I Desire To Sin! What is My Position With Allah

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Brothers and Sisters in Islam, almost what the Allahu Anhu was asked the question, he was asked on CO Minister Hoonah zunow. While I am alone at the hair, he was asked what is the state of people who passionately desire to commit sins and how long deeds, but they actually don't end up doing them. So these are people that passionately desire to commit sins, whether its sins related to the eye, or sins related to the E, or sins related to the tongue in the filthy haram words that a person speaks, or even sins related to the hand and the feet and where they walk. Whatever the scene is about people that desire the sins but they don't end up doing it.

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What is their state and what is their position with Allah subhanahu wata Isla Alma Bobby Allahu anhu, in response, quoted a part of an A or insulted her Jilla T said hola Ken Levine and Donna Allahu kuruva, whom live Taqwa.

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He said such people are people who Allah azza wa jal has examined and tested their heart for Taqwa. Allah azza wa jal is examining you at this time testing you to see is the actual taqwa and fear of Allah in your heart or not. Are you going to prefer what Allah azza wa jal wants over what you desire? Or are you going to prefer what you desire over what Allah azza wa jal wants from you? That's it. That's the whole test. That's the whole billet. Damn Allahu coloboma, taqwa. So we learn from this, that every time you passionately desire to commit a sin, but you keep away from it, you don't do it. There is a moment in how your taqwa increases and your fear of Allah increases and it's

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revived in the heart. Then Allah azza wa jal says, Lo Mo Farah, and in addition to this, for such people is a complete forgiveness of their sins. Allah azza wa jal purifies the heart and the soul every time you approach to commit a sin, but you back off and you suppress your neffs and you see that Allah azza wa jal is testing me I don't want to fail in this test for you is a complete forgiveness of sin, you purify your knifes you become cleaner in your mind and in your heart and your spirit and in your faith and your relationship with Allah azza wa jal and in addition to this, Allah azza wa jal says, la mobila tune what is your role now we and for such people is a huge

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reward. And whenever the huge reward is mentioned in the Quran, it is the paradise We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to purify us and to make us people of the paradise Jozek of Allahu ala or SallAllahu wasallam Gattaca Allah and Urbino Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine