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AI: Summary © The "willpower" concept in Islam is a process of making changes in one's life, and most Muslims believe that change is the norm. The "willpower" concept is related to the "willpower" concept, which is a process of making changes in one's life. The segment discusses the importance of staying true to Islam, avoiding false hope syndrome, and not giving up on one's beliefs. The segment also emphasizes the importance of worshiping Allah as a means of achieving spiritual health and success, and provides information on a course on acquiring tacos and wealth.
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Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters JazakAllah hair for joining me again for another Thursday night Facebook Live. It's me, I'm Rahim green.

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Hamdulillah. And tonight we have a very, very interesting topic. It's called the false hope syndrome. What is this all about? What is the false hope syndrome all about? It's very, very interesting. And for all of those of you who have plugged into mastery classes.com And any of you have done the Seven Pillars of willpower course, you will know it's a module, I think it's module 11. The false hope syndrome is a whole module in the willpower course. The false hope syndrome is something in psychology that is particularly insidious, it's particularly nasty, because it appears to be

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willpower, but it's not, it actually undermines it a lot. And all of us experience it. And it's very, something very, very dangerous for us, very dangerous in our religion, something that we have to be very, very careful of. So I want to talk about the false hope syndrome, how it affects us as Muslims, what does the false hope syndrome mean? How does it affect us as Muslims, I also want to talk about

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what is real hope in Islam, because hope is there in Islam. So the what is let me just then let me just talk about false hope syndrome. And let me describe to you what it is, it's really about, we decide I'm going to change, I am going to change a person, we love change, we love to think that we're going to make these amazing, dramatic, vast improvements in our life. And you know, this happens in Ramadan, I'm sure so many of us we are determined this Ramadan is going to be different. I'm going to read the whole Quran like three times with the translation. And I'm gonna go to tearaway prayers every single night And Alhamdulillah, this is going to change me this Ramadan, I'm

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going to be a different person. Ramadan, and you know, many, many non Muslims, for example, many even maybe some Muslims, New Year's resolutions, this is the most famous thing that people make all these new year's resolutions, how they're going to change their life, they're going to go to the gym, they're going to lose weight, they're going to get fit. And of course, most of the time, it falls flat on its face, we never achieve those things that we set out to do. And so that's the false hope syndrome. Now actually, we something we love it. We we love to make this intention, this intention that we're going to change this year, I'm going to do it. And actually, that makes us

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itself feel really, really good. This idea that we're going to change just the thought of changing actually, when people just think about making changes in their life. They give themselves permission to do things that normally they wouldn't even do they give themselves permission to send. We talked about this in a former Facebook Live By the way, we talked about that called the halo effect. So this permission giving this, this this idea that we're doing something virtuous. And we all do it. Yeah, I went for a jog. I went for a run, I went to the gym, I deserved that tub of ice cream, I've done that I fasted all day I can stuffed my face full of pakora and whatever I like and you know, I

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go to the tabloid press and I'm standing there, I feel so full. And just about I'm gonna puke, I feel so full. But you know, I deserve it because I've been fasting all day. And you know, this can go through many, many different things in our life. So this is permission giving this is giving ourselves permission to do bad because we think we've done good. Now, the false hope syndrome is actually connected to that because people it's been shown through surveys and studies and statistics, that even if people think about changing, even if they think about doing good, that is enough for them to give themselves permission to do things that they wouldn't do that against their

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goals and objectives. And I talk about this, this is very, very important. I talk about it in my course Seven Pillars of willpower, how do you deal with it, I break it down. And I talk about how to deal with that. So the real The reality is, you see,

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we don't really realize how hard change is this is part of the problem. Most of us underestimate how difficult it really is to change. Change takes effort. Change takes work, change takes dedication, it takes willpower, it takes perseverance, this is what it takes. And actually the other thing that most of the time changing needs is regular application. This is why the Prophet Muhammad may God's peace and blessings be upon him said that the deeds that God loves the most Allah loves the most of the ones that are

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done regularly, even if they are small, because it is these regular things, these this regular commitment that brings about real change in our life.

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So what we do brothers and sisters, we get high, we get high from fantasizing about the changes that we're going to make a no doubt some people, some of you who may be listening, some of those brothers and sisters who have even paid money and bought my seven pillars of willpower course, I know that some of them have probably done it, just for that reason. They thought, yeah, I'm gonna buy this willpower course. And it's going to change my life. It's, I'm going to be the person I need to be. And they couldn't even be bothered. They couldn't even commit themselves to watch. A one two fight well, okay, say three minutes, five minutes. I think the longest video of my course is 1112 minutes.

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They couldn't even do that. And how do I know because I can actually see the statistics of the people have watched the videos. And in quite a few videos, only 80% of people have actually watched them. That means 20% of people haven't done it. I may even say in my i think i If you look on if you look in the

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landing page that if you click mastery classes.com The sort of web pages that you go to that describes the course. And one of the things I talk about false hope syndrome, and I say it may even be the reason you're going to purchase this course. So I realized that right? People love this idea that I'm going to change, I'm going to be successful. But it takes work and it takes dedication, this is the reality. Now we Muslims, I think we are we love when lots of people actually love this idea of false hope. So you know is that in the poster for this Facebook Live, if you check my Facebook page, you will see that I had a picture of Obama, that famous poster of Obama with hope.

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And that really said it all to me. Because, you know, with the case of democracy, democracy is a classic, like every four years or five years, or whatever it is six years in some democracies, whatever, you know, everyone gets this chance to make, you know, to make believe to fantasize that some amazing change is going to happen. It doesn't matter whether it's Obama, or whether it's Trump wasn't picking on Obama, it's just that he had his poster had this word hope on it. Whether it's Obama, whether it's you know, whether it's Trump, whoever it may be, comes along and makes all these promises, these politicians that are always making Promises, Promises, promises, I'm going to do

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this, I'm going to do that. And, you know, for a bit we start thinking yeah, with the, you know, everything's gonna change, everything's gonna get better. And of course, it never does, it doesn't change, it doesn't get better and it doesn't really make it seem to make any difference. Who gets into power, things stayed pretty much the same.

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And why again, because of real change, real change takes hard work. It takes a type of hard work and dedication and commitment to in reality, most people are simply not ready to put that in. They just rather fantasize and we Muslims were addicts for it. That's why my first Facebook Live on my second Facebook Live was on what was it on a digital, and, you know, that was about you know, the end of days and we love that Oh, we love these, you know these talks about the last days and the conspiracy theories. And he's so many Muslims, they say, Oh, we're gonna we'll we'll wait for ESA to come. We're going to wait for ESA to come. And when ESA comes Islam will be established and there will be

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we're waiting for the Maddie to come when the Maddie comes, he's going to sort everything else. He's going to sort everything else. We're all we need is the philosopher, we just have the whole offer. And you know, everything's gonna be okay. We just need an Islamic state. We have an Islamic State and everything's gonna be good. This is a classic example of false hope syndrome. It is a deception. It is a lie. We are just fooling ourselves. We are fantasizing. Of course, I'm not denying that Easter is going to return. I'm not denying the malady the Hadith about the malady. I'm not denying the Islamic obligation of the philosopher or, you know, the need for Muslims to rule by the guidance

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of Allah. No, now, don't get me wrong, but we fantasize that these things are going to bring about this great change. Whereas in reality brothers and sisters, it works the other way round. We have to change first. You see the melody for example. What is he going to do? She's going to be there on his own by himself. Is that what you think he's just going to be standing there like with maybe holding some bolts of lightning or I don't know whatever like to chuck up people. What do you think's going to happen?

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He's just going to be standing there by himself. No humans with him. No people with him. Come on, wake up. The same with isa alayhis. Salam. What how do you think

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this goodness is going to be established upon earth like with what?

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The goodness is going to be there because there are going to be good people behind them. That's the reality even Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the best of all created beings. He wasn't on his own. Allah gave the companionship of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam his companions were the best of the human beings after the prophets, Giants legends, like Abu Bakr and the armor of man and the Isley these great legends these rightly guided philosopher but not just them. 1000s of human beings who were in each one in their own right, if they were alive in our time would be a total legend. Subhanallah people have real piety and real sincerity and real dedication and real

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commitment. And how did they get to that place? They worked really, really hard. They suffered, they went through trials, they went through tests, they went through tribulations. You know, I was thinking about this. I was thinking about how short how short our lives our brothers and sisters that our lives are so short, and I was thinking Subhanallah in 20 years, look what Allah allowed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to achieve in 20 years, 20 years, I've been a Muslim now for 30 something years, I'm thinking about Subhanallah in 20 years. That's a very, very short period of time. And you know what we sit down and we study the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam. You know, maybe in a couple of weeks, we read a Syrah, you know, how long will it take us to read a book of Sierra? How long would it take us to listen? If we listen every day, a couple of days? times a year? How long will it take us to listen to a podcast of the spirit of the prophets? Awesome. Oh, yeah, that's the life of the prophet. No, I mean, you have to think what the Prophet were two years I just want you to think about two years the profits and losses two years when the Prophet Muhammad Sal awesome and afraid. Aegir and his daughters, and Benny Hashem, were isolated and put in a valley. And they were not allowed to marry, no one was allowed to trade with them. The

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situation was so desperate that they had to eat leaves from the trees, two years. That's the sort of, that's just a little bit of what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went through. So the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was surrounded by companions. And these people were dedicated, dedicated to self discipline, self mastery, self purification, acquiring Taqwa being sincere, and translating that into real actions. So because of these qualities, that Allah subhanaw taala gave them victory. So brothers and sisters, it's all hard work. Don't think the man is going to come along and solve it. Because if there's no one there to support the MACD, the MACD won't be

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coming unless there's someone to support him and those people to support him have to be people have real piety, real Eman, really sad. Real Taqwa. That's the reality. And unless we take those steps, and unless we start making that effort, the world is going to keep being a mess. And you and me, we're all going to be in a mess. Brothers and sisters, I just want to pause very quickly, please, I want to ask you to share this video because what I'm talking about tonight is very, very, very important. The false hope syndrome is very, very important. So in the second part of the talk, I want to move on to some other ways in which we deceive ourselves. So please share this video. You

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never know. If you share this video and someone has always mentioned someone watches it, someone gets inspired, someone gets motivated, someone changes their life, just because you shared this video than Subhanallah you will get the reward and you are sharing the blessings of that. So brothers and sisters, please don't forget to share this video. If you've got any questions if you've got anything Don't forget to comment inshallah we'll get back to you. Okay, so um so that's one thing I talked about. We talked about the Muslims now the the other thing that that's just big things, you know, the man is going to come and he's going to solve everything Easter is going to

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come they fell off the Islamic State, these these these false hopes that we have, right? That these things in and of themselves, they're going to do some magical change without us making the effort. No, we have to make the effort. We have to struggle we have to strive. It's nonstop. We have to keep struggling, struggling to get closer to Allah struggling and that it is a struggle. It is a fight. It is difficult. It is hard. There's no doubt about it. Let us not fool ourselves and

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Okay, so all we can do or people like me can do all the dots and the scholars and we can we can present you the information, we can give you the guidance, we can present the information to you, we can present the guidance to you, we can try and break it down for you, to make it easier for you to understand. We can try and create programs for you to follow that. But at the end, brothers and sisters, you have to make the choice, you have to make the decision. You have to watch those videos you have to implement what they are teaching. This is what is key. And this is what is important and Hamdulillah.

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But the biggest way that we trick ourselves, brothers and sisters, the biggest false hope for this is for us as Muslims because the false hope syndrome is a general psychological problem for human beings. This is something that all human beings, we have this psychological problem, but I want to hone in now specifically drill down as they say, drill down a bit deeper to look in, in different ways, other ways that we Muslims, apply this false hope syndrome in a way to our own detriment. So the biggest thing you all know it is we think about, I'm going to commit a sin and then I'll repent later. This is the biggest false hope syndrome. This idea that I can commit sins, I can do wrong

