether it's a male or female, the punishment is the same. It is the dropping of the hand.

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Quran says and for a new chapter number 24 Verse number two.

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As for the fornicator

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whether it's a female, or a male, whether it's a woman or a man, give each 100 lashes as punishment. That means if someone does fornication,

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irrespective whether it's a woman or a man, the punishment is the same 100 lashes.

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In Islam, legally men and women are same. The woman

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even have a right

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to be a witness. In most of the religions.

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Women are not permitted to be a witness, even the Jewish community

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just a few decades ago, late last night in 1950, they were discussing should they give the woman the right to be a witness. Islam gave that right for a woman to be a witness 14 years ago.

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And Quran protects the woman.

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Quran says and for a new chapter maternity for worse than before, that is someone live an allegation against the chastity and modesty of women, and does not produce for witnesses. Give him 80 lashes as punishment. That means if you lay an allegation on the modesty or chastity of a woman, and if you cannot produce for witnesses, you get at lashes.

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For a small crime in Islam, you produce two witnesses for a big crime for witnesses. That means in today's world, it is so common their night, you have men and women abusing each other. You know the men they call dirty names to the woman. Many of them call them prostitute.

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In essence, Islamic country, in the Islamic state of law, if a man does such a thing to a woman,

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cause or a prostitute, and if he cannot produce for witnesses, he gets empty lashes

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and if he produces for witnesses, and if any one of them falter, all of them gritty lashes. This is how much Islam protects the woman. I don't know in any law in the world, whether it be America, whether it be UK, whether it be Canada, whether it be India.

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If you take an objection, if a woman goes to the court of law and says that man abused me, what can you do?

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I don't know of any case, in which a woman to command for abusing her.

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What punishment and Islamic law at lashes. If that law is implemented anywhere in the world, a man will think a million Millender before abusing a woman.

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This is how Islam protects the woman.

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in the Western world, when a woman marries a man, she takes the name of the husband

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in Islam, she has the option to take husband's name or maintain her maiden name. And in many of the Islamic countries, the woman even after marrying a man she maintains a maiden name