Hadith #3 Unity and Ease, The Guiding Principles of Brotherhood

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in an authentic hadith on the authority of a border Radi Allahu Anhu narrated the Prophet sallallahu sallam said yes it will will lead to acetyl Abbas Judo with a tuna Pharaoh or fatawa with Khalifa. He said make things easy and do not make things difficult, give glad tidings and do not repel people cooperate with each other and do not become divided. The province of Allah Allah wa salam, and this hadith is a Behati. And it's for him Insha Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said three things, but gave three forms of advice. And I want to mention three particular points off of this hadith and these are forms of advice. The

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first of them is having the intention of unity.

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You know, men were competitive, you will find that we will be you know, we're competitive by nature, whether we're playing sports, or it's an academic invent endeavor, and mathematics or robotics, or history or business, whatever it is, there's a level of competition which is natural for the man and which is not misogynistic. It's not wrong. It's not inherently oppressive. Rather, it is something that Allah has given us for means of protection and provision, and procreation, even, we're Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us this quality of competition. But the problem is, is when that competition can lead to arrogance and belittlement of people, but the Muslim because of the Oneness

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of Allah and the the institution of the fraternity between human beings in general for humankind, but particularly those of Muslims that recognize Allah subhanho wa Taala has no partners that they recognize a God is not like the human being, that he is a creator. All the beautiful names and attributes that we learn in that we encounter and experience and hopefully articulate to others is that we should not want to be divided, that we should want to come together. And the *ty the deen of Islam takes all means, in doing that, whether it's smiling in the face of your brother, not backbiting him, not lying against him. These are manly characteristics and standards that when

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you're amongst men, you don't want to be someone that you know, gossips a lot or speaks badly about somebody because they have better physical ability than you or are more intelligent, or are more savvy, or a more artistic, whatever it is. You want that ultimate initial, in the beginning that intention of unity. As soon as you meet your brother and Islam at the masjid. on the basketball court, even though you're competing against him, you want to have that intention that s my brother, and I love him for the sake of Allah. Now, I don't know this cat, I don't know him. And I don't know if we're gonna get along that with that intention. shaytani can easily creep in. The second point is

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where we always remember where we came from. Because the province of Allahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Bushido will lead to, but yes, you know, Allah to ask you to make things easy, and to not make things difficult upon the people. There is a difference between tough love and just being a tyrant. It's tough love, the person knows that you love him, the person knows you love him. So if you're older for your younger brother, and you want to show him how to, you know, drive, or you're teaching them how to work out, and you make them to that last rep and he's crying, or you're the one that's crying, and you wonder, you know, does he really liked me? Does he love me Subhanallah it's important for the teacher, that's the man when teaching young men how to be men, that you show times

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of love that you congratulate them, but at the same time you lay the sledgehammer down when needed. But it's important that you have both sides that you have the goodness, the ease, because you should remember where you came from, where you started, when you remember the person that was hard on you, hopefully it was your father, your uncle, your grandfather, your coach, your teacher, your neighbor, your mentor, the one that took you from one stage to another, and it seemed like he was hard. But you look back now and you say, well, those were life lessons that we're taught, never forget where you came from, when the Prophet salallahu idea was salam was saying, give glad tidings and do not

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repel people. Because those people that you're calling to good, those youth that you're calling to good part of your masculinity. As a college student that's looking at these young middle schoolers. Remember, you were once there, when you remember that trading, put your mind and your mentality into their mentality. And that will make your teaching, your guidance, your mentorship much more dynamic and much more conducive and instrumental to their masculinity and development. Third point is looking at the bigger picture instead of the emotion emotionally reacting of impulse. When the prophets of Allah Allah wa salam said, cooperate with each other and don't become divided. Usually

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what causes a division

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is an opinion opinion that I may have. That may be a valid opinion for division. But as men, we should ultimately seek to work together because that's what makes us stronger, and particularly as Muslim men looking to work together because that's what will make us look more unified, particularly in areas where there may not be a lot of Muslims, and you're misunderstood for being missed.

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Sergeant mystic, barbaric, oppressive, particularly to women backwards in society, right when they see that you're strong, you have self control, and it's for someone greater than you, and greater than all of creation. That is something that is much more impactful to where you don't react quickly. When you're playing on the basketball court. Your name is Muhammad or Achmed. And they may know you as a Muslim, they may call you a terrorist, they may call you a tyrant. You don't react emotionally, and just want to fight. You know, not to say that there's not room for fighting, if someone crosses your space, and they try to violate you. But in the beginning, you don't respond.

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You don't respond, then you address them say, Look, you know that you know, you probably want to stop, we don't want to continue, it's just going to it's going to result in something that's not good for the both of us. You don't react emotionally. You react logically you think, where is this going to lead me in regards to due to division of the brothers? Where's it going to lead me as a man when I get married, and I react off of impulse? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was giving this advice actually, to two companions when he was telling them to go and give Dawa and call people to Islam. He gave them these guidelines that you are looked at as a representative and in

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some cases a leader, you inshallah young man or man you are or will be a leader don't react off of impulse, think of the bigger picture and that's what's needed for you to be a Masterman Batticaloa Fico. May Allah bless you all, and make you those that work off of intellect and that understand the bigger picture in life. What's going on? Why they come to LA? Hey, we're gonna get to