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things. And then you know what I can repent. I can just make Toba to Allah, I can make hijack and make Umrah Ramadan is coming. This is this is exactly the false hope syndrome. And I want to explain why in two from two different angles. So the first angle is the angle of a person who thinks like this does not understand the nature of sin. He doesn't understand the enemy that he's up against. This person doesn't understand their knifes and this person does not understand how shaytan works. If you are thinking like that, and look what Hassanal bacillary said, listen to what Hassan Al bacillary said, hustle bustle, he is a true legend, a great giant, he's one of the top 18 meaning

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he's someone who learned from the companions. He said, the heart becomes corrupt through six means. So he mentions a sin in the hope of repenting. So this is one of the things that he mentioned that corrupts the heart. One of the things that corrupts our hearts corrupts our minds corrupts our understanding warps our perception, it makes us misunderstand things and see the world not in the true way. So one of those things is committing a sin in the hope of repenting. This is different from a person who commits a sin

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and then repents. Because a person who commits a sin and does so unwittingly does so not unwittingly but you know they are overcome with temptation they're overcome with desire maybe as any one of you studied my you know, you know about you study dopamine you get this dopamine surge, it can actually make you feel sometimes like you're possessed although I'm I'm teach strategies even free free video, look on my YouTube channels, three, three free videos mini willpower course check it out there cat the counter ambush training, how can you deal with these dopamine surges that seem to possess you? And like you just want to do these haram things. So this is one thing, right? This is

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one thing you out of forgetfulness, you sin out of forgetfulness out of but there is a different approach, the different approach that kills the heart, is when you are planning your sins. You're thinking about your sins. And you think yeah, I'm going to do this and and then I'll repent. And who doesn't do that? Brothers, this is be honest, who doesn't do that? Right? We have to give that up. And that is part of the false hope syndrome. It is a false hope. And I'll tell you why. Because it means a person who thinks like that, number one doesn't understand the nature of sin. The nature of sin brothers and sisters is that it corrupts you that you have to understand this and the nature of

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a sin that is done with the intention of repenting, that is even more corrupting, it is more corrupting. it corrupts you even more because really, you're planning the sin and you're fooling yourself and you're trying to fool Allah, you are lying to yourself. And this is very, very dangerous. So the nature of sin What does a sin do? Every time you commit a sin, it puts a black spot on your heart. This is a small sin if it's if it's a really bad sin, or a cough or maybe some sins conceal your heart altogether. This is what you have to realize brothers and sisters. You never know what sin you do will cause your heart to be sealed and when your heart is sealed, that means

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the light the of guidance

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will not penetrate it anymore. You will not listen any more you will not any more. Really, you will not appreciate what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil. You don't accept that it fits your desires. If it's your knifes, right? This is the problem. And you never know what sin is going to corrupt you like that. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he warned us about the evil of the tongue, about the things that you say that Allah man is sunk to the deepest part of the Hellfire, the deepest part of the Hellfire, because he said something he didn't. And he didn't even realize he didn't even realize how bad it was. But because of it, Allah puts him in the

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deepest part of Delphi. So this is the thing about sins, brothers and sisters, right? Sins corrupt the heart. And when your heart is corrupt, you don't feel inclined to repent, you feel inclined to commit more sin. And when you commit more sin, your heart gets darker, and the possibility of you repenting becomes more and more and more and more remote. This is the reality. This is the reality. And even if you do say things stuff, the law stuff like you don't mean it. You don't mean it. Because the reality is brothers and sisters, if you're thinking like that, that I can commit a sin and I'll repent afterwards. In reality you don't really think that thing is that sin is so bad, you

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don't really think it's not bad. Okay? So this is the first thing so this is why this is why

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the heart becomes corrupt through this false hope mentality. I'm going to sin and then a repent after I've committed my sins. Okay, so another thing I mentioned that six things not part of my my the Facebook Live today that I mentioned the six things anyway, okay, so that's a sin in the hope of repenting seeking knowledge and not applying it. This is a whole talk about in and of itself. Practice without sincerity. We talked about that last year. Remember, we talked about that in the last Facebook Live? Okay, we talked about that fake religion. That's all it was. If you haven't heard it, check it out. You can listen to it on YouTube, or right here on my Facebook page, fake a

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religion. Okay, religion without sincerity, practicing without sincerity. Okay, eating the sustenance of Allah without appreciating him. What does that mean very quickly eating the sustenance of Allah, you mean you eat the food that Allah has given you, you breathe the air that Allah has blessed with you, you see with the eyes that he has given you, you hear with the ears that he has given you, you speak with the mouth that Allah Subhana Allah has given you, you drink, what He has given you from His bounty and what do you do then you use all of that to commit haram.

