How to achieve a present heart when making Dua

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How do we achieve a present heart during a diet? This is my last point. Very important point. Listen to me very carefully. Then the diet your heart needs to be present and maybe Salalah while he was alive, he said, while I level a number Hello yesterday boom in Kanban or feeling less in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us that you all better know that Allah does not answer the dua that is coming from a heart that is awful heedless, lay him distracted.

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What does this mean? It means in order for your heart to be present with a diet, you must keep away from two things, heedlessness and distraction. Now what do these two things mean? If your diet is free of heedlessness and distraction, that means your heart is present as you're making a dryer and there is a high chance that this dryer will be accepted and answered by a loss surgeon. So

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how do we how do we avoid being heedless? Listen very carefully. What does it mean? Do not be heedless, and distracted when making

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heedlessness means when you do not recognize and acknowledge the greatness of Allah, social, and the vastness, the greatness of His mercy and His forgiveness. So if you're making your own law, forgive me, but you're doubting in your heart You're doubting I doubt that's gonna happen. How is Allah going to forgive me? Or if you're making and you don't recognize the greatness of a law of social? you're in doubt you're just saying, you know what, I'll I'll try. I hear a lot of people speaking about how incredible advice is. So let me just make Dwyer if you're doing that, meaning you are heedless, your heart is not present. As a result that might not go through. You need to keep away

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from heedlessness. So when you're making dua, don't be heedless. That means when you make to her, you say Allah humbug fiddly, and you acknowledge Allah is great. Allah is Mercy is vast. It's huge. It encompasses all things what I met he was he a lot of social says My Mercy has encompassed all things and you you're a human being you're a think you're a sheep. So Allah azza wa jal encompassed you and envelop you in his mercy as well. Now, when your heart The way you bring your heart present in a dryer, is you need to acknowledge Allah's greatness when you make. When you do that, you're no longer heedless. Remember, you need to keep away from heedlessness for your, for your heart to be

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present. And the second thing you need to keep away from when making Dwyer in order for your heart to be present is lay him distraction. What does distraction mean in data? destruction means that you see something you do not know what it means.

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If you're if you have a Bible, can you just reading through it was slowly sorry matter Kubina. You didn't even know what this means. Then your heart is distracted when making dua.

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Therefore Your heart is not present. So most likely it will not be answered. Allahu Allah.

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So in other words, to keep away from distraction, when making Dwyer make dua that you understand and you know what you're asking Allah.

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If you don't know how to speak Arabic, and make dua in the Arabic language, then make dua in your own language. Make a dua, my brothers and sisters in Islam make a dua that you understand.

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Because when you're making Do you understand, now, you are not being distracted in your dryer Your heart is present. As a result be if the lead is too hot will be accepted.

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But this is very, very important for your heart to be present when making.

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ask Allah sosial in your own language. If you don't know how to make dua in Arabic,

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ask him in your own language and it's permissible even in solid even in your suit. And in ernabella him Allah they see, if you know how to make dua in Arabic, then you should only make dua in Arabic When in your solid in your suit. And if you don't know how to make dry in Arabic, then you can make it in your own language until you learn how to make dry in Arabic. For this is my brief short message to my brothers and sisters in Islam.