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Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.

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The transcript discusses the importance of Islam's use of force and the need for people to trust him, including the "will" and "will" of Islam. It also touches on past predictions and future events, including the "the Day of Judgment" and the-the Greatest Showman." The surahs of Islam include gifts, control, and forgiveness, with a focus on the creator's power and the need for forgiveness.

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Nino Salatu, salam, ala nabina Muhammad, voila,

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we come to us number 27 just 27 is in the middle of sort of that yet. And what it has is a story of the people of Iran, Yemen, Islam when he had the angels come to him and telling him that they're going to destroy the city of loot alehissalaam. And he tries to reason with with them but Allah has already decided he's going to destroy that city. And then he tells us one after the other that the same thing happened musala slums people, they didn't listen, they got destroyed ad and thermal, both of them and then he talks about no la Salaam and his people. What he tells us is Fairfield rule 11 law, number nine number 50, run to Allah. And it's repeated twice to tell us that in the law, common

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law criminal law, I'm a clear warning to you, I'm telling you to run towards Allah. And Allah tells us that well, that can carry on reminding the believers because the reminder will continue to benefit the believers. And we need to continue to keep this reminder up. Because this gives us a lot of energy to carry on with life. And Allah tells us the purpose of it was that he created the human and the genes because they're supposed to be in service of Allah design number 56. Come to Surah two. And in Surah, two, again, Allah asks us, it tells us about Jenna and some of the qualities he tells us that we'll be able to eat and drink inside there without having any worry Anima 19 tells us

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that will be reclining in there, we'll have you know people that will keep us always happy there. In fact, Allah tells us that the that our family members who will believe with in this message, the person who reaches the highest abode in Jannah, allow make all the rest of the family members join him in that abode. This is item number 21, which is a very positive thing. So it's not all negative things in the water. There's a lot of positive things. And there's a lot of description about this, where people will even question one of them, they'll say, you know, how were we on the earth. And they will say that we used to fear about this day and about their judgment and so on. And today

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Allah has saved us from the fire and he has given us all know he's accepted at the house and so on. This is all around 20 1617, eight and so on. And then after Allah gives many questions to the people who are denying this and asked them, you know, look at your own creation, how you were created. Do you think that that these gods have even created the heavens and the earth? Do you think that people have got people have got a way of getting over this sort of message and asking these questions, you know, in a wrongful sort of manner. So Allah carries on asking these questions. And finally, he says, to the believer, this was will have patience, because Allah is watching everything and

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continue to do your tasveer and following suit with what you need to do, and allows you to sort of leave the rest to rest to Allah, we come to the najem surah number 53. And it opens up with the mirage of the province of Lahore, Islam, with the proxy Allah has and went from Makkah all the way to Jerusalem from Jerusalem, he went to the heavens and from the heavens, he came all the way back. And a lot of is captured about the closeness and proximity he had with debris alehissalaam on that night, and after mentioning Mirage, what Allah does is he tells us people like what they've got left with them is suspicious. So a lot of the philosophy that we've got on this earth, a lot of is

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following conjecture and suspicion. This is mentioned in a number 28. He then tells us who this load is. And he tells us he's the one who makes us laugh, he makes us cry, he gives us life, it gives us death, the annual 4344, we're going to return back to him and only to him, we will take our actions back to him. He's the one who created the male and the female, he's the one that will create the new creation of the Day of Judgment. And we're going to all be in front of him and summon in fundamental their judgment. Now we then come to Surah and surah Kama, which is, which is Surah number 54. Again, touches on all of these past predecessors, we had all the prophets, so mohalla histogram, and we

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have the people who delay Salah, the people of samode, and the people of loot all of them one by one, how they denied the messages and how they were destroyed. And then finally, if you don't, and what what Allah tells us about this is that

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aquafaba life, this is the question and number 43 do you think that the disbelievers of your time are any different from the disbelievers of that time? Are they any better in any way? So Allah given this question for all the listeners to listen to this and to believe in what is the truth? And finally he says that Roku sahid on what can be the most top of every single small

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And every large thing that you've got everything's written down and everything will be found in his final detail on the day of judgment and lucky are going to be the ones who are going to be in Jannah by rivers sitting in a place of truthfulness next to, you know, next to a proximity of Allah azza wa jal. This is the these are the last sort of verses of Surah Surah Kama, let me come to Surah Rahman, which is Surah number 55. And this surah we know as the repetition of obey Allah Arabic Magica divine Allah asked a question about 31 times in the surah. And why he does that is because it is a question that he's going to ask us on the Day of Judgment, what will you deny of the gifts that are

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given to you? So he tells us about the gifts he tells us about the heavens the earth, the skies the sun, the moon, the time he created the plants he gave us the fruits he gave us then from those foods what we do is that we we move it across the seas, we benefit one another, we trade on these fruits, and we're able to take things out of the out of the oceans as pearls. And we're able to sort of sail the ships and so on all these things he discusses in the beginning of sorrel, Rama and it keeps on saying to us which one of your loads gifts Will you deny? Because then he says to us, kulu Manali have fun, everything on this whole

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earth will come to an end except for Allah. And it keeps on asking us which one of your Lord's gifts Will you deny? Why? Because on that day, we don't have to tell him why did we deny? And why did we move away from this message. And allegan depicts about the people of of Hellfire, and then about the people of Ghana and he says the people who will actually fear a lot from this world alone will give them two genders, two genders, why one will be the gender of the next one will be the piece that you feel in your heart in this world with a peaceful atmospheric atmosphere and a surrounding that is also agenda that Allah gives to a person on this earth. And that is

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that is it number 20, item number 4547 and so on, you look at that you will find it and what you find is under the Lord description of Jana towards the end of this of this surah then Slovakia comes surah number 56. And Slovakia Allah describes that on the Day of Judgment, there's going to be three different parties that are going to be those who will be the people of the right there will be those who will be the people of the left. And there'll be those who will be the forthcoming people who will racing ahead the first of the first. So as for the people on the right, they will be people who will experience a lot of goodness that Allah will give them bunches of fruits and clothes thing you

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know with a lot of shade in Jana and a lot of water that will spill towards them that they can enjoy from the fruits, and also the people of the left side they will be in a lot of smoke of Hellfire heat, they will not have any comfort whatsoever. And they were the people who continuously sinned again and again on this earth even though they knew that they shouldn't do it. And in between what Allah Allah does, he tells us about those people who are really forward meaning that these people are the closest to Allah, Allah will give them things beyond or better than the people of the the people have the right. And it asks us a certain question that are we really the people who are in

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control of creating one another. This is in Ireland, the 57 are we really people who control who control and create the crops that we eat from enemy 64 are really the people who bring the waters from the skies are number 68 our people who actually create fire Have you got the power to do that without permission and number 72. And it tells us all these things. Why because he wants you to think about the Quran the power has given us because of which we use. And then we sort of drift off from from the pathway. And it tells us right towards the end of it about those people at the time of death when the when the whole whole soul will come to the throat of a person, what consequences

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We'll see. Because at that time, even if you were to have people around you, they can't save you from from you leaving this this earth, it's a death that will come and again, we split into these three things. Either we're going to be the people who are close to Allah, or with the people who've just about made it, or the people who've actually lost ourselves and we were the people who denied this message.

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We come to the last surah of this of this whole Jews which is sort of Hadid and surah had it really picks up on this, this this part where those Muslims who are true Muslims, they will find salvation with by being with the prophets on the day of judgment and they will find a light that will guide them across the surah to the bridge that crosses Hellfire, right to right to Ghana. But those people who are monastics and they didn't have the true belief they will they will be left without any light and they will not be able to find their way and they will call on to the believers to try and help them to try and find the pathway and it will be set to them to stay

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back and adult way will be brought up between the real believers and the hypocrites of this oma where they will be separated from one another. And the AI ends up by ends by telling us that in Allah says sobre, todo sobre todo the surah ends by telling us about running towards Allah forgiveness running towards his his agenda. And all of this whole life his game pastimes playing, asked, you know, trying to show that we've got a better of one another pride and having a lot of wealth and love children and so on. This sums up the entire life. This is in line number 20 of the surah and more or less, that's that's the summary of that surah Zama Hi.