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That is ingratitude to Allah. Right? That is the bounties of Allah that you you take on board these bounties but what do you use all of this stuff for? You use it for something other than what is pleasing to Allah, this is what kills the heart. Okay? And burying the dead and not learning from them. That you see the dead buried and you don't learn the lesson you don't learn the lesson that your life is short. And this is another reason as the second reason I wanted to go why? Why committing sins with the idea of repenting what is false about that? Because you never know when you're going to die. You never know when you're going to die. This is the thing. People have this

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illusion. People imagine Yeah, I'm going to live I'm going to live till I'm 60 I'm going to live till I'm 70 Then I'll make Hajj Oh inshallah this Ramadan I will change. How do you know that you will live to make Hajj How do you know you will live until next Ramadan. Look at the numbers, the 1000s and 1000s of people right now who are dying in Syria, children, young men, young women, right now. Look how many people are dying. Look how many people die. They die in car accidents. They die of drug overdoses. They get stabbed in the street. I heard about one Muslim. You know boy, may Allah may Allah give him Jana May Allah comfort his family, 13 year old boy stabbed in front of his mother

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in East London in East London. It's not Iraq. It's not, you know, some Somali or whatever they keep saying these are such terrible countries. This is in London, so called civilized London. This is what's happening. How do you know? How do you know? How do you know you're not going to be turned into a vegetable? How do you know your heart will not be sealed. So this is the false hope syndrome brothers and sisters, let us not have that attitude. Let us not think like that. We can change and we must change and we have to accept that it's going to be hard work and it takes commitment. Don't Don't think about sins in the way that I can sin and I can repent. If you find yourself thinking

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like that you need to catch yourself you need to stop yourself. You need to remind yourself you need to fail Allah you need to remind yourself maybe I will die. You remind yourself Maybe Allah will seal my heart

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Maybe I will not. Maybe I will that was it I will become lost and I will not make repentance because I will be lost, you need to remind yourself of these things okay.

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So, let us let us then talk about what is real, what is real hope because hope is part of our religion, hope is a very important thing and we should hope in Allah. Absolutely. We hope for Jannah we hope for victory, we hope for success in this life and the next we hope for forgiveness. But the hope here, the correct hope that we should have not the false hope. The correct hope is that we put our effort into it, we try our hardest, we do our best. We struggle and we strive and we worship Allah and we try to be sincere and we read the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And we fast and we pray and we give charity and we try to do it sincerely. And we make efforts to enjoin what is right and

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forbid what is wrong. So we really try we try and we make dua and we beg and we seek to acquire Taqwa. And to learn what it takes. What does it take to have taqwa? What does it mean, to truly be of those people who are mindful of Allah subhanaw taala. So this is what we do we make that effort. And then after that effort, then you can hope, right? This is the correct type of hope. Okay. That's the correct type of hope. So the sign of Taqwa is to engage in worship and the sign of worship is to refrain from doubtful issues. And the sign of hope is to obey.

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The sign of hope is to obey. So this is the true hope. This is the correct type of hope, a hope that is linked with obedience. You obey Allah, you obey the messenger, you keep away from what is haram as much as you can. And then you hope for Jana, you hope although you don't deserve it, let's let's get this straight brothers and sisters. No one deserves Jana.

