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Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the use of the title Islam as a way to interact with the Quran. They explain that the title is affirming what is in the book and that the speaker's consciousness is open to sharing it. The title is also a guidance for believers to humble themselves and receive guidance on how to live an event.

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Smilla and hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was so happy he or she married my brothers and sisters in Islam and he I came across something very beautiful that teaches the believer how to interact with this Quran as you're reading the word of Allah azza wa jal in Salta Nahan. One of the seller was once reading an area in salt, in where Allah azza wa jal, he says, What oxen will be less than a man him lay above Allahu Mejia Muth better word than Allah. Allah kidnap father Mesilla moon, Allah azza wa jal he said about the disbelievers that the took the most strongest of oaths, to say that Allah will never resurrect those who die lay above Allahumma

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yamu. So this person from among a self stop at the area, and he said, one law he by Allah, Allah who will resurrect those who die. And then he said, Oh Allah, do not join between those who deny resurrection, and those who affirm resurrection. Do not join us both in one place. In other words, don't put us both in the hellfire. When we believers are saying by Allah Akbar, Allah, Allah azza wa jal is going to resurrect us. How beautiful is this kind of interaction with the Quran, living with the Quran, affirming what Allah azza wa jal has given us a facts. And so when you read, for example, from the very beginning of the Quran, Allah hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen feel it in your heart, that

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All praise belongs to Allah. Whether mankind accepted this or not. This is Allah Himself delivering to mankind the fact that praise belongs to Allah. Allah commanded Rahim, Maliki omy deen and affirm these matters in your heart and understand that this is what makes a believer different to other people. It wouldn't if this is what differentiates between a believer and a disbeliever. I believe that his heart is open to the word of Allah, affirming and believing, without any doubt what Allah azza wa jal says, when you reach Littleton Bacara, their little caribou Arabia fee, when Allah azza wa jal says this book the Quran, there is no doubt in it. Hey, pause and be convicted, be convinced

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within your heart. There is absolutely no doubt in this book. There is no reason to doubt anything in this book. If I have a hard time understanding a fact in this Quran, then that's because of the weakness of my mind. And this is my ignorance, my weakness. Otherwise, what's in this book is Allah's knowledge. This is Allah's wisdom. Yes, seen when Al Hakim. This is a book full of wisdom. It came from the all wise from the all knowledgeable. So if I'm having a hard time understanding something, at least my heart is accepting what is in this book. It is affirming what is in this book. This is a beautiful way to interact with the Quran. Then you read houden limita clean. This

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book is a guidance for the believers to humble yourself. And you submit to Allah azza wa jal and you say oh Allah made me from among animals to clean those who have full belief and Amen. In you and everything that you reveal. We ask Allah subhanahu wa ala to grant us Eliakim certainty in what Allah azza wa jal has revealed, we ask him Subhanahu wa Taala to allow us to live an event and to preach Islam to others. We ask him subhanho wa Taala to admittance into the paradise and forgive our shortcomings and our sins in harmony with helical karate. Or some Allahu wa salam ala Velyka. I don't know if you know Mohammed, while earlier he was so happy Germaine