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No one, not even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam not even the Prophet. That's what Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said himself. I'm not saying that. That's what the messenger said. He said, No one gets to Jana, because of that deeds. And the companion said, Not even you Rasul Allah. He said, Not even me, unless Allah shows mercy upon me. No one is going to get to gender because of their deeds. Right? Meaning, the point being here is that you, you can't earn Jana, there's nothing you can do to qualify you to enter that place, that beautiful place where there will be no sadness, no misery, no unhappiness, no hatred, no envy, you will never be hungry, you will never be thirsty,

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you will never be tired. You will never be sad in any every single moment in general will be more beautiful and more pleasurable and more enjoyable than the next. That's what we're struggling for. That's what we'll be impatient for. That's what all their struggle and effort and fight and that we try to change ourselves. That's what it's all for for Jana. So there's nothing and how long is that this gender forever? Once you go in there, you'll never come out. And Allah will never be displeased with the person in Jannah. Once they're in, they're never displeased with them. So this is what we are working for brothers and sisters. Right? How can you pay for that? You think that even if you

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spent your whole life worshiping Allah, you would still deserve Jana, you still think that that would pay for Jana? You think you can earn it? You can't.

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Right? You go to Jana, because of the Mercy of Allah. Of course, there are things that we do, that Allah loves, and that causes His mercy to come to us. So and the things that we do that doesn't. So this attitude of Yeah, I'm going to sit down and repent later, no, this is not the way to earn the mercy and the love of Allah, this is the way to kill your heart. This is the way to kill your, your connection with Allah subhanaw taala. So we have to be very, very careful about that. And the sign of patience is to shorten false hopes Subhanallah This is what had been an im said, the sign of hope is to obey. And the sign of forbearance is to shorten false hopes.

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You see, so long before Western psychology had come up with the false hope syndrome, our scholars, were already talking about this condition of people, the false hope.

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Right. So brothers and sisters, listen, if we don't make the effort, we shouldn't expect anything. That's the reality. You know, that's the reality. If we don't make the effort and we don't,

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we don't put the time and the energy and we don't

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spend the money and dedicate our

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source to

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improving ourselves and improving Islam and improving the condition of the Muslims. If we don't do that, then what what right? Do we have to expect anything? We don't? It's a false hope brothers and sisters, and you just need to read the Quran and see what happened to the nations who came before us. Why do we think we're different? Allah told us the story of the nations who came before us, in order for us to be able to understand he's giving us a warning Allah's warning us. He's saying, If you behave like that, what happened to them is going to happen to you. The way that they ended up is going to happen to you as well. So this is a big warning brothers and sisters, because there were

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nations before us were given guidance. But they rejected that guidance they threw behind their back, they immerse themselves in the world and the things of the world and they became lost in it. And so Allah's Anger came upon them, and his punishment descended upon them. And as I always say, like who is worse, imagine two kids in school. One kid has been there for five years, and the others just come in, like for two weeks ago. And they both break the rules. Which one is the headmaster going to be more angry with? The one who knows the rules has been there for five years, or the one who just got there, the one who just got there has some sort of excuse, right? He should know the rules, but

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he's got some sort of excuse. But the one has been there for five years and knows the rules inside out and still breaks them it's not going to be treated in the same way at all. He's going to be treated much, much more harshly. That is an example for us brothers and sisters, we have to realize that right? If we disobey Allah as people who have the Quran who have the revelation from Allah, do you think will be treated more gently? Subhanallah we have less excuse

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Okay, so

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once scholar he said hold firm to five issues worship. Oh, this is so beautiful brothers and sisters. So I want you to leave. I want to leave you on this. And I want you to think about this beautiful thing. Okay. Hold firm to five issues. So the first one, yeah. Worship Allah, as much as you need to worship

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Subhanallah right. I mean, you need to worship a lot nonstop, constantly, permanently. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you actually that's what you need. So meaning that worship Allah as much as you need to worship him and our need to worship Allah is the biggest need of all, it is the greatest need of all needs. Take from the world, according to your stay in it.

00:32:38--> 00:32:40

In reality, our stay in the world is what

00:32:41--> 00:33:09

most of I, someone sent me a really amazing story. I don't know if this is true. Check out this story. Right? The story is about a billionaire from China. He died leaving a massive fortune and his wife married, the chauffeur and the chauffeur said, All this time, I thought that I was working for my boss. But I realized that my boss was actually working for me.

00:33:10--> 00:33:12

Think about that. Yeah.

00:33:14--> 00:33:29

Because he got the fortune. He was the chauffeur and the wife married the chauffeur and he got the fortune. And the point being is this guy, this billionaire worked and worked and worked and made all of this money for what? He couldn't take it with him. He didn't take it with him.

00:33:30--> 00:33:45

It didn't go with him. What at the end of the day, how much can you eat? How many clothes of all your clothes you have in your cupboard? Seriously? Most of us, me included? Have all your clothes in the cupboard. How many of them? Do you really actually wear? Probably 70%. You don't?

00:33:47--> 00:34:34

Okay, out of the food that we have and different things? How much do we actually use it? The space in our house? How much do we actually use it? Probably 70%. We don't really what do we really need brothers and sisters? Okay? Sin according to your stamina to absorb its punishment. There you go. Here you go. Right. So hold on to this sin as much as you can take the punishment. So just to see whether you can take the punishment or not. Why don't you just light a fire and see if you can hold your hand over the fire even for say 10 minutes because you won't be able to do it. And the person who has the least punishment in the Hellfire is going to have two straps of fire that will make his

00:34:34--> 00:34:48

brain boil. So if you're able to tolerate that, go ahead and sin but you are not. That means you don't do it. Don't sin because you can't tolerate the punishment for it. You can't do it, believe me. Okay.

00:34:50--> 00:34:53

Take provision from the world according to your stay in the grave

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

and work for Paradise as much as you desire to stay there. So I think it's pretty

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

obvious brothers and sisters, what's that? Say? Right? So when you do that, then you have this is real hope this means you've got a you got a reason to hope you've got a genuine, sincere reason to help if you put that effort in, otherwise, unfortunately, I know a lot of us will keep on fooling ourselves. We'll keep on deluding ourselves, we'll keep on promising that we're going to change and we really won't change. And by the time it gets, even if we do get to old age, our hearts have become so hard. Our bodies become so feeble. We won't be able to really make any real change in our life anymore. And that will be a tragedy. Brothers and sisters, it's the beginning.

00:35:43--> 00:35:47

It's only 30 days left until Ramadan 30 days

00:35:48--> 00:36:01

you know, this is we should all of us try to make this Ramadan, the most amazing Ramadan, but start now. Start now brothers and sisters that's what I'm saying to you. This is the month to start now.

00:36:02--> 00:36:45

Okay, start in this month of Shaban is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He used the Force a lot in this month of Shaban. So this is what we should try and do. Please, if you can check out mastery classes.com Check it out. Have a look at the course the Seven Pillars of willpower and the other courses as well. They will help you a lot. And I have been studying and reading about Taqwa. And I know I've promised this so many times now, right? But I have been reading and studying about taco how to acquire taco I can tell you one of the important things to acquire taco, it's about killing your knifes you have to control your abs. If you want to get tacos, you

00:36:45--> 00:37:20

have to control your nerves. And that's what my course willpower course is all about. It is all about knifes control, mastering yourself controlling your knifes very, very important brothers and sisters, please benefit yourself benefit yourself and benefit me. And if you do you have done the course Have you bought it and haven't done it, please do it. This is the best time to do it. Now just before Ramadan, this is the best time to do it because it will launch you into Ramadan in a really, really good way. So please brothers and sisters, if you've already signed up and you're one of those people who hasn't done it yet, just this is the time to start. If you haven't signed up

00:37:20--> 00:37:26

good opportunity to do it brothers and sisters, the price is still a good price and hamdulillah it's still low

00:37:27--> 00:37:37

Alhamdulillah as low as it's going to go now. So anyway, that's it enough for me plugging my course Alhamdulillah brothers and sisters, one more reminder, beware of that false hope syndrome.

00:37:38--> 00:38:27

Don't have false hopes. Don't just get excited by the idea of change. Make the change, make it real, make it happen. put the effort in put the work in and then you will see the blessings and the benefits in this life and the next. That's it for me brothers and sisters until next Thursday. Insha Allah to Allah, may Allah keep you safe. May Allah bless you may or may Allah increase your Eman and may Allah increase you in taqwa and may Allah increase you in good deeds. And may Allah make this a very blessed month for you and for all those who you love and may Allah forgive the believing men and believing women Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam while also in the

00:38:27--> 00:38:35

Linssen and of course of ill Alladhina amanu AMILO Solly hottie were tawassul but hockey. What was over saba sonalika